"A family of 5 people was abducted" continued: Three sisters recognized each other after 41 years, and continued to find their mother

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In early July, in a hotel in Nanping, Fujian, the three sisters of Cai Youqun, Cai Youjun, and Cai Youhong finally reunited after 41 years, and the three were so excited that they cried.

The profile content on Cai Youhong Douyin has been updated to find his mother.

Earlier, Cai Youhong said that "a family of 5 people was abducted." Her family -finding story was concerned after being reported by the media.Cai’s hometown is in the Village of Jiangjin District, Chongqing. In 1981, a family of five came to Xikou Village, Tongyou Street, Jianyang District, Nanping, Fujian.Cai Youhong said that when her father Cai Guihai went to work in a foreign country, she and her sister Cai Youqun, brother Cai Youjun and mother Lei Yinxiu were abducted one after another.

Cai Youhong said that when she was abducted, she was only five years old and had some memories.She was sold to Pingnan County, Ningde City, Fujian Province, and she suffered a lot from snacks.After growing up, I have the ability to make money, so I start to find my loved ones with memory.

Cai Youhong told Peng Mei News that with the help of Fujian police and volunteers, she successfully recognized with her brother Cai Youjun on July 1 this year. On July 2, the two of them recognized with her sister Cai Youqun.At present, the father has died, and the three of their sisters and brothers meet together to find the lost mother.

Find your father with memory

Cai Youhong said that she was trafficked to a family of children in Pingnan County, Fujian, and began to find her loved ones after adulthood.

"I remember that everyone called Dad’s" Cai Dahan ", and I have been remembering it. I have dare not forget for 41 years." Cai Youhong told Peng Mei News that she would go to Nanping every one or two years after adulthood.The place where a person lives together asked his father and other family members.

In 2017, she met an acquaintance of a father, and the other party provided clues after hearing that Cai Youhong’s family -looking story.She said that when the kind person brought her to her father Cai Guihai, she recognized it at a glance, but her father was very old. She hadn’t seen her for so many years, and she didn’t recognize her at once.

Cai Youhong told his family’s name and what happened to his father one by one when he was a child, and the information was right.The name on Cai Youhong’s ID was Zhang Caihong. She said that when she recognized her father, her father recognized her as her sister Cai Youqun.She has always been looking for other family members as Cai Youqun.

After finding his father, Cai Youhong will go to Nanping to see his father when he is free. His father will go to Pingnan County to find Cai Youhong three or four times in one year.However, Cai Youhong had less than two years of recognition with his father. His father was bed in a stroke and left the world more than a month later.

Before his death, his father specifically told Cai Youhong to find other family members.

In the first half of this year, Cai Youhong begged Deng Fei, the founder of the "Huaichangling" public welfare agency through Douyin’s private message, and the staff began to contact Cai Youhong to contact the relevant information with Cai Youhong.

"Other people have lost one child, or two. Except for their father, the three children and mothers are abducted. We must help Cai Youqun (should be Cai Youhong)."Deng Fei left a message on Douyin.

Police and volunteers help recover their younger brothers and sisters

The first time Deng Fei released Cai Youhong’s family -looking video, then reached more than two million playback volume.Later, the prototype of the movie "Dear", Du Xiaohua, Shangguan justice and others, who took the initiative to contact Cai Youhong to help her find relatives.Du Xiaohua taught Cai Youhong to publish information on Weibo and helped her forward the video of relatives.

Cai Youhong is grateful to these volunteers. She said: "Du Da (Du Xiaohua) is the person who is playing an umbrella even if she is raining."

Du Xiaohua is still looking for Zizi.In March 2011, his 6 -year -old son Du Houqi disappeared and has not been found so far.

On June 13 this year, Cai Youhong reported the case at the Nanping Police, and the police then began investigating.

Cai Youhong introduced that on June 15, the Nanping police informed her that with the news of her brother, but it was not completely confirmed.On June 18, the police informed her that her brother Cai Youjun found it, but the brother was unwilling to recognize her at the time.

Cai Youhong said that when Cai Youjun was abducted that year, the traffickers lied to his adoptive parents and said that he was too many children and children who could not live, and voluntarily gave up custody.The other party also foraken the adoptive parents of the word to Cai Youjun.Later, Cai Youjun had no intention of seeing these words, thinking that he was abandoned by his biological parents, and the pain and hate in his heart affected the entire growth process.Fortunately, Cai Youjun’s adoptive parents were very good to him and actively persuaded him to accept his sister.

On July 1, in Nanping, Cai Youjun took flowers to recognize his sister.Cai Youhong was so excited that he cried forward and hugged his brother.

On July 2, good news came.Police found her sister Cai Youqun through DNA comparison.That night, the three sisters and brothers who lost their 41 years recognized in Nanping.The 41 -year thoughts were released at the moment when the three embraced each other.

"It’s like a TV series. I feel like dreaming. I have been 41 years old, and I can find my brother and sister. I feel very happy. I really didn’t expect so fast." Cai Youhong said.

Cai Youhong said: "I want to know where they are, I am satisfied, and I have no other requirements in the future. I don’t have to live together. Everyone has their own lives, and sometimes walking with each other."

In the past two days, Cai Youhong Douyin’s homepage appeared: "Looking for Mother Lei Yinxiu, born in 1944, in 1981, there was no news in Xikou Village, Jianyang District, Nanping City, Fujian Province.Provide clues to help my mother go home to reunite. "

Now the three sisters and siblings, the biggest hope is to find her mother and a family.

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