"A few things that men should do during my wife’s pregnancy"

There will always be men complaining that women who are pregnant will be a bit confusing.As a person who comes, it is really not arrogant.When a woman is pregnant, there will be many unimaginable changes in their bodies, and they will also suffer huge psychological pressure in spirit.

After getting married, especially after his wife is pregnant, men must love their wife more and know how to hurt her.Pregnancy is not a matter of a woman alone. During this period, men also need to participate, and they are more considerate and cared for spiritual and life.

How many small things should men do during my wife’s pregnancy?

1. Go home early, entertain less, and accompany you more

If you are a husband who usually entertains more, his wife is pregnant, try to minimize the entertainment and go home earlier.Women’s psychology during pregnancy is very fragile, which requires her husband to take care of it.You must know that, at some point, it is not just a mother -in -law or someone to take care of. No one cares and considerate can be compared with his husband.

Wife is pregnant. Men should not make excuses to leave home, but should go home early to accompany their wife to do something that they can do.

2. Most of the last meals for your wife, ask her more about everything in everything

Women are pregnant, the happiest thing should be her husband.When the relationship between the two people has a new qualitative change, this is a joyful thing.His wife was pregnant, checked more recipes, and made a delicious meal for him.No longer letting his wife eat dinner alone, you can accompany you, a little more companion, and less reluctant.It is an extremely romantic thing to give birth in ordinary life.

Solving more of his wife’s opinions, tolerance for more, and less disputes.A big man should not be seen with his wife, especially when he is pregnant.Things in life, thinking about it, there is really no need to be tangled. It is a trivial matter.

3. Comfort her more, give her a strong spiritual support, and give her a shoulder dependence on

After a woman is pregnant, her personality will change, and she will occasionally lose her temper.When I was pregnant, I didn’t understand my mood, and I cried when I wanted to cry.Women are pregnant, they will bear a lot of pressure in spirit, they can’t feel the baby, and they are worried that the baby will have any accidents.Try to persuade yourself to let it go, but often it becomes a bit of glass heart.Sesame is a little bit sad.

At this time, men must not say, "What are you crying?"You only need to comfort her calmly, follow her words, do not hit, give him a shoulder lean, everything passes.

4. There is no need to be accompanied by the birth checkup, but it is still necessary to accompany

Many men are quite disliked to accompany their wives to check the checkup. You just go to the inspection. I am not watching a mobile phone waiting.As a person over, most of the birthdays are actually useless to go.But there are a few big items, her husband still has to accompany.For example, a pregnancy-established card during pregnancy, 20-25 weeks of gestational diabetes test, large rows, and once a week of delivery in the later stages of pregnancy.

Most of my pregnancy check during pregnancy, there is nothing anyway.But what should be accompanied by husband should be accompanied, or he should let him know more, instead of just letting women take pregnancy alone, men should also know more about pregnancy.

5. Walking more with my wife on weekends during my lifetime, walking at night is necessary

Women have a child in their lives, and it is difficult to go out to play in the future. Before giving birth, her husband will walk around.In the late pregnancy, if men have time, accompany their wives to take a walk.Giveting a child is a woman alone, but more needs to accompany the father.

6. Praise his wife more and take care of her psychological experience

Women are pregnant, especially in the late pregnancy, the whole body will change a lot.Women who are pregnant will look good, the skin will become darker, and it will be a little bit unbelievable.Some women even have stretch marks. The changes brought about by these ones will cause a pregnant woman to be seriously unconfident in herself.Take care of her psychological feelings. Women who are pregnant are the most beautiful. The change of body shape is just a moment, and it will still recover.

7. Be careful when you sleep at night, take care of your wife more

Women are pregnant, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, and they will be cramps and wake up when they are often fell asleep. At this time, her husband needs to help his wife massage to make them sleep comfortably.In addition, in the late pregnancy, women who are pregnant are difficult to bend over. Her husband can try to wash his feet with his wife, more considerate and care in life, and accompany her to go through pregnancy smoothly.

8. Fetal movement is amazing, accompany his wife to feel

After 24 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movement will be performed, especially in the late pregnancy, which is getting more and more obvious.Husband can try to put her hands on my wife’s stomach to feel the magic and beauty of fetal movements. That is your love crystallization, a beautiful expectation of a small life.

9. Write a diary for pregnancy, record some of my wife’s pregnancy

During the pregnancy, men are more bystanders.Women are experiencing their own experience, and men are observed as bystanders.May wish to record the changes of your wife, it is also your first special memory of your little life.It is beautiful when I am pregnant, and keeping a comfortable mood during pregnancy, which is also conducive to the development and growth of the baby in the stomach.

At this time, you need to accompany the father.

10. Take a photo of a pregnant woman, the prospective dad takes the name of the little baby in advance

Women who are pregnant are the most beautiful. Men have to accompany their wives to take pregnant women’s photos, leaving a special memory.It is also important. The prospective dad takes the name in advance.When you are an adult, if you want to bear the responsibility of a family, you must start with your wife and children.

Wife is pregnant, men have to be more responsible, accompany them seriously, and look forward to the arrival of small lives together.

Remarks: October is pregnant, it is beautiful, and it is a bit long, especially when it is about to be born in the end, it is even more anxious.At present, I am still confinement, and I am born on the tenth day, and the pregnancy is quite smooth.Think of it is beautiful, a new beginning of a family.

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