"Because there is no marriage check, you doubt me after marriage, you have to do parent -child identification, divorce"

Trust is a cornerstone of a stable marriage. Excessive doubts about the other half can often destroy this marriage in the end.

Don’t underestimate the power of these two words.When you love someone deeply, you will fully believe every word he says.So if one day he said, you will have a few bends in your head, and then put it down. You always doubt the authenticity he expressed, then there must be problems between you.

Some people say that whether you really love someone depends on whether he is completely believed in him. Even if there are some contradictions between the two people, they will not question each other as soon as possible.

The love of each other intimate and trusting each other is the best state.Two people can think about each other, and never do things that hurt the other half. He is happy to be your greatest happiness.

After walking into the marriage, the trust between the couple’s two is also very important. Don’t suspect the other party easily because of a little clues. Everything will be determined after you have enough evidence.Essence

Xuan Xuan and her husband got married shortly after they met. Before the marriage, they did not choose to do a marriage check. However, it was this decision that brought a huge impact on their marriage.

Because she was pregnant shortly after marriage, her husband was doubtful about the matter, and even thought that Xuan Xuan was someone outside, and the child was not his.That’s why you are so anxious to get married.

In the face of the absurd opinion of the parents -child identification, Xuan Xuan refused.She said that I refused not because I had ghosts in my heart, but because I felt that doing so was insulting me and the child who hurt me. Since you don’t believe me, then divorce, nothing to say.

During the time before marriage, Xuan Xuan’s work was very busy, and he went to other cities several times. It took more than a week to return.

Husband has some complaints about this. He said that you are a girl, so busy at work, why do you travel every day?People who don’t know how much do you think of your annual salary?

Xuan Xuan couldn’t comfort him in crying and laughing: I have applied with the leader. After returning from the wedding leave, I was transferred to a more comfortable department. I was really annoying for my current work. I was too tired.

Later, they received a certificate. The marriage inspection was voluntary. Xuan Xuan and her husband discussed it. They still felt that they would not have a marriage check. They were troublesome. In addition, they had a certain understanding of each other and knew that the other party had no disease.

In the second month after the wedding, Xuan Xuan found that she was pregnant. When she shared the news with her husband highly, her husband stunned it, and he said it was so fast.

Xuan Xuan did not hear the voice outside his string, but only said happily that the child had a fate with us. We will go to the hospital for inspection tomorrow.

The next day, her husband said that the company could not go. Let Xuan Xuan go alone, and she didn’t think much about it.

There are more people in the hospital, and the team is lined up. When she returned home, her husband was already off work.Xuan Xuan opened the door, and there was no one in the living room. The mother -in -law’s bedroom came up with her words.Xuan Xuan walked curiously and heard the content of the two people’s conversations.

They did not hear the voice of Xuan Xuan’s return. Her husband was still saying to her mother -in -law: "Mom, I feel that Xuan Xuan is too fast, shouldn’t you wait for a few months and half a year after getting married?? "

The mother -in -law said gloomy, don’t be naive, be careful to wear a green hat and raise someone else’s baby.

Husband stunned and said uncertainty: No, I think she is not such a person.

"I know people, knowing face, and I said. I agreed with her to propose to her at first. She also took the initiative to pull you to get a certificate.

Hearing this, Xuan Xuan’s heart couldn’t say whether she was angry or sad. I didn’t expect her mother -in -law and husband to doubt her like this, but she thought about it. She felt that she still didn’t act lightly. Maybe her husband just talked casually.

So Xuan Xuan stood at the door and opened the door again to create the illusion that she had just returned home. This time, the mother and child heard it, and the smile came out, as if the chat just did not exist at all.

After more than a month, Xuan Xuan thought that the matter was over, but her husband suddenly shouted at her after the dinner: you come here, my mother has something to tell you.

Xuan Xuan walked over, and heard her mother -in -law said, "We are not deliberately doubting you, but after all, the child’s affairs are a big deal, but we must ensure that our family’s blood is pure. In this way, you can go to the hospital for a parent -child identification.I asked, I can do it after two months of pregnancy. "

Xuan Xuan’s brain was blank for a while, and after reacting, she asked, "Mom, what do you mean?" Looking at her husband’s calm appearance, she immediately understood and thought of two people’s conversations some time ago.

She stood up angrily and pointed at the two people and said: Do you actually miss me so because I am pregnant quickly?This child was pregnant in the second month of marriage, and there was nothing to say about Yu and reason. You doubt that I am too much.

My husband frowned and said, "You are too fast, you have a business trip several times before marriage. Who knows who you have met and what happened? I dare not take risks, plus before marriageI didn’t have a marriage check, who knew what you thought at the time. "

My mother -in -law added fuel and vinegar, oops, don’t say so much.We just doubt it. I didn’t say that you really did something wrong. Do you understand everything?

Xuan Xuan’s lips were stunned, and I didn’t want to say: Impossible, I refused.Husband suddenly got irritable: "What do you mean? Do you really have a leg with others?"

Xuan Xuan stared at him directly and said, "I refuse to do it because parent -child identification is a humiliation for me, and it will hurt my children. I dare to guarantee it with my life.Such an excessive requirement hurt me thoroughly. I not only do parent -child identification, I will also divorce you ._ "

When I heard the divorce, my mother -in -law was a little panicked. I said: Oh, it wo n’t, how long do you just get married, divorce for this kind of thing, do you have to do a parent -child identification?How simple.

Xuan Xuan sneered and said, what you raised today is that I have suspected that I have betrayed the marriage.Even if I listened to you today, I went to a parent -child identification. This is the past. If I will doubt it again because of a business trip or reason for any reason, what will you use to torture me?Since there is no trust, there is no need to pass again.

In the end, Xuan Xuanguo sent a marriage with her husband.Even her husband finally gave a concession and said that she would not be a parent -child identification. When I didn’t say anything, it was okay, and she didn’t look back.

She said, "Your words have been said, and the skeptical seeds have been planted in my heart. Whether you do it or do it, it is impossible for this to completely turn over. I only hate that I saw it.Eye, how do you meet you as a selfish and hypocritical man. The child I will raise it, but he has nothing to do with your family. "

In a marriage, enough trust is the cornerstone of your stable life and happiness in the future. Only we fully believe in the other half and give him enough space. No matter what you doIt will be truly intimate and tacit.

Trust is also the greatest respect for a person. Remember that no matter what happened, don’t doubt the person you love.Give him a little more opportunity to give you a chance.Don’t use doubt tiles to unravel the feelings between you, and don’t say so when everything has not been concluded, to deeply hurt his heart.


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