"Dogs are pregnant" is not a trivial matter.

Dogs are not trivial. Like our expectant mothers, they all need to take care of them.

In the face of dog pregnancy, many shovel officers will be at a loss. I wonder what to pay attention to?

Share this care dry goods today, shovel officer is almost collected!

①: Avoid strenuous exercise

When you find that the dog is pregnant, the shovel officer should put away the toys prepared for the dog at home

When dogs play toys, there will be actions such as fluttering, jumping, etc.

These actions are dangerous for pregnant dogs, and strenuous exercise must be avoided

Of course, appropriate exercise is needed, which helps dogs to produce

You can take a dog out for a walk and bask in the sun

②: regular checkup

The dog is pregnant, the shoveling officer should take the dog to the pet hospital on a regular basis for a production inspection

You can know the growth of the dog baby

When the dog is pregnant for one month, you can do B -ultrasound to check whether the dog baby is healthy

After the dog is pregnant for one and a half months, you can do X -ray check for the dog

Determine the number and size of the dog baby

It should be noted that it is not recommended to vaccinate the vaccine during the pregnancy

③: Calcium supplement for the dog mother

During the dog’s pregnancy, you should add calcium appropriately

Because the dog will have calcium deficiency when pregnant, calcium deficiency will cause the dog’s body to twitch

Therefore, the shovel officer can give the dog a food with calcium during pregnancy.

Or eat pet calcium tablets for dogs and follow the instructions to help the dog mother replenish calcium and reduce convulsions

④: Eat less meals

The last three weeks of the dog’s pregnancy, at this time the puppies occupy a lot of space in the stomach, so give the dog a eat less and eat too much.The ripe vegetables of raw meat should be clean and change the dog’s drinking water

⑤: Feed high -protein dog food

The nutritional needs of pregnant dogs will be much more nutritious than usual. After all, puppies depend on the nutrition of the bitch in the dog’s belly. In terms of protein and other nutrients, 50 % are more than usual.Officials should choose dog food with high protein content and balanced nutrition, provide rich nutritional support for dogs and cubs, so that dogs can smoothly produce

Conclusion: Your dog is pregnant, what do you do?

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