"Goddess Goddess" Park Jiaxi, does not forget to fitness when she is pregnant, share her same fitness action, arrange

When it comes to the goddess of the fitness industry, the first person I thought of was Park Jiaxi, a well -deserved "goddess goddess".

The "goddess goddess" is not empty. The members of the AFTER SCHOOL group of Park Jiaxi’s women’s group, with the title of the "goddess goddess" by netizens with the perfect abdominal muscles and exquisite facial features.Park Jiaxi often sends fitness photos and life photos on social networking sites, whether in the gym or in her daily life, she is beautiful.

To what extent does Park Jiaxi love fitness?During my pregnancy, she was insisting on fitness and did not look like her body. Even after one and a half months after giving birth, my body was as good as when I was not pregnant. I also uploaded a photo on the social platform and "I am alive, mine, mine, mine, myAbdominal muscles are not dead. "This sentence is almost A burst, Xiaobian directly turn the fan!

As a successful fitness blogger, Park Jiaxi has accumulated a large number of fans on social platforms. The fitness action she shared has also been well received by a large number of fans.Today, the editor also summarized the same fitness movements of the "goddess goddess" for everyone.

Russian turning

1. Sit on the ground, bend your knees, lift your legs, leave the soles of your feet, keep your back straight, and bow your back slightly;

2. Ten hands, the arms rotate with both shoulders and rotate left and right;

3. When turning, the hand should touch the ground on both sides of the body, and the eyes are rotating at hand;

4. When turning the body, exhale, and inhale when the body returns:

5. You can feel the tightness of the abdomen during action. If you have a shrinking and squeezing feeling on the side abdomen, it indicates the action standard.

Support rotor kick

1. Bend your knees and push your hands on the ground. Except for the palms and feet, all other parts of the body leave the ground;

2. First turn your left leg to the right, kick out as far as possible to the side of the body. When kicking, the abdominal muscles can feel a strong contraction;

3. Then twist the right leg to the left, repeat the above action;

4. Be sure to let the body completely reverse with the leg movements, otherwise it may cause certain damage to the waist;

5. Pass for three seconds after the leg kicks straight, and then return;

6. exhale when kicking, and inhale when you return;

7. When turning the body, you can feel the contraction of the abdominal muscles. The larger the movement, the more obvious the movement indicates the action standard.

Plate support alternately raising hands

1. The elbow is curved and tightly ground, the front foot is supported, and the body is a straight line at the side;

2. Hold your elbows in the direction of your toes, keep your toes gripped, arouse it forward, fight against ground friction, and keep your arm tightly on the ground;

3. When you raise your hand, you can obviously feel the contraction of the side abdomen, keep your body as balanced as much as possible, do not shake left and right;

4. When you raise your hand, hold your breath and breathe when you return;

5. When raising your hand, when you feel a strong sense of tightness on the side of the abdomen, it means that the action is in place.

After retraction, replace the arrow squatting

1. Raise your chest, keep your abdomen tight, look forward in your eyes, and your hands on your hips;

2. A large steps are alternated, then squatting slowly, and the knee and ankle always remain vertically on the ground, focusing on the middle of the two legs;

3. Hip sink, bend the knee and squat to the withdrawal legs and the knee joints close to the ground, and then return;

4. Inhale when squatting, exhale when you return;

5. When moving, you can feel that the quadriceps muscle has obvious tension, which means that the action is in place.

Hip bridge

1. Lie on the ground flat, open your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and bend your knees, step on the heel on the ground, your toes upward;

2. Raise the hips upward, until there is a straight line with the thigh, and always keep the ground on the ground;

3. Paste the ground on the back of the back when the fall, but the hips do not need to be on the ground, and control the position of a punch separately from the ground;

4. When the hips are raised, they exhale, and inhale when they return;

5. After the top, when you feel a strong sense of shrinkage on your hips, it means that the action is in place.

Sitting on the shoulders

1. Sit on a chair and relax your shoulders down;

2. The arms are curved to the big arm and the forearm to form a 75 -degree angle. The thumb fingers fists finger on other fingers outside the body.

3. When the arm is opened, the chest is tall forward, the scapula is squeezed in the middle, the arms are tightened, and the hand muscles are tight, and the shoulders are going back.

4. Keep it at the top of the action for 3 seconds to fully feel the back squeeze;

5. Exhale when the arm is opened, and inhale when the position is returned;

6. Feel the sense of compression of the underarms and back, which means that the movement is in place.

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