"Going to the Wind" Fanwai 60: Ice cream kiss, Gu Nanting was played by Cheng Xiao again

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Text: Linglong

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The next day, the two really went to the hospital for a medical examination.

Although the process of checking is a bit painful, I have to draw blood, take B -ultrasound, and what is the same.

Fortunately, the final result is good.

The two people’s physical indicators are fine. As for why they are not pregnant, the doctor’s explanation is: relaxation, enjoy the process, and grasp the ovulation period.

Oh ~ Dare to be busy!However, the process is also beautiful. I really want to get pregnant, and I can’t let go of that.

What is the ovulation period?Who knows when to rank?The doctor’s explanation is that people with a normal menstrual cycle are generally 11-14 days, but those with inaccurate menstrual cycles are difficult to say and can only observe.

Cheng Xiao belongs to the latter.

Forget it, let it go naturally.

Gu Nanting was at ease, carefully checked a lot of information, and began to work hard on dietary therapy.

I often cook soy milk for Cheng Xiao, put some black beans in, pull her down at night, and sometimes jog, soak her feet before going to bed.

Before and after the physiological period, you will also prepare red jujube qi soup. Usually a variety of flower tea, there are not good cure, staying up late, and skin waxy yellow.

Divided doors are packed in small packaging bags, labeling, temperature and precautions.

From time to time, I will make a cup of Cheng Xiao.

Under the conditioning of Gu Nanting, Cheng Xiao’s complexion was much more rosy.

On this day, neither of them was flying. After eating at night, Cheng Xiao said that he would play with him.

I saw her mystery and mysterious ice cream from the refrigerator.

"We challenge blindly guess ice cream."

"Okay." Gu Nanting wanted to see what medicine she sold.

Cheng Xiao covered Gu Nanting’s eyes with a ribbon, and gently scraped the ice cream with a spoon, and put it in Gu Nanting’s mouth.

Gu Nanting quickly guessed that it was matcha flavor.

Gu Nanting mixed with two kinds of ice cream flavors and put it in Cheng Xiaokou.

Cheng Xiao tasted carefully, "It’s blueberries and mango flavors."

It was Cheng Xiao’s turn. Her eyes turned around, mixed with three flavors, put them in her mouth first, and then put it over to Gu Nanting’s mouth.

Wen Run’s cold lips suddenly touched, and he caught a kiss when he caught off guard.With the fruity and sweetness of ice cream, the kiss feels different.Just care of lingering, ice cream was melted into them.

"How is it, what kind of taste?" Cheng Xiao asked proudly.

Gu Nanting licked his lips and reflected, "There are red beans, matcha, and there is another kind of remembered."

Hahaha, rape succeed.

Cheng Xiao was very proud.

Unexpectedly, Gu Nanting’s backhand took Cheng Xiao in his arms, a solid kiss, and made her unable to escape.

"You play." Cheng Xiao was attacked and blushed.

"You play it first." Gu Nanting also fought a rogue, anyway, there was no need to pretend to be in front of his wife.

"I didn’t stipulate what to feed ice cream. I fed it with my mouth, not illegal." Cheng Xiao quibbled, as if it was very reasonable.

"How to punish it?" Gu Nanting confessed.

"Truth or adventure?"

"I choose, give a gift."

"That’s OK." After all, who can refuse gifts.

Gu Nanting took out a beautifully packaged box from the suitcase. Cheng Xiao was looking forward to it, and what would he be surprised.

Open it, it is a dark green camisole, with a little lace, revealing back, good xing.

Sure enough, it is a straight man’s aesthetic.

"See for me." Gu Nanting looked at Cheng Xiao.

Not to mention, the upper body of this suspender nighttop is quite suitable. It wraps Cheng Xiaofa’s body, bumpy, white as snow, and the waist is just exposed.

Gu Nanting couldn’t look at it.

"Next time, you wear this. I took it now."

(To be continued)

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