"I want to eat 80 yuan a pound of shrimp, my husband’s reaction has ended my marriage for two years"

It is said that the relationship between friends is good enough, depending on whether they can eat hot pot together.Westerners who have a cold relationship are used to dinner and eat them.Whether you can eat together is also an important criterion for testing whether the relationship of couples is sweet.

I have a friend who likes to eat spicy food, but the husband’s taste is light. The in -laws are also healthy people.So every time she eats, she has her own chili sauce. Only when she returns to her mother’s house can she be happy.Whenever she talks about this, she will say that if they know that they have so much taste as their own taste, they will not marry their current husbands. Now even eating can become a grievance.

The Chinese have always believed in "people with food as the sky", and eating has always ranked first.So if the dietary habits of the two people are different, then the derived living habits will definitely be different.People who like to eat and drink generally love life. They are willing to spend their minds to study, and they are willing to spend money on eating and wear.And people who feel that eating are only used for the belly, they will definitely be more pragmatic in life. Money will be used on the blade, which will not be greedy for enjoyment.

The Chinese marriage and marriage are paying attention to the right house.The manifestation of the door -to -household is not only the matching of living habits in money, but even the choice of eating taste.If two people with completely different tastes live together, they will definitely have a lot of contradictions.Even if the relationship is accommodated for a while, the "stomach" will tell you honestly that you are not suitable.

It is said that "shabu -shabu is the last line of Chongqing people", and about tofu brain, rice dumplings, and dumplings, because the division of salty and sweet has been noisy on the Internet.The quarrel that seems to have different tastes is that in the final analysis, because the gap between the living habits of the two factions and the gap between the way of thinking, they are unwilling to accommodate each other, nor are they willing to compromise with life.

Recently, a girl told me: I want to eat 80 yuan a pound of shrimp and her husband’s response, let her end a two -year marriage.Xiao Ai is a girl who has grown up. She has always been more particular about eating and drinking. She is born in Jiangnan. She loves to eat river fresh. Every year when fish and shrimp are listed, parents always spend a lot of money to supplement their own homes in a timely manner.The table.

Because I have never felt the hardships of life since I was a child, Xiao Ai had long been accustomed to eating and drinking. Even if Shanzhen and the seafood was in front of himself, I felt unusual.But it was such a girl who was held on the palm of her palm, but she looked at Xiao Dong, who had a huge difference from her family.Xiaodong’s family is average. After graduating from college, he was ready to go back to his hometown for development. He felt that the living pressure of big cities was too high, and he could not afford high housing prices.

The two people who seem to be unjust, but Xiao Ai fell in love with Xiaodong, felt that he was honest and reliable, and his life was very frugal, and there was no bad habit.Regardless of his family’s opposition, Xiao Ai insisted on marrying Xiaodong, and he had to marry naked marriage with Xiao Dong back to his hometown.

Xiao Ai’s parents are not suspected of being poor and loved by the rich, but just know that her daughter has lived in honeypots since she was a child, and does not understand the bitterness of life.I was afraid that her daughter could not adapt to the life of her in -laws after getting married. Xiao Ai’s parents even tried to sever the relationship. However, Xiao Ai in love could not understand the importance of the "door to the door" in her parents, and insisted on marrying Xiaodong.

And Xiao Ai’s parents could only do not deal with her daughter. When she farewell, she just said one sentence: I hope she would not regret her decision.And Xiao Ai, holding Xiao Dong’s hand, vowed to his parents that he would have a happy life.

Before she got married, Xiao Ai always felt that her parents had too much feudal tradition and saw the "door -to -household" so important.But after getting married, Xiao Ai realized that the two people lived together were completely different from falling in love.The two people who have entered the society are not high in salary. Except for daily expenses, there are very little income that can be dominated freely every month. It is also necessary to calculate the food and wear of each day, and everything needs to be calculated.

When she was in love before, Xiao Ai felt that she was full of water, but she really got married. She gave her a heavy blow to her life. She woke up her love brain and saw the original face of life.Sometimes she wants to eat a better meal to improve her food. Xiaodong always says that it is enough to eat, and after eating digestion, they are the same.For two years of marriage, Xiao Ai slowly began to get used to this saving life.The husband you chose, the marriage he chose, must persist, not to mention that he was still arrogant to see all this in front of his parents.

Originally, Xiao Ai was able to endure it, but when a woman was pregnant, because of hormone secretion, it would be particularly sensitive to the smell, and she would become very picky.After Xiao Ai was pregnant, she found that she couldn’t eat food, and even when she saw it, she would be nauseous.Seeing the season when the river shrimp was listed. At this time, Xiao Ai’s parents would carefully prepare her dish "Stir -fried Xiaohe Shrimp", but for two years of marriage, because of saving money, she basically did not even have ordinary shrimp.Eat it, amaranth is basically pork.You know, in order to lose weight, he basically did not eat pork.

One morning, Xiao Ai couldn’t eat pickles and porridge, and his head was full of sweetness and fragrance of river shrimp. He told Xiao Dong that he had no appetite and wanted to eat river shrimp.But Xiaodong said that he had never seen him when he bought food in the market."You go to the new fresh supermarket to buy, there must be that place." Xiaodong was still hesitating, "Is that expensive? We don’t have much money this month, and we have to save money to have children."It ’s not expensive or expensive. Besides, the children in the stomach want to eat, not what I want to eat." Xiao Ai pushed Xiaodong’s door while coquettishness. "Okay, this time, give you a solution."

After Xiao Dong went out, Xiao Ai began to prepare onion, ginger and garlic, and just wait for the river shrimp to return to cook.But after a long time, when Xiao Dong returned, he was not holding river shrimp, but a bag of pork belly."Didn’t you buy shrimp, how did you become a buying meat?" When Xiaodong asked Xiao Ai seriously, he asked for a reason. "The boss said that the shrimp was sold out. I think the pork belly is good today. I think I wantCome back to make a braised pork for you. "" Who do you lie? Now it’s only 9:30, how can it be sold out in the morning market! "Xiao Ai heard that Xiaodong deliberately cheated himself,"When I came to the supermarket you said, the river shrimp should be 80 yuan a pound, and that thing is so small, there are not a few pounds, and you can buy two pounds of pork to buy a pound of shrimp."

Perhaps because of pregnancy, Xiao Ai cried suddenly. "I want to eat 80 pieces of shrimp, not meat can be replaced, I want to eat shrimp." Xiao Ai cried more.With his own time for two years, he has to be controlled by eating shrimp."Isn’t the pork very fragrant? I bought two pounds in 80 yuan. On the way back, I gave my mother a little. You said you bought shrimp, and a few are gone. The fool can buy shrimp!"

"Do I not be equipped with shrimp in your mind?" Xiao Ai unconsciously thought of what mother said that year, saying that he would not last for a long time with Xiaodong, and there would be many problems if the door was not right.Now it seems that my mother has the ability to predict, but this marriage life is too realistic.

"Isn’t it a question that is not worthy, you have to eat that thing! Do you know how many places we need to spend money now? Seeing that the child is about to be born, there will be more and more places to spend money, and you can’t save a little more and more, and you can’t save a little bit.Seeing Xiao Dong crying, Xiaodong tried to tell her some truth to calm her down.

"I have been married to you for two years, and I haven’t had a good day for a day. Now I am pregnant, but I want to eat a lot of shrimp, it is not a mountain and sea flavor. Is it difficult to tell me so much?I don’t know how much money is! It is equivalent to the kind of person who is eager to enjoy in your eyes! "All those who were wronged and dissatisfied were poured out."Let’s divorce! I can’t stand it anymore!" Xiao Ai shouted this sentence almost hysteria."Just for a pound of shrimp, do you as far as you!" "As for, children, I don’t want it, I don’t want him to even know what the shrimp is after birth." Xiao Ai cares about Xiao Dong’s attitude towards himself,Her husband’s reaction at this moment made her decide to end her two -year marriage.

After deciding to divorce, Xiao Ai finally couldn’t help but call her mother, "Mom, I want to eat shrimp …" The other side of the phone did not answer, but there was a choking voice.Without imagined blame, Xiao Ai’s mother just said, "Go home, there are how much you want to eat."

At first, the marriage that I felt that she could stick to it, after all, she only supported it for two years and ended without illness.Xiao Ai is not a person who admires vanity to enjoy it. If she is, she would not choose to marry Xiaodong, nor would she cut off with her parents for love.She is not a wayward person, otherwise she will not endure the hardships of two years.It is probably because pregnancy has enlarged people’s emotions. She has not experienced life. She does not know that marriage life needs to face many realistic problems. Love is ideal, and marriage is realistic.

Xiao Ai’s mother had already seen the gap between them. The door was not right, and the two people with different tastes of meals were always different in ideology.Xiaodong is not wrong, but he feels that the cost -effective and extremely affordable pork is not as good as Xiao Ai.

I don’t think Xiao Ai really wants to eat river shrimp because she wants to eat river shrimp. What she wants is to be taken seriously after pregnancy. The shrimp represents her parents’ love for her and her miss for her parents.Girls are willing to accompany you to endure hardships, which does not mean that she will only be with you. She expects your future, a future that exists in an unknown, and the future that can change because of your efforts.

After all, Xiao Ai and Xiaodong did not break this law. The pragmatic Xiaodong may never realize the exquisiteness of Xiao Ai’s past life, and he can’t understand how delicious the river shrimp can be.In his opinion, eating shrimp can be replaced by meat.Even if a pregnant wife wants to eat shrimp, it is a luxury.Life is life, the rice oil and salt, and the garlic. In his eyes, he can only see the pressure of life and cannot see the joy of life.But Xiao Ai was very different. She was rich from a young age. She was commonplace to Xiaodong’s seemingly luxurious behavior.

The two people seem to have a different taste. In fact, the root knot of contradictions still comes from the different family. The environment of Xiaodong’s life taught him to work hard and make money more. You can’t say that this is wrong. On the contraryMost people’s current situation under social pressure.He and Xiao Ai did not come to the end because there was a gap between two people, like a gap, thinking that he could use love as a bridge, but this bridge has no foundation and is fragile.Essence

In most parents, I hope that the children will find a "door -to -house right" object. I want to investigate the reason, because the parents are the people who come here to know the hardships and trivial life of life.Can’t eat in a pot.

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