"I’m more and more anxious after pregnancy, what should I do?" Try these methods.

The cousin called a few days ago to share with me a good news. For three years of marriage, she finally became pregnant. She said that because the new coronary virus company did not go to work, her husband did not have to go to the factory to work overtime.It was sleeping. Without the intense life in the past, her mood relaxed a lot, and then she harvested "the crystallization of love".

But in the next few days, she called me every day and said to me, "Will the child be deformity, will there be a genetic disease, will it have a miscarriage, is it a boy or a girl? I hope the child is more advantageous, but don’t all all of them, don’t all all of themWith the shortcomings, I feel that I am more and more anxious after pregnancy, and I am full of worry about unknown. "

I believe that for the first time as a parent, I will have a lot of concerns and nervousness about this unknown child, which is normal, but if I have been in a state of nervousness like my cousin for a long time every day, it is very bad for the development of the fetus.Before dealing with our anxiety, we must first know how children come.

Each of us is composed of hundreds of millions of cells. Each cell except the erythronic blood cells is controlled by a nucleus, which contains chromosomes: the rod structure responsible for preserving and transmitting genetic information, and the chromosomes are dehydrated ribonucleic acid.(Referred to as DNA) This chemical composition, DNA is a long double chain molecule of spiral -rotating ladder.

Human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Except for a pair of Y chromosomes in the XY chromosomes in men, each of which is relatively short, each pair of chromosomes corresponds to the function of size, shape and genes, and one comes from the mother and one from the father.When the two dubbers containing 23 chromosomes are sperm and eggs, a coexistence is formed, and new life is created.Simply put, it is a process from the 23 chromosomes "meeting" from the parents.

Some husbands and wives have no children who have not been their own for many years. The reason is that sperm and eggs have been hindered during the encounter: either the activity of sperm is low, and there is no strength on the way to see the eggs;The environment is not mature enough, so that sperm does not know where to find the eggs that should be combined with it; either the sperm is blocked on the way to find the eggs.

So we should thank these sperm and eggs that have been difficult to obstruct and give us "the crystallization of love". As for why they will grow up in the future, whether they are healthy, these can only be known after the reorganization of the gene, and we cannot know it.There is no condition to detect this process. All we can do is to appease our anxiety and provide a good growth environment for the fetus.

First of all, we must understand that anxiety is not a kind of example that you only produce after you are pregnant, but a general feeling that every expectant mother who is pregnant. When this kind of anxiety is generated, we also don’t know that anxiety is anxious.What exactly is, it is not a specific thing, but the danger of imagination. Regarding anxiety, the interpretation of the encyclopedia is:

Anxiety is an irritable emotion that is caused by excessive worry of relatives or own life, future fate, etc.It contains ingredients such as anxiety, thoughts, sorrow, nervousness, panic, and uneasiness.It is related to critical situations and incidents that are difficult and difficult to cope.

You try to think about it, know if you often use "if your baby … what to do" after you are pregnant, for example, "What should I do if the baby does not look good?"Do you? "If your answer is yes, the reason for your anxiety is your" disaster -oriented thinking ".

In the book "Response", Lonar Garrano, a well -known psychotherapy expert in the United States, pointed out that it can reverse this disaster -based thinking through three steps:

The first step is to identify awkward thinking.

We can convert the problems that we are worried about above into a positive statement. For example, "What to do if the baby does not look good?"Essence

The second step is to question the correctness of the distorted view.

Continue to ask myself from the perspective of doubt: "Is my baby who doesn’t look good like it happens? Do we look ugly? Don’t I believe my genes? If the baby is really growing after birth, there is no difficultIs there any response? "

The third step is to replace the distorted concepts with realistic ideas.

We can start from the actual situation. If necessary, we can objectively evaluate the reality according to the scientific basis, so that we can slowly accept reality and get out of anxiety.

If you plan to ask your baby after getting married, but you are afraid that you will have the same concerns as my cousin after pregnancy, then you may wish to try this:

1. Medical examination before pregnancy.

I plan to go to a regular hospital with your partner to do a comprehensive medical examination before pregnancy. This physical examination can inform you from a scientific perspective whether you and your partner are sick.The problem.

Before pregnancy, you must also obey the doctor’s instructions to take vitamin-mineral tablets, folic acid and other problems that may occur during pregnancy.

2. Genetic consultation.

If you worry about whether your child will have diseases, you can do a genetic consultation before you plan to get pregnant: if you have mental retardation, physiological defects, or genetic history in the family, genetic consultants will draw a family genealogy and mark problems with problems.The relatives, based on genetic laws, are used by the use of the family spectrum to estimate the probability of having a problem with children; they can also find out whether the couple is a carrier of the harmful gene through blood test or genetic analysis.I believe that this professional data given by professionals will make you feel a lot more at ease.

3. Follow the doctor’s order.

If you are pregnant or worried about your baby’s health problem, you can avoid the medicines, alcohol, cigarettes, radiation, chemicals, and infectious diseases in the first few weeks of pregnancy, because the baby at this timeIt is particularly sensitive to the environment of its survival.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can go to the hospital to build files. According to the doctor’s instructions, you must believe in the inspection on time. We must believe in their doctors, because they have allowed countless expectant mothers to have a healthy baby smoothly.I have given birth to two babies. After the archives of the hospital were established, I went to the hospital for examination on time according to the production test schedule on the manual. I believe that the doctor can really make himself more at ease.

In short, no matter before or during pregnancy, keep yourself in a pleasant mood at all times to be a matter of nothing to yourself and the fetus.At the moment of combining with eggs, genes have begun to reorganize. They do not have a fixed law. Blindly worrying that it does not play any role. It is better to enjoy this magical process of breeding of life with peace of mind!

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