"International Chapter" official announcement 30 weeks of pregnancy!For two children, these 5 risks need to be highly vigilant

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Some time ago, Zhang Ziyi, 40, posted on the Internet acknowledging that the fact that she had two children. The official announcement has been pregnant for 30 weeks and weighs 116 pounds, and she has a big belly photo.

Zhang Ziyi, wearing a black dress, stroked her bulging belly with her hands, her face was gentle, and she was so beautiful.

Recently, the topic of older women has been high. Medical definitions that women who are more than 35 years old are pregnant.

For elderly women, the risks of the two children will increase in all aspects.

However, with the continuous improvement of medicine and the increasingly popularized lifestyle, the 35 -year -old measure seems to be getting more and more blurred, and more and more old women have gained two children. This is a great encouragement for many mothers.

Changsha River Bay Reproductive and Genetic Hospital reminds you that "old -age risks" still need to be highly vigilant.

What kind of fertility risks are facing the second child?

1. Not easy to get pregnant

According to statistics, 35 -year -old women have only half of the 25 -year -old woman, and only half of the age of 35 at the age of 40.

It is conceivable that when old women are preparing to get pregnant, the first thing they encounter may be infertility. It may be a long journey to conceive children, and they must be mentally prepared.

2. Fetal malformations

After 35 years old, the most common risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus will rise sharply.

According to statistics, the incidence of only 21 tritenal syndrome reaches 5% among women over 45 years old.

When you have a cautious life, carefully select various green foods, and avoid all kinds of drugs as much as possible, your age has increased your fetal deformity rate.

3. Premature birth risk

In addition to malformations, risks such as abortion, premature birth, and limited growth in the fetus have also increased.

According to statistics, the risk of premature birth at the age of 30 to 34 is about 4.5%, while 35 to 39 years old reaches 5.6%, exceeding 40 years, and the risk of premature birth is 6.8%.

4. Complication during pregnancy

After the age of 35, the risk of common complications in various pregnancy periods is also rising.

For example, gestational diabetes, hypertension during pregnancy, pre -birth, postpartum bleeding, the risk of these conditions reached the highest value after the age of 35.

5. Production risk

If the first child is produced in a cesarean section, the secondary pregnancy may occur, the risk of cesarean section, the risk of dangerous pre -placenta, postpartum bleeding and the risk of scar pregnancy.

Although the risk of fertility in the elderly, many mothers are willing to fight.

So, how can I avoid risks in the elderly?

1. Preparation time for elderly people should not be too long

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and mentality, if the physical condition allows, you can do some low -intensity exercise, such as walking, yoga, etc., to maintain a happy mood, and it is not appropriate to have too much emotion.

If you are actively preparing for more than half a year and have not been pregnant, it is recommended to go to a professional reproductive center for related examinations. Doctors will formulate corresponding pregnancy aid methods based on specific conditions to guide elderly women to get pregnant as soon as possible.

2. Do a good job of pregnancy during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the examination should be carried out in a regular medical institution to comply with the doctor’s check -up planning.

Use two keywords to explain: system and science.

"System" means that you should not only pay attention to one aspect, and systematically inspection; "science" is to standardize the production inspection, planned by professional obstetricians, and need to do a few check -up, check -up time and projects for each inspection.

In short, elderly women have risks in pregnancy, and they need to be cautious.

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Source: Changsha River Bay Reproductive and Genetic Hospital

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