"Is it safe to do ultrasound examination for pregnant women?" Doctor: Can you find many hidden problems

Many pregnant mothers say that in various pregnancy tests, the longest waiting time and the most confused are the ultrasound examination.Is it safe to do ultrasound examination during pregnancy?When will it be better to start?What problems can ultrasound be seen?

Will ultrasound examination during pregnancy be bad for the fetus?

Many people will ask, "Do you, will B -ultrasound be bad for your baby?" In fact, this worry is not necessary.Ultrasonic is a safer check method.Ultrasound has been used for fetal examination for decades, and there is no evidence that ultrasound may have adverse effects such as teratogenic effects on the fetus.Of course, except for pregnant women exposed every day.

The ultrasound during early pregnancy can be used in two ways: abdominal ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound.Pregnant mothers are often anxious before vaginal ultrasound examination, and believe that vaginal operation may increase the abortion condition.In fact, the probe of the vaginal ultrasound only stretches into the vagina, that is, the middle and upper part of the vagina and the junction of the cervix. They will not reach into the cervix, and they will not enter the uterine cavity, so they will not be exposed to amniotic sacs and babies.A soft passage of vaginal examination will not cause abortion.Due to the advantages of the location, the vaginal ultrasonic examination can more accurately determine the position of pregnancy (to eliminate abnormal pregnancy), measure the length of the germ more accurately, and see the fighting heart more clearly.The abdominal ultrasound needs to fill the bladder. After drinking water, wait for the bladder to fill the bladder appropriately and check it.On the contrary, vaginal ultrasound must be carried out after emptying the bladder.The selection of the examination method requires a clinician to decide on the situation of pregnant women.

Why do I do an ultrasonic examination during pregnancy?

Under normal circumstances whether pregnancy or other diseases are confirmed, the first ultrasound examination during early pregnancy can be performed in 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.When the menstrual period is postponed for a few days, it is not possible to get pregnant. What everyone often thinks is to quickly use the pregnancy test stick to urine the urine, or go to the hospital to check the blood HCG, which is correct.However, not to say that these two tests are positive, it must be pregnant.Patients with riotinity (ectopic pregnancy) and some pregnancy -related diseases (such as hydatidal fetus) can also be positive for urine testing.Only by combining the ultrasound examination, it is found that there is a pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity, and even the germ can be clearly pregnant.If it is not comprehensive to determine whether pregnancy is determined by HCG alone, in case of misdiagnosis and delay treatment, it may cause serious consequences.

Assist in clearing whether it is a single or multi -fetal pregnancy

Want to know whether you are pregnant with a single child or twins, or even a triga?Then you have to do an ultrasound.However, for doctors, it is not to satisfy curiosity whether to be more pregnant.For pregnant women with multiple pregnancy, doctors have to judge that the fetus shares a placenta or has their own placenta.The number of placental placenta for multi -fetal pregnancy is very important for obstetric treatment. It is best to see a clear diagnosis through the ultrasound during early pregnancy before 14 weeks.

Assist to judge the expected due date for pregnancy weeks

Some pregnant mothers usually have irregular menstruation, and they cannot be sure of accurate pregnancy date.Through the ultrasonic examination in the early pregnancy, the length of the germ or head and hip length can be more accurately inferred that the pregnancy week and the calculation due date can be more accurately inferred.

Early discovery of bad pregnancy

Early pregnancy ultrasound examinations can be found as early as possible for some bad pregnancy cases, such as in the fetus, severe fetal malformations, abortion, etc., which helps timely clinical treatment.The role of ultrasound examination during early pregnancy is multi -faceted and important.However, ultrasound during early pregnancy is not a panacea.Some pregnancy has been 40 days, or even more than 50 days. The phenomenon of pregnancy sac can still be found through vaginal ultrasound, and it also occurs from time to time.Ultrasonic can find most of the ectopic pregnancy (that is, often said ectopic pregnancy), but due to the different parts of the ectopic pregnancy, the length of pregnancy time is different, it may not be found in the ultrasonic examination.Essence

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