"Learning" in the braces is a bit deep

In the era of Yan value, more and more people have joined the ranks of beauty.Compared with whitening, having a neat and beautiful teeth can make people more confident and add points to the image.This is also the original intention of many young people and students to choose "wear braces".

In addition to the needs of face management, what are the situations need to wear braces?Are there any restrictions on age and season?What are the problems when wearing braces?Liu Xiaomo, deputy chief physician of the Department of Orthodontics at Peking University, and Li Yueming, chief physician of the Department of Stomatology, Zhongguancun Hospital, will tell you carefully.

The earth bag and the sky can be improved

The arrangement and occlusion of teeth have a great impact on the aesthetics of the teeth and facial aesthetics.Only through orthodontics, re -arrange your teeth, so that the upper and lower teeth will restore normal arrangement and occlusion, can we re -get the aesthetics of the teeth and faces.

The orthodox is called "wearing braces" that allows the teeth to move.What kind of teeth need to be corrected?According to Liu Xiaomo, deputy chief physician of the Department of Orthodontics of Stomatology Hospital of Peking University, you can wear braces in various cases, such as uneven teeth, "earth bag sky" or "sky bag", crowded teeth or gaps of teeth.It can be improved through orthodontics.However, orthodontics mainly improves the teeth. If there is a problem with the bones (upper and lower jaws) itself, especially the severe bone problem, orthodontic jaw is required.

The teeth are crowded or the teeth are uneven, and it is easy to brush it clean when brushing.If the long -term bite relationship is not good, it may also affect facial muscles and joints. "If you chew on the side are not corrected, it will cause facial muscles and bones to be asymmetric." Orthodontics not only considers beauty, but also takes into account both teeth and health.Liu Xiaomo pointed out that as people’s awareness of oral examination is getting higher and higher, when regular oral examination and treatment such as washing and replenishing teeth, most doctors will evaluate the patient’s teeth and remind them in a timely manner to decide whether to reach orthodontics according to needs.Do further inspection.

Generally speaking, if the mild teeth are not arranged and the gaps of the dental gap, you can use an appliance to row the dental or close the gap through non -tooth extraction and correction.

Orthodontic treatment does not have age restrictions

Most students who intend to make teeth in the summer want to use the trouble of asking for leave at this time to avoid frequent consultations and put braces as soon as possible.In fact, the process of wearing braces is not as fast as expected."From the first diagnosis to wearing braces, it usually takes a period of time. The early period of 3-4 times has been used to communicate with the doctor and do a corresponding examination." Liu Xiaomo introduced that orthodontic treatment generally takes 2 to 4 years.If it is a case of difficulty, the course of treatment may be longer.The basic correction process includes: the basic situation of the first diagnosis; the orthodontic clinical examination and information; formulate a correction plan; complete the preliminary treatment such as tooth washing, replenishing teeth, and tooth extraction; wearing braces."After that, it is a regular retraining, until the braces are removed and the holder is removed." The frequency of retraining, the doctor will decide according to the specific situation of the patient, once every 4 to 6 or 6 to 8 weeks.

"In theory, orthodontics is not limited." Orthodontics must be the best time to correct orthodontics during the health of teeth and periodontal health.If the child’s upper and lower jaw develops normally, it is generally necessary to change the teeth before making orthodontics. Because each child has different teeth, it is about 11-15 years old.If there is a problem with the mandibular bone, such as "ground bag sky" and post -jaw retraction, the age that starts to correct will be earlier."It is recommended that parents take them to the orthodontic department for a related examination when their children are 7-8 years old to see if they need early intervention. If you find that there are places in the 3-5 years old, you can check it earlier." AdultPatient correction is not subject to age restrictions and can start at any time.

"Steel braces" are the most economical

The appliance is a key role in orthodontics.According to reports, the appliances mainly include the three categories of lip signs, tongue sides, and invisible appliances.The lip -side appliance fix the bracelet and bow on the outer surface of the teeth. The tongue -side appliance fix the bracket and the bow on the inside of the teeth.Pick off the braces.

Depending on the material, the lip -side appliances are also divided into metal and ceramics.

Metal appliances are the "steel braces" we often call. "This kind of steel teeth are the most, and they are the most economical. The cost performance is relatively high. The disadvantage is that it is not very beautiful.It will be more grinding. Most people slowly adapt after two or three months. "Liu Xiaomo introduced that there is also a white ceramic braces, which is more beautiful than steel braces, but it is not as strong as steel tooth. The price is slightly more expensive than the former.EssenceThe tongue side appliance is more beautiful than the lip side, but it is close to the tongue, and the tongue has a certain adaptation time, and the price is more expensive than the lip side.

Invisible appliances are more comfortable to wear and visually beautiful, and you can remove it at any time."But this is also its disadvantage. Patients need to take it down every time they eat, and they are cleaned and then put on. Some patients feel troublesome, and they don’t want to wear it after eating.The teeth have no force, and the treatment is extended. "Liu Xiaomo explained that for different types of braces, doctors will formulate different solutions based on the patient’s situation. Patients can choose according to their own conditions and wishes."Most students patients choose steel braces, economical durable, steel braces are not easy to pick, and the correction process is easier to control. No matter which kind of appliances choose, they must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of their wearing requirements."

You need to brush your teeth after meals when we wear braces

The most important point during wearing braces is to pay attention to keeping oral cleaning."As long as you eat, you have to brush your teeth." Use orthodontic dental floss or water dental floss and other oral cleaning products.At the same time, avoid eating hard or sticky foods, and change bad oral habits such as tongue sticking and mouth breathing.Persist in retraining on time and obey the doctor’s treatment opinions.

Li Yueming, chief physician of the Department of Stomatology of Zhongguancun Hospital, introduced that patients with metal appliances cannot eat too hard and too large foods such as nuts, jujube, etc., so as not to fall off the metal bracket sticky on the tooth surface.Once the bracket drops, the power will lose control."You can first cut a large piece of food into small pieces before eating. If apples are cut into small pieces, the burger can be torn into a small piece and eat it slowly." There is also a situation. Because the bow can be freely slid in the groove, if you are not careful, if you are not careful, if you are not carefulTowards your mouth, do not deal with yourself, seek medical treatment in time.In addition, this type of appliance is particularly strict with brushing, and it must be brushed after meals.In addition to righteous toothbrushes, it is necessary to use orthodontics to use orthodontics toothpaste and tooth gap to ensure effective brushing.

Patients using invisible appliances can bring a small box with them. Pick up the braces each time and put them in a small box to prevent the loss of being hygienic.There is also a bite glue in the box, and you should bite it back and forth 5 times every time you wear to make the teeth and braces closely fit.Although the invisible braces are easy to pick up and are convenient for cleaning, you should also pay attention to brushing your teeth after meals, and you need to ensure 22 hours/day.

How to find children’s teeth problems early?Parents are advised to take their children to do oral examinations during the cold and summer vacation every year to correct bad oral habits in time, such as biting lips, tongues, pencils, etc., and discover problems in a timely manner.

Receive the admission notice and then correct

Its treatment.If you go to school in the field, it is not suitable for correction in Beijing.After school, you can go to the school’s location for correction."If you are a child, it is recommended that girls in the early stages of the promotion, that is, at the end of the sixth grade, or just the first junior high school, this is the best stage. At this timeAt this stage, the teeth movement is very fast, so it is more suitable. Children who are in high school, especially children in high school, I suggest to consider it carefully, because the academic studies after the first year of high school are busy. "Li Yueming reminded that parents must follow their children with their childrenGood negotiation.If you cannot guarantee the re -consultation time, it is recommended to wait for the correction when you go to college.

Select regular medical institutions, the key to orthodontics depends on the qualifications of doctors.Liu Xiaomo reminded that correcting teeth is a highly professional clinical oral therapy, which has high requirements for doctors’ diagnosis and treatment level and comprehensive conditions for medical institutions.It is recommended that you go to a professional dental medical institution to choose orthodontic doctors with professional qualifications for examination and treatment.

Regardless of whether in a hospital or other dental medical institutions, doctors must be trained and have orthodox qualifications to engage in orthodontics.In order to increase sales, some invisible appliance manufacturers do not make relevant requirements for doctors’ qualifications. As long as the patient photos are uploaded, the enterprise directly produces models and produces braces.Li Yueming reminded, "This actually violates the rules of treatment. The orthodontic process should be a doctor -led diagnosis and treatment process, not by the company to guide the doctor to treat patients."

Beijing News reporter Wang Lu

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