"Love of Sages": A family of three is love rivals

Watching the uniform routines of domestic dramas, sometimes you need to change the taste.

After all, don’t look at how crazy this world is.

There are only four episodes in this drama, which is very short, and the story is very simple.

In the simple and rude plot, my girlfriend went to my first love lover and then slept their son.

The heroine is called High School Shinuko, who grew up under the condition that it was under the condition of wealthy, free and loose. The true personality is kind and weak.

Or the so -called girlfriend of the heroine is called Lily. The name is the kind of green tea cricket when he hears it. He has all kinds of careful thoughts and guess.I don’t know if she is jealous or love for true affection, and she has worked hard.

Maybe because of the blood type, these two are destined to be entangled in their lives.

The second female was an upstart. Suddenly, she moved to the next door of the heroine High School Shinasako.

There is a problem in this lily, which is very annoying, just grabbing.

As long as he likes what is true, he has to grab it.From a earrings to a big villa, from first love to dad, Lily’s snatch plan is gradually upgraded, and its ambitions are flourishing.

The necklace of Zhenyi was snatched by lily.

True earrings, lily took away.

The doll of Zhenyou, Lily took away.

The first love of Zhen You, Lily took away.

Zhen Yi’s father, Lily took away.

From the age of 17, he has been robbing 40 years old and has been professional for 20 years.I have to admire secretly in my heart, Lily is really strange.

In the early years, it was really a soft persimmon. Ren Lily grabbed, and there was no resentment. It was still a silly sister like a lily like a person.

Later, Lily became more and more excessive, extending the magic to Liang Brother who lived in the true family.Lily’s mind is hard to guess, and I don’t know if I really like Brother Liang or because I really like Brother Liang, or because she really likes Brother Liang, anyway, she once again understands the heart of robbing.

In fact, Lily is also a simple girl. She has never been able to grab the corner, all of them.

She directly found Brother Liang, and said straightforwardly, can Brother Liang ask you to help me break?Oops, this girl is not ashamed.

Brother Liang said, I don’t like virgin.Lily turned to say that in fact, I am not a virgin. I am about to follow a rich man with a 30 -year -old man who is big at home. Can you give me once? I will not get pregnant during the safe period.

Then Brother Liang listened, and the girl said that this is the same. Is it still a man?Just save a little girl who is lost.This is a set of brother Liang.Sure enough, Brother Liang was pitted, and Lily became pregnant.

This is really the old saying: the woman up and down is a tiger, and I have to avoid it when I see it.

But since Lily and True said, I am pregnant with Brother Liang.The seeds that may have revenge have been planted.

There is another reason to hate Lily, and Lily indirectly killed the dad of true reason.

Zhen You’s father is a Confucian scholar, and he is a very prestigious editor in the local area.Without a middle -aged man’s standard beer belly bald and greasy face, the true father’s father is a man of a man.

Perhaps because of the Lily’s family, he has always been jealous of the warm and loving family atmosphere, and decided to seduce the true dad.

On a night of storms, Lily left the true bedroom and quietly came to the bedroom of the real father.Then while a thunder, he was really on the leg of his father.After all, Zhen You’s father is also a man. A 17 or 18 -year -old girl has done her legs. This opportunity cannot be missed. Then the desire defeated the reason. Zhen Yi’s father’s hands began to touch Lily’s legs.

Coincidentally, I really came down to my dad’s room from the intuition of women. I saw this impactful scene and directly collapsed.

Really did not understand that his father who has always respected would do this kind of thing, and he has always resentful and unwilling to look at his father.Maybe Dad finally ended his life in the autumn of the garden in this shame and torture.

After so many things, I really realized.So she decided to retaliate, and a long and fatal revenge plan was born.

After lily gave birth to his son, he cultivated his own male pet.

Poor straight, when he was born, he was carrying the mission of revenge.

The true plan is smooth, everything is carried out in accordance with her plan.Zhenyou played an irreplaceable role on the road of Naoyi’s growth.

Gradually growing up, I can’t help but fall in love with the true reason.

From a young age, he had done something that was not allowed to be allowed to cultivate small behaviors exclusive between the two.

The exclusive actions between Zhen You and Naoyi have been hiding in his heart.

In front of his parents, he raised straight under the table.

The trick to seize the tricks makes you fall in love with me, and I don’t give you anything.What you can’t get will always be a commotion.

All this is under the control of true reason.

Properly meet the requirements of Zhiyi is also a real strategy.Sometimes the unreasonable reason is emotional or revenge, maybe two birds with one stone, maybe even herself does not know.

When Zhi Zhi learned that Zhenyou was going to break up with himself, would it be about to collapse and die.They are all sets, you are just a small prey of Zhenyoko.

The two were still very sweet when they were together.

What else can I say, I wish you happiness.

Then today, we ushered in the fourth episode of this drama, the last episode.I know that this story will not end easily, and it is sure.

A family of three fell in love with me

It is the essence of this drama.

Brother Liang, that is, the first love of true, Lily’s husband, straight dad.As early as a few years ago, I knew the revenge plan of Zhenye, and kept looking at it, and did not break through all.This big family is really indifferent.

This is not the development of the plot in my heart!IntersectionIntersectionAccording to the truth, this dad should be angry, and the collar who seized the true reason to ask her: Why do you treat my son so much!IntersectionIntersectionBut what he said later really made me look at it. This man was really straightforward.

Suddenly I respect my brother Liang.Brother Liang is really a responsible and good man. He had fallen asleep and slept in the lily, and became pregnant under the careful planning of Lily.Brother Liang gave up the true reason that he always liked and married Lily for a man’s responsibility.In the past 20 years, Brother Liang liked his heart and loved his heart, and watched his favorite woman and his son together, but calmly.

Later, Brother Liang still wanted to pull his son. He hoped that Naoki would be able to go back to the shore. He left the aunt as soon as possible and fell in love with a youthful beauty (give me aunt) as soon as possible.However, it seemed that the father and son had collapsed, and no one persuaded anyone.After playing, it was not happy.

At the same time, Lily also noticed that there was a trace of being wrong. She was really in love, and her heart was painful.Therefore, I found someone to investigate the real reason. The results of the survey made the real collapse and made me collapse. A shocking secret is about to be exposed.I thought that Lily saw a picture of my son kissing his girlfriend, and would rush to the home of Zhenyi, and grabbed the true collar of the true reason to ask her: Why do you treat my son so much!IntersectionIntersection

However, no, Lily came to his son’s room calmly and brought the awl.It was the awl that pierced his father who wanted to possess a lily, and the awl that would be rescued from the campus violence.

This time, she took the awl to aim at Naoki’s neck.

Fortunately, this mother still has a trace of mind in her heart, and she did not go down to poison.You said, how perverted such a beautiful boy is the psychology, and you are distressed by the little wolf dog.

This sentence should be said to be

Then I want to watch Zhi Yi grabbing you from me?

When I finally said this sentence, it was relieved, all this was finally over, and all this finally started.

Lily, who was heartbroken, suddenly found that the original reason really hated himself, he didn’t want to live, and wanted to do his best with the real reason.Sure enough, if you want to become you, you can’t live and live on the same day in the same year, but you died on the same day and the same day.

Lily called her husband and son, and went home for dinner at night. This is the most dinner in Lily’s heart.

But Naoshi didn’t come, he still chose to go to the real son.

Later, the awl stabbing the cloth doll from the real hand, and made up his mind to be fulfilled.

Lily called Zhenyou, saying that Brother Liang suddenly fainted, and it was almost possible.Even if I really hate lily, I still drove to the hospital with Lily.

The next second, Lily controlled the steering wheel and brakes, and the car hit the big tree by the road.

Lily died in a car accident, and was paralyzed by blindness.Naoto did not leave the real reason and kept taking care of her.

Let it end, let it end.


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