"Love to steal after pregnancy" Is it great to hurt the fetus?Compared with pregnant women, this is more important

Since pregnancy, all expectant mothers have become the "national treasure" of the family, and the task of the whole family is: take care of the expectant mothers.

Burn a pork trotter today, stew a chicken soup tomorrow, and come to some catfish soup to make up for your body the next day …

The first priority is to raise expectant mothers to be fat, and all kinds of large -scale foods are available!

However, this is very painful for pregnant women. Not only has physical pain, it is also tortured on the mouth.This cannot be eaten, and that cannot be eaten. Many foods have to be avoided.

I can never eat it in the way I like before, which is really difficult for women who love to eat!

What kind of feeling is a woman stealing when she is pregnant?

Some time ago, some netizens encountered something that made people cry and laugh:

My wife said that she went downstairs for a while. After waiting for a long time, she didn’t feel relieved, so she looked at it with the past, but found that she was secretly eating fried skewers!

Seeing this scene, I believe most Baoma can understand that feeling, especially as a pregnant woman for food.

Before pregnancy, just a hot pot, barbecue, and spicy spicyness are the greatest happiness.

After pregnancy, for the health of the baby in the stomach, many seductive drooling foods are limited.

However, every time you pass by some food restaurants or stalls, you will not be eager to be stolen by all kinds of fragrances. You can’t help but take a few mouthfuls to take a few mouthfuls.

Pregnant mothers are too common to eat stealing, and it is too difficult to avoid taboos.

I heard the expectant mothers more than once, saying:

"I want to eat fried chicken, burger, potato chips, pizza, ice cream, spicy strips …"

"Husband, not I want to eat, but the baby in my stomach wants to eat!"

The tastes of pregnant mothers are always strange during pregnancy. Sometimes things that can be eaten do not want to eat, and things that cannot be eaten are too much to walk.

Especially when some kinds of food I want to eat, when I ca n’t eat it, my heart is as uncomfortable as a hundred claws. It is normal to cry.

As a result, many pregnant mothers began to eat various foods secretly because they were strictly guarded by her husband.

For example, instant noodles, some pregnant mothers usually don’t think it is delicious, but when she is pregnant, she starts to taste about it.

Especially with an egg and root intestine, the taste is simply absolute!I can’t wait to drink all the soup!

However, you should also remind you of expectant mothers that although the taste of such foods is very attractive, it cannot be too greedy!

Even ordinary people, eating this high -salt, high -fat, fried food for a long time, is prone to malnutrition problems, let alone pregnant mothers also need to supplement enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.Essence

Stealing for a while, but is it not good for children?

My girlfriend has been pregnant for five months. Once I wanted to eat spicy powder, I cheated her husband to go shopping with a friend.

Then he took home the training and said that the small shops outside were unhygienic, and put peppers, spices, etc., which was very bad for children.

After listening to these, my girlfriend himself feels very guilty, for fear that there will be any problems with children in the future.

So, is it necessary to taboo during pregnancy?

In fact, many so -called taboos during pregnancy are not scientific. Some foods that have been included in dietary taboos by mother -in -law and husband are actually not good for babies and expectant mothers.

If you just eat a little bit of solution, it will not have much impact on your body.

Especially for most of the commonly eaten spicy, instant noodles, hot pot, fried skewers, durian, spicy bars, etc., most of the pregnant mothers have almost eaten one or two of them, but the children are still lively and healthy when they are born.

Therefore, during pregnancy, as long as the quasi -mothers are not too much, they usually pay attention to the reasonable diet and nutritional balance. Most foods are actually available.

Compared with what to eat, the mood of pregnant mothers is more important

The mother who was pregnant all knew that the taste would become very tricky during pregnancy, and it was easy to get rid of the horns.

For example, two days ago, a pregnant sister suddenly wanted to eat stinky tofu, but my brother -in -law was unwilling to run out in the middle of the night.I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat, and my sister cried instantly.

Although I bought it the next morning, the mood of the pregnant mother has always been bad, and she has no appetite at all.

If pregnant women are in a bad mood, it will affect the secretion of hormones in the body, which is a greater harm to the body.

As the saying goes, "mother and child are connected to the heart", this is also reasonable.Because the mother eats, the baby can taste it.

At 3 or 4 months of pregnancy, the baby can "taste" "taste" in the amniotic fluid, so many babies like sweets and like it in the mother’s belly.

If the mother eats very happily, the baby can feel the good emotion of the mother.

As part of "mother and child’s heart", what mother wants to eat is sometimes what the baby wants to eat.When they are satisfied, this pleasant mood will also make the pregnant mother feel good.

However, after all, after all, the expectant mothers cannot be too wayward.

In addition to paying attention to the balanced diet and eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, you must also exercise appropriately so that you can be good for your body or relax.

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