"Magic weapon" for pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant, don’t want to rely on luck, want to get pregnant as soon as possible, and give birth to your child as soon as possible.I went to the hospital for pregnancy, but I was still not pregnant.When I first got married, I didn’t think about asking the child so soon. After two years, I wanted a child, but the fetus was delayed.

Monitoring ovulation is one of the gynecological examination items. It is mainly to check whether the function of women’s ovulation is normal and monitor accurate ovulation time.

What are the ways to monitor ovulation?

Monitoring ovulation is mainly based on B -ultrasound monitoring.In addition, the basic body temperature measurement method, observing the cervical mucus method, ovulation test strip monitoring method, and date of calculation algorithm are also a method for monitoring ovulation, but there will be some errors.

B ultrasound monitoring method:

Ultrasonic inspection monitoring is the most accurate and practical for judging and predicting ovulation.B -ultrasound monitoring can see that there are several follicles in the ovaries in development, what are the diameter, whether it is close to the ovulation period, etc. When continuous observing the disappearance of follicles or reduced follicles, the husband and wife life can be performed.

Basic body temperature monitoring method:

Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature when the human body is in a complete rest state, because progesterone has armal effect, that is, the body temperature will rise after ovulation. By observing the basic body temperature changes, ovulation time can be calculated.

The method is: wake up every morning in the morning. When you have not got up, do not do any movements, first measure the body temperature and record it on the table. Continuous records until the body temperature changes and increases.In addition, the record table can also note whether there are colds, fever, insomnia, husband and wife life, and menstruation. Details will help doctors to judge the function of ovulation.

Observe the cervical mucus method:

Cervical mucus is the secretion of the cervix. With the changes in ovulation and menstrual cycle, the secretion and nature of the secretion will also change. When the ovulation date is close toSmall, thin, transparent, lubricated, elastic, such as water or egg -shaped, you can arrange a husband and wife life in these days.

Ovulation test strip monitoring method:

The luteal generating hormone (LH) in the urine will appear peak within 24-48 hours before ovulation.The ovulation test strip can monitor the level of LH qualitatively. When the ovulation test strip turns from strong yang, the follicles will be discharged within 24 hours.

How to use: Do not drink water 2 hours before ovulation. Do not use morning urine test. It is best to test from 10 to 20 o’clock.It is recommended that the tenth day of menstruation starts to test and measure once a day. If the color is deepened, the frequency of measurement must be increased.Try to measure Qiangyang and find that when the color is weakened, the husband and wife must be arranged, and ovulation usually occurs after the color of the test strip turns.

Date calculation algorithm:

Among women in birth, most people’s ovulation time will be 12-16 days before menstruation (average 14 days).It is speculated that the ovulation date can be from the next period of the next menstrual period for 14 days.If it is a 28-day menstrual cycle, the husband and wife life can be arranged in 12-16 days of menstruation.

At present, monitoring ovulation is mainly based on B -ultrasound monitoring.Because other monitoring methods actually have a certain error and low accuracy.

When does the B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation start?

B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation usually starts from the 10th day of the menstrual cycle, that is, from the 10th day of menstruation, you must go to the hospital to observe the changes in the diameter of the follicles.The diameter of the follicles 4 days before ovulation, an average of about 3mm per day. Continuous monitoring that the follicles continued to grow. When the largest follicles disappeared, ovulation occurred.Normal follicle development to 18-25mm is an advantageous follicles.

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