"Mother and baby" pregnant women should pay attention to it. These places must not be pressed casually, and be careful about abortion!

Pregnant women, as the "key protection objects" at home, care about their physical health whether they are husband or elders at home.But now many young women do not know much about pregnancy, so many taboos during pregnancy do not understand.

Massage is a good way to alleviate physical and mental fatigue. Pregnant mothers are very hard to hold their stomachs all day. If you can massage, it is better.However, pregnant women have a special physical condition and cannot be massaged casually. These acupoints mentioned in the afternoon are prone to abortion after massage.

Where can pregnant women not massage?

1. Hegu acupoint: Hegu acupoint is the "tiger mouth" position that everyone usually says, located on the cross line of the thumb and index finger.The acupuncture point of ordinary people is very helpful for intestinal health and relieving pain, but for pregnant women, there is a risk of miscarriage.

2. Shoulder acupoint

This acupuncture point is at the highest shoulder. Ordinary people can add symptoms such as sore shoulders, tension on the back muscles, and neck pain caused by pillows, but this acupoint is very dangerous for pregnant women.Therefore, it is not recommended to massage the shoulders after pregnancy. The purpose is to avoid massage to this acupuncture point

3. Pot cave

This acupuncture point is very easy to find, in the center of the clavicle, 4 inches from the center of the human body.Ordinary people massage this acupuncture point to relieve cough, sore throat, and breath, but pregnant women cannot massage.

4. Sanyinjiao acupoint

The position of this acupoint is the health acupuncture point of women, which can help treat leucorrhea abnormalities, a large amount of menstrual flow or a small amount, menopausal syndrome, etc. In addition, it also has the benefits of strengthening the spleen and blood, regulating the liver and kidney, and helping sleep.But pregnant women cannot massage this acupuncture point, otherwise it will cause abortion.

Several acupuncture points suitable for pregnant women

1. Junzhu points: relieve headaches and improve insomnia.

2. Neiguan acupoint: relieve the pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, which can massage.

3. Taichong points: can relieve calf cramps during pregnancy.

4. Shenshu acupoint: It can relieve back pain and back pain during pregnancy.

5. Fengchi points: help pregnant women sleep and relieve the sore shoulders caused by the pillow.

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