"My wife does not wash the dishes for 8 months, I want to divorce"!Psychologists say 3 reasons, chilling heart

The essence of marriage is that the two lovers are together, and they must satisfy each other, give each other, and achieve each other.

I met a strange case today. My wife was eight months pregnant. He didn’t want to wash the dishes when he went home. Then he said that he could divorce?

Because I do n’t wash the dishes, I want to divorce with my wife who is eight months pregnant. What do I think?After a few times at the time, I rarely pasted labels, but this man really wanted to label.

Because it is important to divorce with a wife who is eight months pregnant for eight months of pregnancy, is it important to marriage or is it important to wash dishes?After scolding you, we came to look at this issue rationally.

First of all, divorce must meet five standards. If you do not meet the five standards, you should not divorce.

The second aspect is easy to solve the dishes, or is it easy to solve the divorce?

I want to ask, what you don’t want to do except you don’t wash the dishes at home?Is there any housework in the family?

If you do n’t do anything, you have to ask for a nanny. If you ca n’t afford the nanny, you ca n’t make so much money, and you do n’t want to do housework.This marriage has done housework after marriage.So what age do you live?

In this case, we have entered the third aspect.

I want to ask this man, what is marriage?What is a man?What is husband?What is it?I think you can’t answer these questions, but I try to lead you to answer these questions, or try to think about these questions.

First of all, as a person’s existence, it is valuable. What is value?You are useful to others, you are useless to society, useless to family, useless to your wife, and useless to your children.Then you live in this world without value.

What is a man?From the perspective of masculinity, big men must be able to stand up to the earth, have responsibilities, responsibilities, pay, and energy.

As a man with a stood, he must stand up to society and the family must stand up to the family.To his wife and children, this is a complete man.

As a husband, it is only limited to the family. If it is not very good in society, there is no problem, but you can carry a world in the family.

We often say that there is money to pay for money at home, and it is strongly contributed. You ca n’t get money at home, and you ca n’t get it.Is it meaningful as a husband?

I think you have to write a few words when you go out. I don’t want to wash the dishes. I want to divorce my wife, or write me to divorce because I don’t want to wash the dishes because I don’t want to wash the dishes.

Which woman you just find this thinking, see if she will marry you?

The essence of marriage is that the two lovers are together, and they must satisfy each other, give each other, and achieve each other.

There is only obedience in marriage. You have no responsibility in your marriage. The troubles encountered in your marriage. When you encounter difficulties, you do n’t want to solve it, but you want to escape.

Can you afford the words of marriage?Is it worthy of love?

I tell you that if it is love, it is even more scary, because for love, you can sacrifice your life, do you understand?In order not to wash the dishes, you have to divorce your wife, do you talk about love?

Author: Zhu Shiyong, Fudan MBA, founder of marriage management school, national first-level marriage and family consultant, national second-level psychological counselor, author of best-selling "Extrateronal Love Governance-Fudan MBA Hands Hands Hands to Save Marriage"

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