"Popular science" vomiting during pregnancy?A "needle" is effective

Handling a baby is a happy thing, but the pregnant mother Xiaoye has been tortured:

I couldn’t stand it. The elders and I told me that they all came like this. Three months after the beginning of pregnancy will be fine … but now I smell the taste of the meal, and the appetite has decreased.I’m really afraid that going like this will affect the baby …

Xiaoye found a lot of methods to relieve pregnancy on the Internet. Because there are many taboos in pregnancy during pregnancy, they dare not try easily. Finally, they accompanied their families to go to Hangzhou Women’s Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine Gynecology Clinic for help.

Seeing the tired leafy leaf, the doctor of Chinese medicine said with a long time: "In fact, this is a disease called" pregnancy vomiting ". It is not scientific to say that" it will be fine for the first three months ".If the pregnant mother responds strong, it may really affect the health of the mother and the fetus!"


Make people doubt the early pregnancy reaction of life

Is there a way to relieve it?

When we watched costume dramas, what the ancients said were "harmful", which often said early pregnancy reactions.It is usually a signal sent by the body to expectant mothers, accompanied by strong symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, and even nausea and vomiting.

For pregnant mothers, early pregnancy reactions can be described as a "sweet torture", which often makes people sleep unhealthy, getting thinner, and even vomiting to doubt life!

Many people are the same as the leafy. They dare not take medicine in the face of strong pregnancy, and they do n’t care if they eat sour. So what are the good solutions?In fact, early pregnancy vomiting can be controlled by traditional Chinese medicine intervention. You may wish to try the traditional Chinese medicine treatment -acupuncture therapy.


What is a needle therapy?

Total needle treatment is a type of traditional acupuncture therapy. It is based on the principle of acupuncture treatment. The special small needle is fixed to the skin of the acupoint for a long time buried method. It is also the development of ancient acupuncture methods.


How to treat pregnancy vomiting?

The needle is to reconcile qi and blood, and adjust the function of the viscera to prevent the disease.A picture tells you the mechanism of its role, as shown in the figure:

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that before and after two months of pregnancy, due to the adverseness of the fetal qi, it affects the discord of stomach qi, the stomach qi does not fall, and the upper reverse causes vomiting.

Therefore, the mind is at ease; followed by inducing the method to induce the method of the upper and lower, to suppress the upward qi and downward; then use the kidney to nourish the tire, and give healthy stomach diarrhea, which causes qi to decrease.

According to the dialectical acupoints of the disease, the commonly used acupoints that we usually choose are internal levels, Hegu, Zusanli, etc., to play a role in reducing the stomach and relieving liver and qi.


Is the needle therapy good?Does it hurt?

Some friends will worry, "I have to get an injection, I’m afraid of pain!" But in fact, I can observe that the depth of the pins is very shallow and belongs to the shallow thorns in acupuncture.The advantages of needles are more obvious.

Especially for the treatment of diseases such as pregnancy drama, such diseases can often achieve a "needle", and the effect can be said to be immediate.

Under the introduction of the doctor, the leaflet was transferred to the Chinese medicine acupuncture clinic and received the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and ear acupoints.

A week later, Xiaoye came to the clinic and told the doctor that the symptoms of vomiting had improved a lot, and the complexion was slightly better. I didn’t expect a small needle to help her stay away from the pain.

If you are also a quasi -mothers who are troubled by pregnancy, you can also go to our hospital for medical treatment for Chinese medicine acupuncture clinics and consult acupuncture doctors for related diagnosis and treatment!

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