"Popular science animation" is pregnant, what should I do?

When you find that you are pregnant, you must go to the hospital immediately and make an appointment for ultrasound to obtain a clear result.The ultrasonic check report shows that the pregnancy in the palace can be confirmed.

For 13 weeks of pregnancy, the file was officially built.In terms of 40 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers need to do at least 10 births at the outpatient clinic, and the checkup is an important process for ensuring eugenics.

Dry the whole process, please watch it carefully!

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First remember the process

Obstetrics Ultrasound confirmed that pregnancy-7 weeks of pregnancy reservation-improved pre-construction inspection-officially established files at 13 weeks of pregnancy

The two red lines on the pregnancy test stick only have a prompting role. They must go to the hospital immediately and make an appointment for ultrasound examination to obtain a clear result.

The ultrasonic check report shows "intrauterine pregnancy" to confirm the pregnancy.

Look, the little fetal bud in the ultrasonic image is your baby’s baby.

Before going to the obstetrics, remember to sort out your following situations and prepare for the doctor’s consultation:

● Height, weight, blood pressure (can be measured at the nurse station)

● Menstruation cycle

● Last menstrual time

● History

● Genetic disease

● Whether there is a pregnancy

● Previous pregnancy status

● Is there abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding?

Remember two numbers, 7 and 13.For 7 weeks of pregnancy, you need to make an appointment for the obstetrics, and the pregnancy is 13 weeks, and the file is officially established.Construction files are very important. In principle, only in the hospital’s obstetrics can be established can the hospital check and childbirth in this hospital.

During the time when the baby is waiting for the baby to grow up to 13 weeks, expectant mothers need to complete the following tasks:

● Listen to the "Nutrition Clinic during pregnancy"

● Comprehensive testing (blood routine, urine routine, full biochemical, four items of coagulation, four hepatitis B, three antibodies, four eugenics, thyroid function, vaginal discharge examination, HPV+TCT, pregnant women’s heart ultrasound, hepatobiliary pancreatic spleen and kidneyUltrasonic, double limb blood vessel ultrasound)

● Appointment and completion of NT ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy

The formal archive is the 13th week, and the regular hospitals before the construction of the file can be done.It is best to do it in the hospital you are preparing to build a file.

The baby’s baby was officially built until 13 weeks.File materials must be brought together, and provinces and cities have different requirements.

Let’s take a look at the directory required to set up files in Beijing Century Hospital:

● "Beijing Mother and Child Health Archives" (after 6 weeks of pregnancy, the community health service center receives)

● Pregnancy proof: The results of the B -ultrasound in this hospital

● The hospital’s comprehensive test results

● ID card

● Medical insurance card

Place of files: Obstetric Nursing Station, Beijing Century Temple Hospital

After the file is built, the file is placed in the obstetrics, and it is not necessary to take it home by itself.At each examination, go to the obstetric nurse station to receive files, and then leave the files in the obstetrics after inspection.

The prospective mothers who have built files should regularly check the necessary inspections.

In terms of 40 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers need to have at least 10 births at the outpatient clinic.The inspection is very important. A variety of scientific examinations can escort the health of expectant mothers during pregnancy and monitor the growth status of the baby’s baby.

Question: Is there any trauma these inspections?Will it affect my child’s health?

Answer: Blood drawing belongs to a creative inspection and is a routine inspection item for each production inspection.There are many times of blood drawing, because repeated blood tests can be found quickly and intuitively, and some of them will not be detected in time by relying only on the body.

Such as: progesterone, blood sugar, liver function, thyroid function, renal function, blood lipids, viruses, etc.

Some expectant mothers may worry about the ultrasonic examination of the harm baby during the birth check.Ultrasonic is a type of sound waves. It has no effect on the baby. The three necessary ultrasound examination during the birth check is a screening of fetal malformations, which is an important test to ensure eugenics.

With the protection of scientific and medical methods, expectant mothers should pay more attention during pregnancy.The most important thing is to maintain a reasonable growth during pregnancy, three hours of outdoor activity, diet, vegetarian matching, and eating more high -protein and low -fat foods.Folic acid, DHA, calcium, iron, multiple vitamins, etc. should also be appropriately supplemented.

Beijing Century Hospital has also opened obstetric nutrition clinics. Specific mothers who have doubts during pregnancy, or expectant mothers with too fast growth can come to consult.

Let’s greet this healthy life together.

Finally, give you a timetable for the checkup, so pregnant!

40 weeks of pregnancy test schedule

("Blood pressure pulse, weighing weight, measurement of high palace, abdominal circumference, listening to fetal heart, checking hematuria routine" is a routine examination item, not listed in this table in order)

The first checkup of the first birth check -up items: comprehensive testing, NT ultrasound

The 2nd check -up of the pregnancy test items for pregnancy: prenatal screening

The third week of delivery for pregnancy inspection items: ultrasonic examination (excluding brainless brain, severe brain swelling, severe spine bales, severe chest and abdominal wall defects, visceral valgus, ductive chamber, mortal cartilage development, etc.).)

The 4th weeks of pregnancy test project of the 4th period of delivery: Pregnancy diabetes screening

The 5th weeks of pregnancy test items for the 5th birthday of the birth test: see the results of sugar sieve, ultrasonic examination (excluding fetal heart malformation), if necessary to do fetal fibrin protein measurement, and insulin growth factor measurement measurement

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the 6th weeks of pregnancy entered the perinatal period, and starting every two weeks of delivery checks every two weeks

32 -week examination items for pregnancy test: ultrasonic examination (screening of fetal malformations in the third trimester)

34 weeks of pregnancy checking items at the 8th Outstanding Preparation: Turded Inspection Project Add Fetal Heart Monitoring.

36 weeks of pregnancy test project at the 9th period of pregnancy: Start from once a week of delivery to 40 weeks of pregnancy

37 weeks of pregnancy inspection items for the 10th birthday: Pelvic identification, determine the method of childbirth

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