"Pregnancy" skin itching during pregnancy, do not despise the skin!This situation may endanger fetal life

Many pregnant mothers will cause itching of the skin after pregnancy, and the more itchy, the more itchy, which makes the pregnant mothers restless, and even the night cannot be stunned … Many pregnant mothers who are troubled by itching during pregnancy are worried about the health of the fetus.Is it really appropriate?

Relevant experts from Foshan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Guangdong Province reminded that itching of skin pruritus during pregnancy is not necessarily caused by dry skin or skin diseases, and may also be in the liver stasis in the liver during pregnancy.If this situation is encountered, delaying is not cured may cause fetal hypoxia and death in the palace.


After 31 weeks of pregnancy, A Shan gradually appeared itching with both feet and extending to the near -limbs and abdomen. Occasionally, it was itchy at night, and it was difficult to fall asleep.At 38 weeks of pregnancy, A Shan came to the Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment. The results of the liver function were prompted by 30 μmol/L in total bile acid (the normal reference value was 10.0 μmol/L), and hepatitis virus was not abnormal.For the accumulation of bile stasis, the doctor immediately suggested that she is hospitalized.

However, A Shan and his family believed that it was only itchy skin, without other symptoms, so he was not hospitalized.One week later, A Shan discovered that the fetal movement was reduced. He hurried to the hospital for treatment. The fetal heart monitoring considered fetal distress. The emergency cesarean section after admission ended her pregnancy. Fortunately, the treatment was timely and did not affect the baby’s body.

So, which factors can cause itching of skin during pregnancy?How should pregnant mothers deal with?


Itching caused by dry body

With the development of the fetus after pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother will increase, the skin will be worse and thinner by the fetus, and the reduced skin will become dry and itching.The dry skin will become more and more itchy. Excessive scratching will damage the skin and even pus.

Suggestion: For this situation, you can apply your abdomen with body skin care oil produced by consumption of olive oil or regular brands in the second trimester (when there is no skin itching). It can effectively reduce the occurrence of skin pruritus in advance.


Itching caused by your own skin disease

The expectant mothers have skin diseases, such as eczema, urticaria, drug rash, folliculitis, etc.During pregnancy, due to hormone changes, these conditions will increase, which will cause itching of the skin.

Suggestions: In this case, pregnant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time, find out the reason, and take medicine under the guidance of dermatologists.


Bile in the liver during pregnancy

Trek caused itching

During the pregnancy, the intrahepatic cholecotid accumulation (ICP) is a relatively special disease. At present, the exact cause of the disease is not very clear, but it is found that this disease and clinical observation and laboratory studies have been found that this disease and laboratory study found that this disease and this disease and the laboratory study haveExtraction of estrogen during pregnancy, regional differences, and genetic factors are closely related.

The impact of ICP on pregnant women

The long -term prognosis of ICP pregnant women is good, but the ICP can cause itching at night can cause fatigue, poor sleep, and loss of appetite, causing too little weight during pregnancy.

The ICP itself can also cause the fat -soluble vitamin absorption disorder and malnutrition of pregnant women, causing limited growth of fetal growth.It is reported that the incidence of postpartum bleeding in patients with ICP is as high as 20%.

The impact of ICP on the siege

① Premature birth: gall acid can stimulate the uterus and decay prostaglandin, and prematurely sends uterine contraction, causing premature birth.

② Fetal distress, neonatal suffocation, and siege dying: A large number of clinical studies have found that high concentration of bile acid can cause vascular spasm on the surface of the placental velvet.The placenta is in a relatively hypoxic environment, nourishing cells swelling, velvet -based edema, and reduced velvet cavity, which can cause hypoxia in the fetus, and even in the palace, and the death of the fetus often occurs suddenly, which is difficult to predict.

ICP is extremely harmful to the fetus, which is an important cause of the death of siege. Therefore, it is important for early diagnosis, early treatment, and timely termination of pregnancy.

Suggestions: Regular production inspection, according to laboratory examinations and in -fetal house conditions, determine the treatment or hospitalization of outpatient treatment.


If you have skin itching during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not despise them, and seek medical treatment in time to obey the doctor’s guidance.

Supply: Huang Xiaoyan, Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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