"Pregnancy delivery" 34 weeks of premature baby’s cesarean section experience, fetal movement is very important

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"Premature birth at 34 weeks, fetal movement is really important. If you find abnormal, go to the hospital immediately, my experience hopes to help the mothers ~"

The pregnancy process is extremely difficult. Fortunately, the baby is currently very smooth and healthy. He still has a person in the thermal box. It is estimated that you can go home in two weeks. My story is more valuable, so I write the process in detail.Help Bao Ma who has similar problems.

The first three months of pregnancy is more serious, but the child has always been fine, and the birth check is smooth and normal.I am very happy in the middle of pregnancy. I do n’t vomit, and I ca n’t do it normally. There is no other problem except for my severe rhinitis during pregnancy. There is no good way to rhinitis during pregnancy. I can only wash it with sea salt water.The key point is, the 26 -week production check, the content of the inspection is sugar, and there is no B -ultrasound, but because I felt that the fetal movement was slightly weak in the past few days, the number of fetal movements was normal, but I felt that the power was smaller.After that, I found that the SD index increased, around 4.2.At that time, the child was developing normally and the fetal heart was normal. It was hospitalized for safety.The doctor said that this high number means that the umbilical cord resistance is high. Children may not get too much blood from the umbilical cord, which may cause the fetal internal distress and hypoxia, and may cause malnutrition of the fetus.The reason for this is difficult to determine.One week after hospitalization, SD is normal 3.3.

After three weeks of discharge, the check -up is a small row of deformed in 30 weeks.The SD index is still 3.3, but this is not normal for the 30 -week pregnancy week. It should be less than 3.The most terrible is that the fetus is equivalent to 27 weeks, which is small for 3 weeks, which means that I have not long for 3 weeks at home!

The obstetric doctors and nurses of our hospital are particularly good. This is a spiritual pillar I have been living until I live.

After being hospitalized, the doctor has been checking the cause of the fetus for a long time. It is speculated that I have a thrombosis if I have a thrombosis.As a result, it was unable to be diagnosed as a spouse.

The urine protein 0.3 during the hospitalization is not normal, but the blood pressure is normal.But when I was hospitalized until the second week, blood pressure began to rise, around 150/95, and occasionally there were 160/100.Hypertension and urine protein can be diagnosed with high urinary protein, and severe eclampsia.

This disease can harden the capillary porridge on the placenta, so that the baby cannot get nutrients from the placenta, and the child has no food in his stomach.

During the hospitalization period, glucose and amino acids are used. The first two weeks were long. Later, the symptoms of eciamlation became more and more serious, and it was useless to use nutrient solution.

After diagnosis, medication, magnesium sulfate, my nightmare.This medicine has side effects, people are different from people, some just feel hot, and some are dizziness and nausea and want to vomit heartbeat accelerated. I am the latter.And this medicine needs to be very slow, and one dozen is 10 hours.The first bag of the first time needs to be quickly hit and washed away the blood vessels.I’m going, that uncomfortable, I don’t know anything directly.Since then, every time I play too much, I vomit, and I vomit. After the spit, the esophagus was burned by gastric acid, which hurts.This medicine can inhibit contractions, protect tires, and can also expand blood vessels, so I need this medicine and threatened premature birth.

From 30 weeks to 34 weeks, the director finally asked me to cut me. Why did it be 34 weeks? I explained it.

34 weeks ago, it was called less than a week and less than a month.Even if the baby is less than 4 pounds, there may be many complications even if the weight is 4 pounds, because the number of cells of each organs is not enough, so the resistance is poor and it is easy to get sick.After 34 weeks, even if it does not reach 4 pounds, the risk of parallel is much smaller.Of course, if there is a possibility of premature birth, it is ideal to persist until 37 weeks.

The following is my production process. Pushing to the operating room. The nervousness and the room were particularly cold. I kept shaking. The doctor came to anesthes anesthesia. The back of the waist was painful, and I remember!It ’s not a few stitches, I do n’t remember it, four stitches.In the process, it cannot be moved, so do n’t finish it after you think it ’s done. When you finish the doctor, he will tell you that you finish the fight and let you turn over and go back to lie down.

After a while, I didn’t feel it, and the block in front of me couldn’t see anything. Then I felt that someone had been pushing me below, and the two sides were pushed around.After ten minutes, I heard the child crying.Then I hugged it to see the men and women, and posted my face with his head, so hot.Then he took it away, and then the doctor fell asleep and fell asleep.

After waking up again, it was three hours later. During this period, it was said that the stool was incontinence.There is a pain pump after surgery, and give it a little bit for a while. If you feel particularly painful, you will add it once.I think the pain of town wounds is effective.The exhaust was difficult after surgery. The bloating in my stomach was like a balloon, but I couldn’t get out.Wherever the air was drilled, there was a heartbreaking pain, and he couldn’t help crying.I think the pain in the palace is painful.After surgery, there was a little bit of shrinking the palace. It hurts when the stomach is hit, and then follows the dew.I just stabbed the palace pain while breathing.

After exhausting, you can not hit the dot of the Qi contraction palace, and you will not be uncomfortable with the gas items. You can also eat it.

Besides, the milk will be opened the next day, no matter if you are smooth, you will have milk. You must find someone to knead it for you.I started rubbing on the third day. It was a bit low -fever. The low fever was to block milk. Yueyue quickly gave it to the same way.Regardless of whether the child is around, the electric breast pump is necessary, suck it and freeze it, and slowly drink it for the child. Chulu milk is very nutritious, especially the premature baby needs more!

There are a few tips for Bao moms:

1. Fetal movement is very important. Don’t hesitate to go to the hospital if you find abnormal.

2. If there is any bad situation in the middle, be optimistic, strong, and believe that the baby can get better.

3. It can persist until 37 weeks until 37 weeks, and persist until 34 weeks in less than 37 weeks. The baby is less sinner and you can spend less.

4.It is important to open milk. If you do n’t open your fever, you ca n’t eat a fever.The breast pump also buys a good use, otherwise back pain.

In the end, my baby has been born for 10 days now. Now it is in good condition and stable. The amount of milk drinking milk every day is increasing, and the weight is gradually increasing.I wish you all the best, don’t be sinned so much.

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