"Pregnancy vomiting" is not right?The 26 -year -old pregnant mother lost 10 pounds after pregnancy, and vomited to almost no baby

Many women will be very surprised after learning that they are pregnant, but the last second is still in surprise, and the next second may be baptized by "pregnancy vomiting".In the mouth, just smelling the taste, it has begun to rush to the bathroom.

But everyone knows that pregnancy is a reaction in the early pregnancy, so many people do n’t take it seriously, and feel that it ’s over. You have passed, but your baby may be nutritious.It’s obviously serious, don’t stand up, go to the hospital for examination.

"Pregnancy vomiting" is not right?The 26 -year -old woman is 10 pounds after pregnancy. Doctor: It is recommended to terminate pregnancy

A 26 -year -old pregnant mother Xiao An (pseudonym) experienced a real vomiting to doubt the pregnancy of life. The weight dropped straight and lost more than 10 pounds.

Xiao An has a history of infertility. After all, there is a child, and it seems very precious. He may miss this child. In the future, only two people can depend on each other. The couple attach great importance to this child.At the time of the beginning, severe vomiting started, and both of them felt a normal pregnancy reaction at the beginning.

But then Xiao’an’s pregnancy was getting worse and worse. In 9 weeks, she couldn’t eat things at all. Her husband had to take her to the hospital. The 11 -day hospital was taken.I improved and discharged, but after two days after returning home, Xiao An became more serious, and relatives and friends told her that it was normal.

However, Xiao Tomi even had no energy. When he was taken to the hospital, Xiao An’s serum creatinine had soared to 835umol/L (normal range: 41-73).The most effective treatment plan is to terminate the pregnancy. If the fetus continues to keep the fetus, it is impossible to predict whether the liver function of Xiaoan can hold the challenge. If there is a whole collapse, kidney dialysis or even transplantation may be performed.

However, the two did not want to give up the child. In addition to the treatment of the doctor, Xiao An finally recovered the normal diet. When the doctor checked the room, he also had the energy to say hello to the doctor. Now he has successfully gave birth to a girl.

Pregnancy drama vomiting: more serious than ordinary pregnancy vomiting, malignant nausea, 60%of pregnant women will relieve disappearance after 12 weeks of pregnancy, 91%of pregnant women will be relieved after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and 10%of pregnant women will continue the entire pregnancy periodEssence

What should pregnant women’s family members do to relieve pregnancy vomiting for pregnant women?

1. Diet:

Avoid the strong odor and food that induces vomiting, try to avoid the phenomenon of not eating as much as possible in the morning, and eat as little meals as much as possible.Pay attention to the diet structure and reasonable nutrition of pregnant women, and supplement some vitamins, especially vitamin B, can alleviate nausea, and can eat some soy milk, eat some green vegetables, and so on.

2. Weight:

If pregnant women lose weight in a short period of time, they should take pregnant women to the hospital for examination. If you do n’t vomit more, the more you feel, the more vomiting should be damaged.Some elderly people are chasing pregnant women when they see pregnant women who always vomit. This is wrong. The correct way is to fast and reduce gastrointestinal pressure.

3. After recovery:

After the pregnant woman stops the pregnancy reaction, her appetite becomes better. At this time, we must not be greedy, because at this time, the intestines are still fragile. It should be transitioned from a little digestible food such as liquid and semi -flow to a normal diet.

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