"Reminder" When you stay up late, the brain began to eat yourself silently

Don’t want to sleep at night

Don’t think of it during the day

This is basically the norm of modern people

However, scientific discovery

Insufficient sleep affects health

Sleep too much is also harmful to the body


Let’s talk about it

Those things about sleeping ~

What happens if you sleep too little?

Sleep occupying one -third of our life, but some people feel that sleeping is too wasteful.

For example, there is such a group of people in Europe, trying to reduce the sleep time to 2 hours a day by going to sleep 30 minutes every 6 hours.

But is sleeping really a waste of time?

What changes will our body happen if we do not sleep?

▶ Will get fat!

The latest research by the research team of the University of Upzara University in Sweden found that staying up late alone will trigger an apparent genetic change in the human clock gene.

These clock genes are responsible for regulating the biological rhythms of each individual’s tissue. Once they change, they will cause less muscle and increase in fat.

And this team has previously discovered that lack of sleep can cause people to consume more high -calorie foods, and obesity will bring breathing problems during sleep, which in turn disrupts sleep quality and causes a vicious circle.

▶ It will become irritable!

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can increase negative emotions, such as sadness and anxiety, reducing positive emotions, including happiness and enthusiasm.

Researchers at the Aowe State University find out that lack of sleep can directly cause anger.

They divide the experimenters into two groups, one group that maintains normal sleep habits, while the other set of sleep time for two to four hours per night for two consecutive nights.

After that, the two groups of participants were required to score different products while listening to the annoying noise.This is to create an uncomfortable environment and arouse anger.

It was found that the anger of those who lack of sleep should be much higher than those who sleep normally.

▶ Brain start to eat yourself

A large part of the reason why people need to sleep is that the brain needs to remove the poison and by -products accumulated for a day when sleeping.

There are two types of nerve glue cells in the brain responsible for this work. Small glue cells are responsible for clearing apoptotic nerve cells or damaged cells, and star -shaped glue cells are responsible for trimming unnecessary synapses in the brain to refresh and reshapeTheir connection method.

In order to figure out how they work, neurosciences of the Marco University of Science and Technology have experimented on mice.

It was found that the activity of small gel cells increased when lack of sleep, which means that it will devour more nerve cells. This is not a good thing. It has been found that the active and brain disease of small gel cells (It is related to Alzheimer’s disease).

▶ Increase the risk of cancer

In our body, it has a very important immune cell -naturally kill cells. It specifically treats cancer cells and is also related to antiviral infection and immune regulation.

Studies have found that as long as one night sleeps is less than 5 hours, this cell will decrease by 70%, so the risk of cancer with insufficient sleep will be higher.

Not only that, it was found on the mouse that it was found that mice with the same tumor have relatively sufficient sleep, and the tumor increases many times faster.


enough sleep

It is very important for us!

Let’s sleep more ~

I can’t sleep too much

The research team of Seoul National University Medical School analyzed medical data of men and women aged 133,000 40-69, and their daily sleep time.

turn out:

Women who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more than women’s abdominal fat for 6-7 hours a day;

Men with less than 6 hours of sleep may not only have a thicker waist circumference, but also the risk of metabolic syndrome;

However, excessive sleep (more than 10 hours) is also harmful to the body. It is related to the elevated level of glycerin and metabolic syndrome. It is also related to women’s hyperglycemia and big belly.

Sleep less

I can’t sleep too much

So what is good sleeping?

What is a good sleep?

The concept of "sleep efficiency" is often used to judge the quality of sleep quality.

Its definition is simple: sleep efficiency = sleep time/time on bed.

If sleep efficiency is> 85%, even if it is normal; if it can reach 90%, it is already very good.

Scientific regulations are normal to fall asleep within 30 minutes. It is a normal range.


Basically our sleep quality

It’s all very good!

Then why are we still every day

What about the groggy?

It may be that the posture of getting up is wrong

Have you ever experienced such an experience?

Sometimes I was awakened by the alarm clock and felt that the state was very good, I woke up at once;

Sometimes I feel a headache and I can’t wake up. Even if I struggled to get up, I was drowsy for a day.

This is all the sleep cycle.Our whole sleeping process is generally composed of 5-6 sleep cycles, and each sleep cycle generally lasts 90 minutes.

The first stage of the sleep cycle is a light sleeping period. At this time, it feels like sleeping non -sleeping and hazy. Some slight sounds can wake us up. If the alarm sounds at this time, it is easy to wake up.

The second stage of the sleep cycle is the light sleep period. At this time, our heart rate and body temperature began to decline, and we started preparing to enter a deeper sleep, but at this time a relatively large voice can still easily wake us up and wake upIt will not be uncomfortable.

After that, it entered the third and fourth stage of the sleep cycle, the mid -bed and deep sleeping period, and at this time the "golden sleep" stage was entered.

At this time, the cerebral cortex cells are in a state of full rest, which has a vital role in eliminating fatigue, recovery of energy, immune disease resistance, etc.

However, if you are awakened at this time, the cerebral cortex cells in the rest are forcibly awakened, and human short -term memory and cognitive ability will be significantly affected.

These capabilities can only reach 65%of the normal state, which is equivalent to a feeling of drunk.

The last stage of the sleep cycle is the rapid eye movement. At this time, our body will not move temporarily, and we start to dream. Most of the dreams we do happen at this stage.

We wake up after the end of this stage, but in general, we will not remember that we have woke up and then enter the next sleep cycle again.


If you get up, the posture is wrong

I accidentally wake up from deep sleep

Then this day must be drowsy

How to avoid this?

R90 Sleeping Method

In order to avoid being awakened from deep sleep, the former president of the British Sleep Association, the Premier League Manchester Union’s royal sports sleep coach, Nick Littels, gave suggestions for the R90 sleep method.

In fact, we have always believed that "8 hours of sleep" is a wrong concept.

8 hours is actually a per capita sleep time per night, but I do n’t know when it starts, it has become a commonly applicable recommended sleep time.

After research, people’s universal sleep cycles are about 90 minutes, then the 4 cycles are 6 hours, 5 cycles are 7.5 hours, and 6 cycles are 9 hours.

If you set an alarm in 8 hours, it is likely to be awakened from deep sleep.

R90 Sleeping rule is a method of waking up alarm clock using the sleep cycle.

After a period of attempt, after mastering your sleeping cycle, you can largely avoid being awakened from deep sleep.

The operation method is:

First formulate a fixed wake -up time, and then try it from 5 sleep cycles. After 7 days, see how it feels like.

If you feel that there are too many cycles, it can be reduced to 4 cycles. Conversely, it will increase to 6 cycles.

After finding the appropriate cycle, try to adhere to this way of sleep as much as possible to avoid lack of sleep for more than three consecutive nights.

For good health

Be sure to sleep well ~

Source: Fermi_Science)

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