"Science" wears a condom and is still pregnant?I didn’t do it right these 5 o’clock, I wear = Bai Dai

As soon as the May Day holiday arrived, the Jingjing (pseudonym) who read the blog overseas, and opened the sweet two -person world with his husband who came to visit relatives. As a result, a month later …

Jingjing: Director He, my husband obviously wore a condom, why was I still pregnant!Is there a problem with condoms?

Gynecological Chief Physician He Chaying: How do you use it?

Jingjing: Every time I wear it before the sir of the sir, and then put it on.

Gynecological Chief Physician He Chaying: Hey!Of course, there will be big problems!

Where is the problem?Is condom contraceptive reliable?How to use a condom correctly?

As a effective contraceptive measure, it is easy to obtain, easy to use, and also has a certain prevention effect on sexually transmitting diseases. It is the "top flow" of the current contraceptive community.

Its principle is to put sperm to prevent it from entering the vagina and avoid encountering eggs, so as to achieve contraceptive effects. Under the correct use, the contraceptive effect can reach 98%.

"But in the outpatient clinic, more than 50 % of the case of contraceptive failure uses condom contraception. The failure of contraceptives is not because of the use of condoms, but not standardized." He Chaoying chief physician said.

He Chaying Chief Physician

01 No contraception throughout the process

Many people think that sperm will be secreted only at the time of the sprint, and then "brake" and wear a condom.

In fact, before the sprint, the mucus secreted by men also contains a small amount of sperm. Any one to enter the female body may cause pregnancy.

Correct practice: Use the whole process, and "蹭 蹭" outside must also decisively refuse!

02 There is no exhaustion of the air in the seminal vesicles

When you open the condom, you will see a "small cricket" in the front end. This is the storage semi -sac, which will have residual air.If you do not empty air when wearing a sleeve, it will cause the space for the storage of seminal vesicles to be insufficient, and it will easily rupture due to excessive pressure, causing contraceptive failure.

Correct practice: After wearing, pinch the seminal vesicles and discharge air.Don’t be too tight when you wear it, avoid friction and break.

03 model does not match

Many people do not know that the condoms are also divided into large, medium, and small models. The condoms are too small, which will reduce the comfort of wearing, and too large condoms will easily fall off.

Correct practice: Choose the size that suits you to ensure safety.

04 Nothing to withdraw in time

If it is not pulled out of the vagina in time after ejaculation. After the men’s penis is soft, the semen may overflow from the condom to the vagina, which is equivalent to "white wear".

Correct practice: Immediately after ejaculation, together with the condom, draw out from the vagina, wait for the treatment to be cleaned, and then warm.After using it, throw it away by knotting the condom.

05 Picking the day

Women’s ovulation is influenced by many factors such as emotional, work pressure, and drugs. The so -called safe period is not necessarily safe, so it cannot be used during the female ovulation period.

Correct practice: Use a condom every time life to ensure the effect of contraceptives.

Do you master these correct practices?Don’t think that contraception is a very simple matter–

According to the "China Health and Health Statistical Yearbook (2020)" released by the National Committee of Health and Health, the number of Chinese artificial abortion in 2019 reached 9.762 million, an increase of 22,000 compared with 2018, an increase of 0.23%year -on -year.

The abortion has an impact on women’s health, especially for artificial abortion that is multiple times and close to the interval, which is an important reason for women’s secondary infertility.

I hope that everyone can use the condom correctly for every night that loves the clouds and rain to reduce the probability of contraceptive failure.


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