"Second Hug" Jin Lu insisted on work after seeing the red during pregnancy.

Text/Zhang Xiaonuan

When Jin Lu saw red, Lin Yuxiang was frightened.

The doctor repeatedly told that Jin Lu had to lie down at home and calm down.Jin Lu’s long -prepared Paris exhibition could not go.

Jin Lu couldn’t go to Paris to participate in his long -used painting exhibition, so he had to give this opportunity to his assistant "Rachel".What Jin Lu couldn’t think of is that Rachel actually betrayed her and used this art exhibition to pry away the great painter of his gallery "Xu Huaiyuan".

In fact, the two had long been embarrassed by Jin Lu.

Gallery must not have a well -known painter cooperation. In order to run the career that he managed to run, Jin Lu checked his ex -husband "old solution".

In order to solve Lin Yuxiang, Jin Lu said to him: The safest man in this world is "ex -husband". Except for work and children, I don’t want to tell him in a word.

Lin Yuxiang repeatedly died: After a while, I went out to eat and told them that they were not allowed to smoke.After talking about the matter, hurry back, there is no irresistible factor, don’t eat outside.

Jin Lu promised to be very refreshing.

But when Lin Yuxiang went to pick up Jin Lu at night, his partners who saw the business with Jin Lu, including Lao Xie, drank while smoking, and smiled at Jin Lu from time to time. Lin Yuxiang was extremely angry.

As soon as Jin Lu got on the car, Lin Yuxiang began to complain: Do you have to meet and talk about not eating outside?Can’t the phone meet?

Facing Lin Yuxiang’s complaint, Jin Lu was unwilling to take care of it, and only said: I’m tired.

Lin Yuxiang saw Jin Lu’s very irresponsible attitude towards the child in his stomach, and his voice was eight degrees high: What, do I speak?Why are they smoking in front of you?

If you can lie at home with peace of mind, who wants to run around and give people a smile.Jin Lu knows that she is pregnant or an elderly pregnant woman. She understands the severity, but what can she do?

Is it really necessary to look at the career that he is working hard for the child in the stomach.

How can there be two in the world of adults.Not all in the choice again and again, to compromise, give up, bite your teeth, and even be in the pain that you can’t do it. It is like walking a steel wire.

At the beginning, I didn’t understand why Jin Lu was like a desperate three mother -in -law, and looked more important than life, and treating work is always 200 % investment.

I understood it later because she was a "single mother".

Does she love Lin Yuxiang?She loves, she loves his thoughtfulness, loves his responsibility, loves his good temper, and even enjoys his pity. These feelings have never experienced it with the ex -husband.

But the actual problem is that there is a child in the middle of them. Even if Lin Yuxiang likes to be transcendence, the reality is that the single mother and single high -quality men, because this child is unequal in front of love.

Reality is reality, and it will not disappear because of the richness of love.

Jin Lu’s work to make money is to make his son live better, so that his son’s future life will not put pressure on the other half of the future. In this way, when a period of love is opened again, the two talents are equal.

Although Lin Yuxiang promised that he would love over and raised, this is Lin Yuxiang’s love for Jin Lu; as Jin Lu, when he felt this considerate love, she also wanted to give back, because she had experienced emotional harm.So she understands the value of Lin Yuxiang than anyone else.Therefore, she will definitely make herself not add any burden on this love.

In order to protect this love for a long time, she must take on her son’s life alone, which is her minimum dignity in front of this love.

On the other hand, it is the opposite.Most of the single mothers in life, when looking for the other half, will consider the other’s economic strength and whether they can afford themselves and their children.

Marriage is very realistic, there are not so many winds and snowy moon.None of them may not be able to live well, not to mention that in this marriage of Chai rice oil and salt, it will be covered with a ex -husband’s son. Can such a marriage last long?

Some people may ask: How can a single mother take the child, how to engage in career?How can I have time to engage in career?

I have also thought about this problem.

The only answer is: make a living first, then love.Don’t give up your work for marriage, for love.In order not to be abandoned by the times in the future, in order to be abandoned by marriage in the future, we will not be embarrassed. In order to meet love again in the future, we can choose generously. Then, from the moment we enter the societyEasily compromised, and rushed forward non -stop.

Facing Lin Yuxiang’s sincere proposal, Jin Lu said that she was afraid of marriage. Today you care about me, you are dissatisfied with me, I will control you tomorrow, and I am dissatisfied with you.She doesn’t like this relationship that consumes each other.

It took her 3 years to walk out of the previous marriage. It took 3 years to find herself, her career, and reached this position today.

This is a woman who has been injured in marriage.

Lin Yuxiang once comforted Jin Lu: Don’t bring your perception of the previous marriage to the second relationship.

A memory of scars is painful.Sometimes, the emotion uses its most sharp side to touch our softest side. The pain is doubled, bloody, and difficult to come again.

Which woman can refuse to be loved and responsible, as if a woman can refuse to get a thoughtful and excellent man like Lin Yuxiang.

The appearance of Lin Yuxiang made Jin Lu start to believe in love slowly. It turned out that there were men in the world who were willing to compromise and paid for you.

But she was still very careful that she didn’t dare to walk into her marriage again, so she became a person who never actively expressed love, and became a person who stood on the edge of love countless times to test him.

I used to see a interview with Qin Hao. When he told his parents that he had to be with Yi Nengjing at the time, his mother said such a thing: you have experienced a marriage.If she is together, if I fail again, what do you think of people?It hurts others.If you think about it, can you live with her for a lifetime? You have to consider this and judge.Although you can be quiet than Yi, you are a man, and you have to carry what you need to carry in a man.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuxiang did not have such a deep -minded mother to tell her these truths. On the contrary, the mother persuaded Lin Yuxiang to think deeply. After all, Jin Lu was bigger than Lin Yuxiang.Life, the burden on Lin Yuxiang’s shoulders is too heavy.

However, Lin Yuxiang’s mother’s persuasion is also a common sense.

The important thing is that Lin Yuxiang understands these truths. He knows what the second marriage means Jin Lu, and he knows how to make Jin Lu enter the difficulty of the second marriage.Therefore, in the face of her tests again and again, he had no exception to go all out and wait.

When you love someone, you will not weigh the advantages and disadvantages, you will not calculate the gains and losses, and you will not be more advantageous and bad. Your heart has made a choice in your reason.Love itself is the only answer.

Lin Yuxiang received a notice from the unit that he had to go to Hangzhou for more than half a month. In fact, Jin Lu was reluctant, but he still let Lin Yuxiang go away and showed an unwilling look.

She just doesn’t want to work and futures because of her unit Lin Yuxiang.

But shortly after Lin Yuxiang left, Jin Lu began to be uncomfortable, but his mouth was so hard that he refused to say a "miss".In the end, I thought of deceiving Lin Yuxiang with a lies of "falling", letting him anxious, and testing his importance in his heart by the way.

As a result, that night, Lin Yuxiang drove the car all night and rushed back overnight. Jin Lu, who woke up, looked at Lin Yuxiang lying beside him. At that moment, he moved over his heart.

In this world, the happiest thing is that most of them are "favored".

When you meet the right person, you once thought of the gap, as long as you lift your feet, you can easily leap.When he really met that person, he even couldn’t bear to raise your feet, and would cross that step for you.

In order to revenge the previous assistant Rachel, Rachel and Xu Huaiyuan, who was embarrassed with her, Jin Lu deliberately took the time to the exhibition for two months, and was held on the same day as Xu Huaiyuan’s painting exhibition.

To this end, Jin Lu constantly urged the old to solve the painting.

As a result, after seeing the old paintings of the old painting, the review said that it was very good, but it was a bit anxious, and at the same time, Xu Huaiyuan’s painting moved quickly.

Now, Lao Jie was crazy.In addition, Lao Jie learned that Jin Lu deliberately put his painting exhibition and Xu Huaiyuan on the same day in order to retaliate against Ray Qiu and Xu Huaiyuan, which was even more angry. Then, the two quarreled.

Lao Jie: Now in Qi Lao’s eyes, my paintings can’t keep up with a Xu Huaiyuan. I would rather not want this exhibition. If you do this, you are destroying me.After so many years, why are you still like this? In order to achieve your purpose, you can sacrifice everything else, how can you always be so selfish.

At this time, in Jin Lu’s eyes, it was right to do this.Xu Huaiyuan bullied himself like this, what happened to revenge?

Two people, you said in a word, you do n’t give up, it is fierce.

In fact, both Jin Lu and Lao Jie are selfish people, who are the kind of people who are unwilling to compromise for their own wishes.How can two selfish people live for a long time?

Even if the two hedgehogs full of thorns, if you want to live a whole winter, you need to cut off half of the thorns on your body.

What life needs is gentle, and we need to be treated gentle.

During the exhibition, Jin Lu was pried by Xu Huaiyuan. Jin Lu ran to the scene to go to the scene to disassemble and remove it. After Lin Yuxiang knew the situation, he immediately rushed to the scene and helped Jin Lu set up the scene.Essence

On the morning of the exhibition, Lao Jie felt that the distance between a painting and a painting was too close. Is it rebate that Jin Lu was selling compete?And asked Jin Lu to immediately dismantle and reorganize.

It will be carried out in the afternoon. Where can Jin Lu go to find someone?

In the face of the old solution, the old solution did not understand and reprimand, Jin Lu embarrassed that tears rotated in his eyes. At that moment, I suddenly felt that "how is a woman doing a career, it’s so difficult?"

Jin Lu thought of Lin Yuxiang, but she thought that she had put Lin Yuxiang’s pigeon yesterday and had not explained it, but for the exhibition, Jin Lu still had to call Lin Yuxiang.

Lin Yuxiang asked on the phone: Lulu, will you think of me when you have something?

Jin Lu thought that he was no longer playing, Lin Yuxiang must still be angry and not here.

What could not think of Jin Lu was that, within a few minutes, Lin Yuxiang rushed to the exhibition site. Seeing Jin Lu’s first sentence was: Quickly sit there to rest. Is this what a pregnant woman should do?

Jin Lu was full of shame and happiness. For the first time, she returned to the little woman and sat beside him obediently to watch Lin Yuxiang work.

After busy the exhibition, Jin Lu said that Lin Yuxiang was about to settle the account. After all, she lost trust in him again and again.

But Lin Yuxiang did not complain, but just said that Jin Lu had lost his trust in the three places again and again, causing his heart to hurt his heart and disturbed.What he wants is that the two are good, so that he can protect her well.

I think Lin Yuxiang is a gentle man.The real gentleness is that he knows how to care for her and keeps her from hurting.A gentle person must have a very powerful inner.Because he dares to treat others so softly, because he will not be harmed, he knows that he is valuable. Only with a strong inner inner, he dares to be gentle.

Lin Yuxiang is such a man.

I used to be unhappy, because Lin Yuxiang said, "Do you know, I want you" and resolve it. Jin Lu leaned peacefully on his shoulder, and he accompanied her to successfully finish the whole painting exhibition.

I wrote here, I remembered the lyrics "Those you are very adventurous, I accompany you to go crazy", this is probably the best interpretation of love.

Someone will always appear and become the belonging of your life. He will tell you with actual actions, here, don’t be afraid, I will always be with you, no matter what happens!

Author: Zhang Xiaowen, I hope you and I will meet together in the warm and comfortable text, and grow together!

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