"She calls me baby!" The post -90s guy spent 80,000 online dating, and came to Liu Ben to know that "girlfriend" had been a grandmother

Do you fall in love?

You can only chat online, you can’t meet

Do you have to lie to your money


"I don’t want to get in, but she told me a baby!"

A "unforgettable" love

From acquaintance to love, she never showed up

But took away more than 80,000 yuan

"Play Essence" Woman to decorate two corners

Freedom switching and fraud, after the shadow

Do you think it’s a sweet love coming

In fact, it is a scam in the "sugar coat"


Chen reported to the police that the case said

Being cheated and marrying and cheating

The other person’s identity is surprising-

Falling in an online dating trap Men was deceived more than 80,000 yuan

Chen added a WeChat friend named "Dukeng" in "Jinchengjiang’s Best Single Fate Chat Group". The other party called Qin Xiao in 1993 and worked at a logistics company in Jinchengjiang."I usually work very busy, and I am not young. I want to solve my life events through dating groups." The two of them talked in WeChat. The victim Chen saw that WeChat avatar was a beautiful woman and deeply liked Qin Xiao.People "like glue" are tired for a year, and have reached the point of talking about marriage.

Period of communication

"Qin Xiao girlfriend" instructs how to pass flowers,

Gift gifts and other methods to please girls’ love for girls

At the same time, Chen who is deeply trapped in "Love River"

Under the hint of Qin Xiao, transferred to the other party one after another

A total of more than 80,000 yuan was planned before and after

Chen has always been looking forward to his girlfriend, but Qin Xiaogu pushed away for various reasons, and he did not reveal the true face of Lushan.

When I was uncomfortable, Chen had booked flowers through the Meituan, and sent it to a community in Liuzhou according to the address given by the "girlfriend". After the signing of the gift was displayed, Chen knew that love had been delivered, and his heart was beautiful.Soon, Chen decided not to tell the other party to Liuzhou directly to create a century encounter with the "Titanic". I did not expect that no "girlfriend" had seen the old man.

"Yes, this address is my family. It is a female relative who told me to collect flowers, but she is not surnamed Qin, surname Lin. Brother, are you wrong?"

After hearing this, Chen’s brain wanted to bomb, and he decided that he "began in love and was finally deceived."

"Girlfriend" is over 50 years old and has become a grandmother

The anger Chen chose to call the police, and the police quickly arrested "Qin Xiao".

According to "Qin Xiao", he was called Lin Mouxian. He is currently 50 years old. He has a daughter and a daughter. His daughter has married and has been a grandmother for more than a year.

Occasionally, she was pulled into the "Jinchengjiang Best Single Fate Chat Group". The group mostly talked about love and love, and the spouse chose a spouse and other similar "If You Are the One" program bridge. Soon, Chen took the initiative to add him as a friend.

After winning Chen’s trust

She has a pseudonym "Qin Xiao" to buy jewelry,

Help parents pay for hospitalization fees and other reasons for various reasons

Frequent reach out to it

Unexpectedly, Chen Mou was dead

Really come to the door

As a result

Currently, the suspect Lin Mouxian

It has been criminally detained by the police for suspected fraud

Lin Mou’s family has raised funds to compensate the victim, Chen Mou lost

Although economic losses have been compensated

But the crushing of love bubble

Become a "sad Pacific" forever in his life

Editor’s reminder

Be sure to check the identity of the other party seriously on the Internet

Be wary to spend a lot of time on the Internet and ask warmth on the Internet

But make excuses not to meet you "interaction objects"

Properly keep your personal information

Do not transfer remittances to strange accounts

Transfer from | Jinchengjiang Public Security

Source: South China Journal

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