"Snoring" cannot be underestimated, the crisis hidden behind "snoring"

After you have a full wine, there will be a rising breath in your belly to rush into the throat, and a "uh" sound is made.An experience that everyone has experienced a "snoring".

After eating, the qi hiccups after drinking quickly, and the qi after drinking drinks.So someone would ask, how does "snoring" produce?Through human anatomy, we find that the secret of snoring is a diaphragm in the human body -the diaphragm muscle (divided the trunk into two parts of the chest and abdomen cavity).Excessive heat, too cold, etc. can cause diaphragmic spasm, causing the rapidly inhaled air to make the sound of the sudden narrowing door (the cracks in the two vocal cords in the throat).It cannot be controlled by the supervisor, the sound is short, and it can occur once or many times. Most of them appear during the day and stop sleeping at night.

If this is now a healthy person, it belongs to a normal physiological reaction, which is beneficial to exclude the air that enters the gastrointestinal tract and can reduce the symptoms of stomach and abdomen.And with the excretion of air in the gastrointestinal, snoring will stop naturally, so it does not need to control it for most people.The "snoring" caused by hot and cold air stimulation should be relatively troublesome. After adapting to the temperature or taking some simple treatment methods, such as drinking cup of hot water, it will gradually eliminate it after pressing the acupoints such as Hegu and Neiguan.

There are also a few people who are endlessly snoring. They are less than a few minutes, as many as a few days, or even for several months, for several years, and the stubborn hiccups of medicine.This situation should be paid attention to. The health crisis is often hidden behind this kind of sound, which is likely to be a siren of a disease.So, what are the common diseases and hiccups?

When hiccups last more than 12 hours, especially those with symptoms such as fever, pain, shortness of qi, etc., you must seek medical treatment in time, because you are likely to be stared at by the following diseases: 1. Stroke snoring.Medical experts have found that strokes that occur in the rear brain are likely to cause stubborn hiccups. This disease is more common in women.If the snoring is accompanied by symptoms such as numbness, chest pain, and blurred vision, it should be suspected that it is a precursor of a stroke.2. Nervous injury hiccup.Nervous injury can also cause hiccups, which is likely to be related to temporary or permanent vagus nerve injuries, including tumors, trauma or other factors caused by wraties in the neck, throat, chest, and abdomen.Continuously.3. Stomach esophageal reflux hiccup.Excessive stomach acid, causing a large amount of gases in the stomach and stomach of the stomach, which stimulates the diaphragm. Therefore, when you are hard to stop yourself and are accompanied by a burning sensation of heart burning or throat, you can consult a digestive doctor.When the flow is cured, the sound insulation will disappear.4. The renal function becomes poor.Some patients with renal failure always have frequent symptoms of snoring before starting dialysis, and the symptoms of renal dialysis gradually disappear after the renal dialysis.The original commission is that after the renal function is poor, the harmful objects in the body are left in the blood due to the obstruction of the excretion. After accumulating it, it will stimulate the fans to the nerves, cause diaphragmic spasm, and frequent snoring phenomena.5. Cancer snoring.Cancer related to snoring is more common in esophageal cancer and cardia cancer. There are two characteristics: one is that snoring will not appear because of too much or too much, and the sound of hiccups is repeated and frequent.Unhappy, dry, tight or painful infarction, as if something can never be swallowed forever. When swallowing harder food, it feels like "咚" directly falls into the stomach, especially when drinking hot water or cold drinks is more sensitive to more sensitive when drinking hot water or cold drinks.Essence6. Tumor hiccup.It is reported that tumors in the brain can also cause "snoring".7. Pregnancy hiccup.Women of childbearing age, if frequent snoring occurs one day, and can’t find other reasons, you may wish to look at the obstetrics and gynecologists, maybe you have "joy".The possible reason is that the hormone level and the changes in heart pressure in the body after pregnancy, causing anxiety and snoring; or the increase in gastric acid due to early pregnancy, which can also cause snoring.

Hicccurning is a normal physiological phenomenon. Be careful when a little snoring occurs at all. Perhaps the body is proposing a "warning" like you, so you must be vigilant about the abnormal phenomenon of the body in order to detect the disease early and treat symptomatic treatment.Stay tuned for "Qi Bo Xiaosi Museum"

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