"Thank you" for thirty -six years late

"This is really a coincidence in the underworld."

Xie Xiang has always treasured the stool written to her 36 years ago.Although the paper has been yellowed, one of the diagnostic opinions of Dr. Lianlijuan, one of which is referred to:

"This kind of hypoxia causes the chance of deformity about 10%, and the fetus is worth insurance …"

Because of "worthy of insurance", the life of his son yak continues.Now 36 years old, he also has his own child.

In December last year, Zhou Zhichun died unfortunately.In my heartache, Xie Xiang once thought that this "very personal" story may end.However, because the fate always comes suddenly at an unexpected moment.

One day in March this year, Xie Xiang received a "Concord Courtyard" sent by his friend and proseman Han Xiaoyu.It was this book that made Xie Xiang and "Big Medicine" Lian Lijuan again.

"The coincidence I am talking about is only because of these hearts and serious people I have encountered …" Xie Xiang, who has been a reporter for more than 40 years, has retired for 7 years and still maintains the sharpness of journalists.She said that the reason why she was firmly looked is because she wanted to add a footnote to this story.

Thanks for grace

The story of Xie Xiang’s life inheritance also starts from 36 years ago.

In August 1987, a reporter from China Youth Daily Xie Xiang went to Tibet to interview with the Capital Women’s Record Association.Unexpectedly, when he arrived in Shannan Ze in mid -August, Xie Xiang’s body had a condition -heart palpitations and cold, and the stomach turned over the sea.Is it a plateau reaction?"Don’t! I have been interviewed in Tibet for half a month with the group."

Xie Xiang quickly ran to the local hospital for examination. The results of the pregnancy test showed positive.

This information made Xie Xiang’s heart scare that he would "pass through, pass through"."There was only one idea at that time -return to Beijing quickly."

After returning to Beijing, Xie Xiang went to many hospitals to check, and the opinions obtained were not optimistic.The doctors are almost unique and recommend that "do the fetus as soon as possible."

"Early pregnancy is the critical period of children’s brain organs. If pregnant women suddenly reach hypoxia -hypoal -plateau regions from low altitude areas at this time, the fetus is generally either malformed or congenital heart disease, and our colleagues have happened.. "A doctor who participated in the Tibetan medical team said.She directly wrote the diagnosis of "informing the teratogenic possible" directly on Xie Xiang’s medical records, and issued an artificial abortion surgery list.

"The birth of life is a process of experience happiness, but for me, it is a heavy shadow." At that time, Xie Xiang was 33 years old. He had encountered unexpected abortion on the train before, causing the fetus to die due to power outages.The third little life seems to be uncertain …

"Is it possible to make my life destined not to be a mother in my life?!"

Xie Xiang, who was as chaotic and helpless, asked his friend Zhou Zhichun for help.Zhou Zhichun is the nephew and grandson of Lin Qiaozi, a well -known gynecological expert in China. He found Lianlijuan, a assistant to Lin Qiaoyi’s assistant and the director of the then Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

"I have never seen a doctor and I have not seen it directly. All her opinions were transferred through Zhou Zhichun." At that time, Zhou Zhichun was the leader of the night shift of the Chinese Youth Daily’s editor -in -chief.Xie Xiang, who was left to work in white, including the doctor’s instructions to ensure that the child was foolproof, so that Xie Xiang was hospitalized in advance to be hospitalized.

At 5 pm on April 8, 1988, Xie Xiang’s son was born safely at the Union Hospital.Interestingly, the moment the son was caught from her belly, she sprinkled a lot of urine.In the operating room, the doctor said while patting the child’s ass and said to Xie Xiang, "Look, this child is good!"

Finally, Xie Xiang was so relieved all day.During pregnancy, I experienced various tests such as fetal hip positions and umbilical cord around the neck. Xie Xiang, who did not dare to hold any hope, did not dare to give the child a name in advance or prepare any clothes for the child.After his son was born, Xie Xiang used a temporary replacement name- "Xie Di", that is, thanks.

"I can’t remember it at all"

Xie Xiang was grateful for Zhou Zhichun and the doctor, and respected them to "protect the god of life" for herself.

"It’s not that I don’t want to, but it is absolutely unable to pass on Zhou Zhichun." In March 1996, Xie Xiang went to Malaysia with the Chinese news delegation as an observer to observe the Eastern Union Follower to change the election.Give friends from the country.When she gave a paper knife to Zhou Zhichun, he was declined and "ironic": "Xie Xiang, when do you learn this set!"

"I really get angry with me." Xie Xiang, who is talking about the "Wuhan man", has since interrupted the thoughts of Dr. Xie Lian, who has since interrupted the "Wuhan man", and only silently missed these good people in his heart.

Always remember, there will be reverberations.One day in March, after Xie Xiang received the book "The Concord Courtyard" of Han Xiaoyu, he couldn’t wait to pick the lights at night that night.Building 28 on the east side of the Union Courtyard is where the Zhou Zhichun family and her aunt Lin Qiaoyi live together. Even Dr. Li Juan had lived in the Union Courtyard.

"There is a mysterious power in the underworld" aroused Xie Xiang’s deep memory.Early the next morning, she told Han Xiaoyu about the intersection of Dr. Lian and herself.Soon, Han Xiaoyu brought such news from an expert with a surname of Pan from Xiehe Hospital: Dr. Lian Lianjuan, who is 98 years old, is still in physical condition.Essence

"Even the doctor is still alive! Then I will do everything possible to find her, and express her gratitude for 36 years in person!" The unexpected good news made Xie Xiang excited.

For more than 40 years walking south, Xie Xiang has always become popular.In March, Beijing was still cold, and the cold wind was painful. On the morning of March 21, she made a special trip to the medical case room of Xiehe Hospital to copy all the records of her son’s birth records and the small footprints left.When the registered certificate of the Union Hospital and the previous reporter’s certificate, put it in the backpack together.Early the next morning, she wore a coat, wrapped her scarf, and went straight to the residence of the doctor.

I went there, but the result was unexpectedly smooth.At the door of the pension apartment where the doctor lived, the enthusiastic security guy helped, and quickly invited the Dr. Lian.

In front of him, there was a silver hair with a black stick and a small purple bag with a small silver hair with a simple dress, which was much "thin" than Xie Xiang’s imagination.

Xie Xiang asked the old man to sit down on the guest sofa, eloquently introduced himself, and talked about the past 36 years ago. He didn’t worry about whether the nearly 100 -year -old old man’s thinking could keep up.

The doctor didn’t know the "uninvited guest" in front of him, but his eyes were soft.After listening to Xie Xiang said that her son might be "aborted" at the time, she said, "Why did the fetus going to Tibet must be a congenital heart disease or deformity? There is no data to prove this! We are right! We are right for this! We are right!Any new life must be respected and loved, and you can’t give up easily. "Although she didn’t remember what happened at all, her words were the same as Xie Xiang who told Xie Xiang 36 years ago.She also emphasized: "This is what Dr. Lin Qiaozhi said, she always educated us like this."

After graduating from Hunan Xiangya Medical College in Hunan in 1950, Lianli Juan has been working at the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Union Hospital. He has followed Professor Lin Qiaori for 33 years and served as the director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Xiehe Hospital for 15 years.

As the first female academician of the first Chinese obstetrics and gynecology department and the first batch of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (formerly known as the Ministry of Academic Division), Lin Qiaozi is "a duty doctor in a lifetime".At 8 o’clock every morning, she is always thunderous. She must go into the ward to turn around to fully understand the patient’s situation.Not only does she look at the expert number, as long as she takes the clinic, she always wants to watch all the patients registered that day.If she sees the painful expression, she will definitely let go of the matter in her hand directly.Sometimes the nurse reminded her that there was a "special patient" agreed in the clinic, and Dr. Lin always answered seriously, "The serious condition is really special."

"I am under her guidance, cultivation and help in the study, growth and maturity of obstetrics and gynecology." Lian Lijuan grew up under the influence of the teacher Lin Qiaozi, inheriting Dr. Lin’s noble medical ethics and superb medical skills.

"I can’t remember, I can’t remember it at all." Facing Xie Xiang’s memories, even the doctor whispered lightly.

"I have sufficient evidence here!" Xie Xiang showed out the prepared historical information to show the doctor.She took out the letter written by Zhou Zhichun, "You see, you also said that he should be hospitalized early and not to" loses Jingzhou "!" Xie Xiang, 68, was excited like a child in front of the 98 -year -old doctor.

The doctor listened, showing a faint smile on his face.

The nursing home stipulates that the guests are only half an hour each time, and even the doctor will abide by the time.During the farewell, the doctor proposed: "Can you leave me the picture of your son’s little footprint?"

Thanksgiving party for the four generations

After really entering the doctor, Xie Xiang found that he was "very close to her heart and very close to each other."

The first half -hour visibility, they talked a lot.Dr. Lian talked about her husband who lived with her for more than 70 years died at the end of last year, but she felt that "he is better to go first, because his ability to take care of himself is not too strong, and he needs people to take care of it."Even the doctor of the doctor work and live abroad, and every Monday will call a video call in a fixed time.She also talked about her life in the nursing home: everything in the house is all available. So far, everything she does is to do it by herself; the nursing homes are rich in activities, and they have arranged handmade lessons such as beads.She was used to the scene on time and did not like late to leave early.She also talked about those colleagues who still care about her, asking her warmth, sending medicine to the door …

April 8th was the birthday of Xie Xiang’s son. She decided to bring her family to visit the Lieutenant Doctor again.

In the early morning of this day, Xie Xiang sent a text message to the doctor, "Report" he will bring his son and grandson to see her at 3 pm.Even the doctor was very happy, and did not sleep after noon. He went to the second floor of the event hall for the Xie Xiang family half an hour in advance.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Xie Xiang took her husband, son, daughter -in -law, grandson, holding flowers, holding cakes, and lively in front of the doctor.This time, the doctor’s eyes were completely attracted by the yak and his 7 -year -old son potato.The old man always smiled, and his eyes were all kindly loving.

Xie Xiang accompanied Dr. Lian to see the photos on the scales when the yak was born 35 years ago, and the notes he wrote.Tudou also came together, opened his eyes on his side, and looked at the doctor, and ran to the piano in the hall for the piano, and presented a "C major sonar" that had just learned.

In the group photo, the doctor with a pale hair was surrounded by the Xie Xiang family in the center.

"This photo is a group photo of the four generations! We are not a family, but they are better than a family. Without your help, there will be no continuity of our family’s bloodline and today’s happiness!" Xie Xiang said to the doctor for many yearsThanks in my heart.


Finding the savior of his son 36 years ago, he felt the ritual and thanked him.This is something that ordinary people have the heart but not necessarily do.I am impressed by the kind of conscience of Xie Xiangxiang and gratitude, and the professional spirit of investigating reporters.

But what makes me even more admirable: Xie Xiang feels unforgettable and difficult to return. In the "big doctor", even the doctor was light and light. "I can’t remember."How much did Dr. Lian Lijuan did not remember in his life, but he couldn’t remember but let the patient remember his life for a lifetime?How many children have saved children, how many women have become the desire of their mother, and how many families have completed the relay of life continuity?Such a century old man, she must have a lot of stories, she must have a lot of wisdom.

Honestly, I especially wanted to interview a doctor, and I made a lot of efforts, including asking Xie Xiang to help recommend it. I asked the Xiehe Hospital Office to help, but failed to achieve it. Dr. Lian Lijuan declined the interview."Lian Dr. is a very low -key and humble person. She is not used to being concerned about." Xie Xiang understood the response of Dr. Lian.

For an old man who is nearly a hundred years old, we certainly respect her choice.After all, not all beautiful, we are all fortunate to record.

Perhaps, even the doctor wanted to say, and said in the WeChat sent by her and Xie Xiang, "You came yesterday, really excited me, more than 30 years ago, remember me, and found me and found me. I should do a little work to achieve a happy family! It also has a happy experience of the value of my labor. Thank you. "(Reporter Ji Ling)

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

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