"The Restau" Fanwai 48: Home has a good pregnancy

Recently, Xiao Du can obviously feel that Gu Wei’s mood is particularly good, not only for him, but the recent working environment of those intern who is afraid to avoid Gu Wei, who usually avoids it.

In response to this kind of difficult situation, many people came to inquire with Xiao Du, but Xiaolingtong in the usual day was also confused.

Of course, Gu Wei’s emotions fluctuate so of course only the little wife in the family.

Three years after their marriage, Lin Zhi’s school successfully had babies.

And this was not the first time Lin Zhi was noticed, it was Gu Wei.

Lin Zhi’s school had a little problem in the body before, but in Gu Wei in these years, her work and rest and diet have been adjusted very healthy. Her menstrual period is also very regular.

So when Gu Wei reminded her one day, Lin Zhi’s school reacted.She didn’t think of the possibility of pregnancy for the first time, and Gu Wei was even more sensitive to her body.

When Gu Wei whispered his doubt in her ear, she widened her eyes and looked at Gu Wei unbelievably. Instead, Gu Wei was very calm.

Since entering the bathroom, Gu Wei has been sitting on the bed, staring at the door of the bathroom.With a "click", Lin Zhi’s school came out of it, holding the pregnancy test stick in his hand, walked in front of Gu Wei, and handed it to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei took over and looked at the line displayed above.Lin Zhi’s school looked at him with no expression, and stood up suddenly from the bed, bypassing Lin’s school, seemed to go out.Lin Zhi’s school is unknown, so he shouted later: "Gu Wei, where are you going?"

Gu Wei didn’t answer her, and he opened the door, and he went out.

Lin Zhi’s correction planned to follow, and he heard a hurry outside, and was Ms. Li.Ms. Li ran to her daughter for a while. It might be too anxious, and Ms. Li came over barefoot.

Lin Zh School was busy greeted Ms. Li to sit down, and Gu Wei, who followed, was carrying a pair of slippers in his hand.Then Gu Wei calmly put his slippers under Ms. Li’s feet, and then sat down on the sofa next to him.

It can be seen that Ms. Li was very excited. She asked Lin’s school if she felt anything and was uncomfortable.Lin Zhi’s school had to answer helplessly: "Mom, it’s not sure yet, and I don’t feel at all, I know a few minutes earlier than you."

Ms. Li worked hard to calm her emotions, and then told Lin Zhi’s school. Do not tell Gu Wei’s parents first. If you are sure to say it tomorrow, you are afraid of misdiagnosis and make your relatives happy.

Then I told Lin Zhizheng to pay attention to a lot of attention, and then hurried home.Lin Zh school thinks that fucking can’t sleep at night, no need to see that she must think of what she wants to prepare at home!

Gu Wei was going to work on the next day, and Lin Zhi’s school did not want Gu Wei to accompany him. At that time, the dynamic and static must not be small, so he asked Ms. Li to accompany herself to check.Of course, this test is just to find a peace of mind, and basically there will be no error.After the inspection process was smooth, after the results of the inspection came out, Ms. Li immediately called Gu Wei’s parents. Lin Zhiba looked at Ms. Li with a smile on the opposite side of the phone and couldn’t help laughing.

She touched her lower abdomen gently. She didn’t know what it felt like at this time. She had no feeling except others told.She took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Gu Wei: "Congratulations, Dr. Gu."

Gu Wei only returned: "Thank you, Lin’s school."

Gu Wei himself didn’t know how it was spent today. He thought that there was no surgery today, otherwise he might have to worry about whether there would be a medical accident.After receiving the news of Lin Zhi’s school, although there was no response on his face, he couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips, and the cheerful pace when he walked, showing Gu Wei’s joy.Today, he was rare to get off work without any delay. He rushed to his home for the first time.

Going home, Ms. Li was only busy in the kitchen, and the scent of food was filled with food.Gu Wei said: "Mom, what about the school?"

Ms. Li pointed at the bedroom, Gu Wei opened the door carefully, for fear of waking her up.

Who knew that as soon as he opened the door, Lin Zhi’s school shouted "Gu Wei".

Gu Wei walked to the bed quickly, squatted down, and touched the soft hair of the school. "Did you awaken you?"

Lin Zh school replied, "No, I have no sleepiness, that is, Ms. Li has to let me lie down."

Lin Zhi’s school followed: "Gu Wei, are you happy?"

Gu Wei Wen Wen replied: "School, I’m very happy."

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