"The sophomore in the first school found that she was pregnant, what should I do?" Girl, who is your youth?

Seeing this for help, is there a scene in movies such as "Hurry That Year", "To Youth", "You of the same table" in front of your eyes: Girls in the flower season, should have studied well in college and enjoy the purity of the campus.At this moment, I looked at my slightly bulging belly, and silently shed tears …

Unfortunately, life is not a movie. No matter how hard it is, it can end with the sound of the ending song in 1 hour and 56 minutes.The fact that pregnancy will not disappear, and it is there in the stomach.Girls who are only a sophomore in the beginning of school have childishness on their faces, but their ideas have been chaotic: what should I do?

The girl is Liao Siqi. She is a 2012 student at the School of Journalism of Renmin University of China.

In June of that year, at the graduation season of the People’s Congress, she and her husband who were alumni of the National People’s Congress took her 1 -year -old son to take a group of graduation photos.These photos have caused a lot of sensation in society by media reports.

Looking at the photos, all three were wearing bachelor’s uniforms. Various swings in front of the iconic buildings at the entrance of the National People’s Congress and the school. The family of three was happy and the state was really beautiful.And this girl completed several major events such as marriage, childbirth, and children as soon as she graduated. It seems that she is a "winner of life".

Speaking of which, Siqi sister was my school girl, so at the time, she deliberately left more when she saw the report.To this day, some details she revealed in the interview still impressed me: they got married, had children, and had always been kept confidential until the graduation ceremony was made public; in order to bring the children, she and her husband rented a house outside school to live.In order to take care of the children’s convenience, the two people spent a lot of thoughts when choosing a course in order to be able to stagger the time; almost they "dedicated" the children outside of the study, so there was almost no intersection with the classmates except for class …

I have raised a child by myself, and I know it is not easy to raise a child.Both are only 20 years old. They are still a child. They also have to learn about learning, examinations and graduation thesis while learning to be parents and take care of such small children.EssenceHowever, seeing the group photo of their family at the graduation ceremony, I felt that the ending was pretty good.

Did she know the following questions:

1. Who is the child’s father?

2. To what extent is it now?Are you willing to spend your life with him?

3. What are your plans to this child?

4. What do you need to pay in this plan?Do you really think clearly and be able to withstand it?

What I am most afraid of is that this girl is stupid and afraid of her parents scolding, so I recklessly to make a decision alone, and even an impulse, learn in a small clinic, secretly touched the child, and everything happened when everything did not happen.Pass.

Family people are always the one who loves you most, and parents will always be your strongest backing.Don’t hide this, let alone conceal them.Communicate frankly with parents.Parents are the people who really consider for you.

After the family reaches a consensus, consider whether to let the other party intervene and how to face the next thing.

It’s really difficult to face the wrong error.But there is no way, this is reality.The way to solve the problem is not easy to go, it will be tired, it will hurt, it will even be injured, there are blood stains, leaving marks in the rest of my life.

But as long as they come over, they are all growing.

This girl, I am extremely sure: she will definitely get some growth from this matter.

When interacting with the opposite sex, you must know your responsibilities.Some things, understand the consequences of the matter, don’t try it easily.

Your body, like your life, must be dominated by yourself.Please protect it, cherish it, and defend it.

The best education for daughter is the bottom line education.

I am a national second -level psychological counselor and a mother of a boy and a girl. Pay attention to the child’s health, and pay more attention to the child’s mental growth.I believe that parents need lifelong learning and continuous cultivation.Welcome to follow me, thank you!

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