"What about pregnancy, I won’t marry." After listening to the conditions before the marriage of the prospective mother -in -law, the girl broke up domineering

Marriage is sacred. For women, marriage is a lifelong event. What kind of lover you choose is destined to have what he will have in the second half of his life. Most women will see marriage very important, and they will pay special attention to marriage.The details of the mother -in -law and the attitude of her mother -in -law.

As Lu Qi said: "You are not married to a person, but all the social relationships of this person. So what kind of marriage you will marry a family will you marry."

Although most women fantasize about two people after becoming a legal husband and wife, they can stand up and live together for a lifetime. Even if they eat rough tea together, they can taste a happy taste because of love, but in fact, you will find that he and you will be with you after getting married.The fantasy is different.

The reality is that there are too many trivial things in marriage, the crushed life of chickens, and the taste of bitterness and bitterness. A little thing may cause contradictions between the two of you, and it is not easy to enter the marriage.

Speaking of entering marriage, we will consider the opinions of our parents, and when we discuss some matters of the wedding, the opinions and practices of parents also play a decisive role.If a parent of one party is thinking about how to occupy each other’s cheap before marriage, then even if the two people are married, they will not be happy after marriage. Therefore, before marriage, the consideration of men’s character and male parents is also very important.

I wrote this article because I heard the personal experience of a reader friend and felt very touched.

Fang Hong and Junhao originally intended to get married in the second half of the year, but now they have proposed to break up. The reason why she broke up was because she could not accept the ideas of the prospective mother -in -law.

She has been in love with Junhao for two years.

When Fang Hong just graduated from college, he came to work in the current company and paid lunch with his colleagues to patronize Junhao’s shop. Because Junhao’s craftsmanship is really good, colleagues especially like to eat in his store.Hong and Junhao became familiar.Activities are often inaccurate. Sometimes fate comes, and your love is blocked.

Junhao is three years old and has run a small restaurant for more than two years. The business is not bad.They originally had no intersection, but one day, Fang Hong put an important document of a company in his shop. Later, Junhao took the initiative to help her return, and added WeChat.

Fang Hong originally had a boyfriend, but it was just a different place. The two often quarreled because of some small things. Perhaps because they couldn’t accompany each other. In the end, her boyfriend proposed to break up. At that time, Fang Hong was very sad.Spirit.

Junhao saw Fang Hong’s unhappy, so when she came to lunch, she specially changed her tricks to cook her, coaxing her happy. With this opportunity, they became friends. Later, Junhao alsoChat with her, one or two of them, the relationship slowly cultivated and became a couple.

This is called in love: take advantage of it.

In fact, Junhao fell in love with Fang Hong early in the morning. Fang Hong was good -looking and his figure. Now that he has the opportunity, he shows himself very hard.

Junhao’s opponent is particularly intimate. Every morning he will wait for her to give her love breakfast at the door of her company. When Fang Hong goes to eat at noon every day, Junhao will add extra meals to her, prepare surprises in the festival to satisfy FangAfter all the expectations of love, Fang Hong was immersed in this love that he couldn’t extricate himself. After fantasizing and Junhao, he returned to his hometown with Junhao.

It stands to reason that the two of them are not well matched, and even colleagues ridiculed Fang Hong "who likes who likes, likes a small restaurant", but Fang Hong just likes it.Some girls pay attention to love and do not care about external conditions. For them, "drinking water is full" is more important than anything.

Back to his hometown, Fang Hong knew that Junhao’s father had died. He had two sisters on him, which was the youngest. His mother was very old and she had a little feudal.When I found that I didn’t want to see her very much, Junhao was still a little mom.But Junhao didn’t let her think about it, and said, "My mother is like this, don’t you care too much, how can you have a child or mother? And, if you have me in the future, I will take care of you!"

In the end, Junhao’s mother did not say that she did not agree with the relationship between the two. After they returned to the city, their feelings were still painted.After more than a year, Fang Hong was unwilling to return to the rental house because she was awkward with her roommate, so she went to Junhao to live.

At the beginning, Fang Hong was still very reserved, fearing that it would be troublesome to Junhao, and worried that he would have other thoughts, but after two days of living, she found that Junhao was "honest".Junhao’s shop was closed late. When he returned, Fang Hong was basically sleeping, and she got up in the morning to go to work. Junhao also left because Fang Hong simply lived here.Come down.

Occasionally, Junhao went out to meet with friends, drank too much, and went home into Fang Hong’s room. At that time, Fang Hong was startled. She instinctively wanted to refuse, but Junhao took her actively.She also talked to her a lot of sweet words, and the two were sleeping together in half. Since then, they live in the same room because of their habits.

As a couple living together, even if it was two rooms because of reserved, most of them happened later.Some people have done protective measures, and they are afraid of the so -called "accidents".

Not long after, Fang Hong was still pregnant.

Seeing that the two had reached the age of marriage and marriage, Fang Hong thought about arranging Junhao to see his parents.Don’t look at Junhao’s family conditions, he only opened a small restaurant himself, but because of his good vision in his early years, he was already a house and a car family.This also adds a lot of points to Junhao.Fang Hong’s parents were very satisfied with the current situation of Junhao who had a car and a house, and agreed to the marriage of the two.

However, the problem lies with Junhao’s mother. After learning that Fang Hong was pregnant, she said that Fang Hong was unacceptable: "First, Fang Hong must have a son in the future. If she can’t hold her grandson, she will not hold her grandson, she, sheIt will be very angry and do not have a wedding; although the second Junhao has opened the store, he can only cook for guests, but he cannot cook for Fang Hong. The man should not bear housework; third, she is old.Will bring them their children. If Fang Hong will let Fang Hong’s mother help look at it after giving birth, you can’t ask a nanny. "

Although the two have been together for more than two years, the relationship has always been good, and Junhao’s conditions are indeed okay, but Fang Hong made a decision after hearing it: "Even if you are pregnant, I don’t marry you like this.People. "

Originally thought that Fang Hong was angry, Junhao would keep her. Without thinking, Junhao said nothing, so he defaulted his mother’s condition. Fang Hong felt that there was nothing worth nostalgic, so he divided it.

What is Fang Hong who is fortunate?

Fortunately, the mother -in -law would be accurate before marriage.Even if the mother -in -law is not reasonable, it ’s okay. In addition to Junhao, she ca n’t make it clear.What’s wrong with pregnancy, the breakup is still a breakup, and Fang Hong still has the courage to stop the loss in time.

When encountering Fang Hong, there will be some girls in her life, just like her. There are too many unclear men and parents who want to take advantage of the woman because the woman is pregnant. She also gives the other party.People, most girls will refuse directly, rather than marrying would not marry.

However, this can not avoid the harm that this love brings to themselves. Now young people are not considered enough, so it is easy to be stunned by love. After not fully understand each other, the brain is hot, and it is confused.Or half a push and half, do the wrong things, this is possible.

Although many girls feel that they are not stupid and will not suffer, but a mountain is higher than that of a mountain. If there is no possibility of 100 % with the other party, don’t completely trust each other.There is only one time in life, and the wrong choice has caused the trajectory of life in the future, so it can be imagined by this loss.

Therefore, in love, no matter how much you like each other, you must leave a little love for yourself. You must calm down, do not give the consequences, or give yourself freely.People, stop loss in time, don’t let it be a painful lesson.

I want to wake up the girls: In fact, there is no real "accident" pregnancy, only "laziness".If you really don’t want to have children so fast, please take good protection measures.Since you are not ready to be a mother, you will prevent this so -called accident.Don’t listen to the love words of men. If it’s okay, if something goes wrong, it is you.

Marry a good person, and the right person can be happy in the second half of life; and marrying a bad person, the wrong person, even if you work hard in the later period, will not have too good results.Therefore, girls must open their eyes, look closely, take a little more time to consider each other, and see how their in -laws are.If you encounter a mother -in -law who does not want to see himself and calculates everywhere before marriage, you must consider clearing and not marrying. Don’t jump the fire pit because of your mind.

The happiness of a woman’s life is to be delivered to the man’s hands. It is also hidden in the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law. How is her mother -in -law’s character, which is also a consideration that girls must do before marriage.


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If you find that your mother -in -law is unreasonable before marriage, will you stop the loss in time?

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