"Will I have a beautiful baby after a cosmetic surgery?" What is the impact of cosmetic surgery on the child?

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Recently, there is a lovely pregnant mother who is not allowed to make a message and asked: After I have a facelift, will I also have a beautiful baby?

The editor finished reading for a while, and I don’t know how to answer.Opening the Internet, women with such beautiful desires are not a few!

The baby’s appearance of heredity

The appearance of the baby is mainly from the genetic genes of the parents. Parents are born with black skin, big chin, goldfish eyes, big nose, big mouth …It is small eyes, small noses, and single eyelids, so children are born like this.

Through plastic surgery, parents have changed only the tissue structure of the human body, and the local tissue is shifted or eliminated, which has a magical effect. The unsightly parents become beautiful, but the genes inside the body have not changed, so the internal genes have not been changed.The beauty of cosmetic surgery has no effect on the appearance of the baby.

But having said that, can you give birth to a child after plastic surgery?

Generally speaking, women can have children after plastic surgery, but at least half a year can be pregnant to have children, because during cosmetic surgery, it will have a bad impact on the fetus, such as hyaluronic acid, Botox and other substances.However, after pregnancy, the effects of internal filling such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, hips, and apple muscle such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, buttocks, and cushioning apple muscles are expected on the baby:

Milk "toxic" causes children to cerebral palsy

A young mother in Anhui injected breast augmentation before giving birth to a child. After that, she gave birth to her daughter and milk with her yellowing for three months. Later, her daughter was found cerebral palsy and could not walk.Her husband thought that this was caused by breast augmentation leakage, and abandoned the mother and daughter in anger.Although the child’s cerebral palsy has not been confirmed to be related to the mother’s breast augmentation, the pediatrician said that mothers who have breast augmentation surgery are best not to breastfeed their children, because the squeezing of breast filling and breast tissue may cause bad substances leakage., Endanger your baby’s health.

Mom’s hip fetal fetus is forced to abortion

After a mother in the United States enriched her hips, it caused sepsis. The hip filling caused the hip tissue to ulcerate and pain. At the same time, the mother was found to be pregnant for 1 month. Considering the impact on the baby, she was aborted in tears.

After a cosmetic surgery of the filling class, do I need to remove the filling before giving birth to children?

For this type of paddling cosmetic surgery, we must first ensure the safety and non -toxic of the filling. If the unbridled mother was done in a small beauty salon or an irregular place, the safety hazard was very large.Therefore, before the inaccurate mothers who are not allowed to have children, it is best to consider removing the filling to prevent adverse effects on the baby.

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