"Yang Kang" can’t get pregnant within half a year?

Reporter Zhou Xiaolu Correspondent Wang Zhuolin

During the Chinese New Year, many young people felt the care from the elders -urging marriage and spawning, and the young couple after "Yang Kang" had their own saying: "Yang Kang cannot be pregnant in the second half of the year." This statement isReally?In response to the problem of preparation of everyone’s care, Li Li, director of the Wedding Institute of Women’s Institute of Women’s Institute of Maternal Institute of Women’s Institute of Maternal Insurance, brought professional answers.

How long can I have sex after "Yang Kang"

Li Li said that there is no standard answer, mainly depending on the recovery and physical condition of both parties.If the symptoms are not completely disappeared after infection, or the symptoms are needed, it is not recommended to perform sexual life.Because the life of high -intensity couples may increase physical discomfort.

If the body is fully recovered, it is recommended to step forward.During or after the husband and wife’s life, chest pain, palpitations, and abnormal heartbeats, heartbeats that do not match the strength of exercise, abnormal breathing, and swollen legs should be visited in time.Or there are obvious fatigue and muscle pain and other discomfort after the morning of the next day. It is recommended to suspend or reduce the frequency.

How long can I prepare for pregnancy after "Yang Kang"

He said that according to the current research results, infection may have a certain negative impact on the fertility of men or women, but the overall impact is small and do not have to worry too much.

For women, no new crown is found to have an impact on women’s ovarian reserves, but in the short term, it may affect follicle development and menstrual cycle.Some studies have pointed out that there is a risk of new crown infection during the development of follicles, especially the risk before and after ovulation, but there is no such risk after the next menstrual recovery of "Yangkang". At this timeInfection effect.Some women have irregular menstruation after the new crown.However, most women return to normal menstruation after 1-2 months of "Yangkang".

Therefore, after "Yang Kang" has experienced ovulation (menstruation) once, you can prepare for pregnancy.If you still have concerns, you can wait for about 3 months (experienced 3 menstruation).

Special reminder: If antiviral drugs (such as Libavirin, etc.) are taken during the infection of the virus, it is recommended to consider pregnancy after 9 months.

For men, short -term may affect sperm quality, and "Yangkang" may be recovered after a period of time.If high temperatures are continued during the infection of the new crown virus, it may have a great impact on sperm quality.Studies have shown that the total number of sperm, sperm concentration, and total number of sperm sperm after the new crowned rehabilitation will be temporarily reduced.But this impact is not long -term, and it will slowly recover after a period of time.The sperm formation time is about 75-85 days, and the eggs are about 3 months from raising to ovulation. Therefore, it is more suitable for 3 months after "Yang Kang".

Will the new crown vaccine affect fertility?

"Various new crown vaccines do not affect fertility, do not affect the quality of eggs and sperm quality, and can be carried out with confidence." He said that the vaccination of the new crown vaccination does not affect natural pregnancy and auxiliary fertility.Vaccination is delayed.But if there is an obvious vaccination, you can wait for 1-2 months to prepare for pregnancy.

Li Li emphasized that during this period of pregnancy, as before, the two sides need to do a good pre -pregnancy examination.Men can add a routine semen.In addition, pay attention to relaxing, avoid unnecessary troubles and greater psychological pressure, communicate more between husband and wife, encourage and support each other.Maintain good living habits and regular work, try to adjust it to a healthy diet, to avoid fatigue, staying up late, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse and other behaviors, and can exercise appropriately according to physical conditions.

The District Women’s Insurance College provides "eugenics and two free" inspections: free pre -marital medical examinations and free pre -pregnancy eugenics examinations. Citizens in need can call for consultation, telephone: 63367770, 63176318.

Source: Fuyang Daily

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