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Some mother asked, "What should expectant mothers pay attention to each month?" This is a question that pregnant mothers generally care about.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will be careful. Every month, pay attention to what the pregnant mothers care about, which is also related to whether the fetus is healthy.

Medical perspective, the month of pregnancy is calculated according to the month every 4 week. The entire pregnancy period is 280 days, 40 weeks, that is, 10 months.Precautions.

In the first month, the coming of fertilized eggs will have a slight early pregnancy reaction, such as motion sickness, nausea, chest pain, and lethargy.

1. Pregnancy: Pay attention to ovulation days in the first month, arrange the date of conception, and let the fertilized eggs plant into the uterus.

2. Pay attention to rest: Do not take the fatigue of fatigue and rising body temperature as early as early pregnancy.

3. Supplement folic acid: prevent neural tube malformation

The development of the nervous system of the embryo has entered a critical period, and the early pregnancy response of pregnant mothers is more serious.

1. Keep a pleasant mood: The development of embryo is affected by the mood, preventing bad development of embryo development.

2. Continue to supplement folic acid and pay attention to rest.

3. If you have slight brown secretions, you don’t have to worry. You may be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

4. You can do a check -up to confirm whether the fetus is intrauterine pregnancy, and check if there are fetal hearts and fetal buds.

The embryo officially becomes a fetus, and it is ready to officially announce the news of pregnancy to relatives and friends.

1. Prevention of calcium deficiency: The calf cramp may occur. It may be calcium deficiency, and calcium should be supplemented in time.

2. Remember to build a file: Do a comprehensive checkup, including NT examination, fetal development, biochemical projects, infectious disease projects, blood routine, urine routine, electrocardiogram and other examinations.

Early pregnancy reactions have basically ended, pregnant mothers have begun to increase, and fetal demand has increased.

1. Increase nutrition: Remember to increase nutrition, but also pay attention to controlling weight.

2. Stay away from noise: The fetus can already hear the sound outside. Be careful not to remove the noise, so as not to cause the fetus restlessness.

At this time, most of the pregnant mothers can feel the fetal movement, and the abdomen is obviously bulged.

1. Pay attention to interaction with the fetus: When you are quiet at night, you can interact with your baby.

2. Prevent anemia: Pregnant mothers will have anemia. Remember to eat more animal organs with rich iron -containing animals to achieve iron supplementation.

3. Do Tang screen: Remember to do Tang screen test at this time to prevent the fetus from appearing in the fetus syndrome.

The basic structure of the fetus is already complete, the ability of the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more nutrition is needed.

1. Pay attention to nutrition: Continue to pay attention to calcium supplementation, iron supplement, and supplies nutrition required by the fetus.

2. Pay attention to the discharge examination: You can do the discharge test. If you want to keep the baby’s first photo, you can do the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.

The fetal brain development has entered a fast period, and the demand for nutrition has higher standards.

1. Pay attention to nutrition: Remember to supplement foods rich in fatty acids, such as walnuts, peanuts, pineapples, fish, and soy products.

2. Don’t forget to make sugar sieve: exclude the risk of gestational diabetes.

By 8 months of pregnancy, the space of the fetus in the uterus is reduced, and premature birth is prone to occur.

1. Pay attention to protect yourself: prevent external force impact and avoid strenuous exercise,

2. Pay attention to nutrition: eat more fish to prevent premature birth.

3. Pay attention to sleeping position: Try to use the left sleeping position as much as possible, which is conducive to fetal growth and development.Pay attention to changes in fetal movement and pay attention to fetal safety.

The frequent urination of pregnant mothers will feel unwell in the stomach, and the fetus will be launched immediately.

1. Prepare the birth package and prepare to give birth.

2. Makes sleep: Drink less water at night to reduce frequent urination and help sleep.

3. Pay attention to the checkup: Pay attention to the treatment of fetal heart to prevent the fetus from hypoxia.

4. Determine the method of childbirth: The doctor will confirm the childbirth method based on the fetal position, the pelvic condition, and the double diameter of the fetus.

This month’s fetus is about to meet with pregnant mothers, and has entered the final sprint stage.

1. Pay attention to the signs of production: If you see red, water break, contraction, you are ready to be admitted to the hospital at any time to welcome the fetus.

2. Pay attention to nutrition: Pay attention to eating soft and rotten foods that are easy to digest, do not eat flatulence foods, ensure a light diet, and ensure smooth delivery.

3. Pay attention to the checkup: Pay attention to the treatment of fetal heart to prevent the fetus from hypoxia.

In short, there are a lot of matters every month. No matter which month, you must pay attention to nutritional balanced, adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise, maintain adequate sleep and good mood, regularly do the checkup, and spend 1-10 months of pregnancy.

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