12 -year -old quit milk and 15 -year -old bed, female star’s abnormal mother love, sent her son into prison

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As the saying goes: "Men’s big avoiding mother, female to avoid the father." Today’s society is different from the previous feudal society: think that parents and children do not need to be so "outside."Many parents can do anything else and women.But Di Ying, an artist in Taiwan’s entertainment industry, did not achieve the "male shelter".

It was rumored that Di Ying fed his son with breast milk to his 12 years old, and his son slept in her arms when he was 15 years old.

After all, Di Ying’s love for his son hurts him,

Di Ying’s son was named Sun Anzuo. He lived in the United States since he was 15 years old. One day in 2018, Sun Anzuo was arrested in the United States because he was suspected of intimidation.

It turns out that Sun Anzuo joked with his classmates and said that it would be impossible to shoot the school if it was placed in China, but the guns in the United States were unlimited.

In addition, everyone knows that Sun Anzuo is a famous temper. After hearing his madness, everyone was scared. The scared classmates told the teacher about the teacher.Sun Anzuo was also taken back to the police station for investigation by the police.

Faced with the questioning of the police, Sun Anzuo generously admitted that he did say this, but that was his own joke. Even so, he was detained because of intimidation.

Unexpectedly, the next day, the police found evidence in Sun Anzuo’s residence -more than 1600 bullets and illegal guns. In the face of such conclusive evidence, Sun Anzuo won the 8 -year prison life.

However, Di Ying certainly did not want his son to suffer from this kind of suffering. It is rumored that Di Ying spent a big price to reduce his sentence for his son. In the end, Sun Anzuo was sentenced to 4-23 months of detention and must not enter the United States anymore.

After his son crime, he thought that Di Ying would severely discipline Sun Anzuo. He did not expect that the strange Di Ying also posted a message to his son and said: My son is the real victim.

Di Ying can say such a thing. Everyone is not surprised. After all, how many Di Ying cares about it and everyone is obvious to all. Sun Anzuo is his shortcoming. No matter what her son does, it is always right in Di Ying’s eyes.

Speaking of Di Ying, her real name is Lin Shiho, a Taiwanese artist, born in 1962.

Young people may not understand him. Di Ying has lived in a single -parent family since she was a child. She and her brother and sisters lived with her mother. As a big daughter, she played the role of father in this family.,,

In his teens, he is no longer going to school and shuttles everywhere in various restaurants.Work hard to earn money to share the responsibility for the mother.

This kind of growth environment has made Di Ying develop a very big character, and she lacks her father’s love to take the responsibility of her father. When the family is bullied, Di Ying will immediately rush out to protect her family, without fear.

Di Ying’s mother is also a child from a theater class. Di Ying has appeared in the scene with her mother since she was a child. Under the dazzling performance of the play class, Di Ying has also been influenced by the drama and has a strong interest in acting.

So after Di Ying grew up, Yiyi chose to enter the actor industry, and successfully entered the performing arts circle through his own efforts.Everyone knows that Di Ying is a girl with a hot personality. When she is about to enter the performing arts circle, everyone thinks that his character will suffer in the entertainment industry, but this is not the case.

After entering the showbiz, Di Ying’s character is still so spicy.After staying in the entertainment industry for a long time, everyone knows a little about Di Ying’s personality. One of his most famous things is to kick Flying Lan Jieying on the set. What is the cause and effect of this incident?

It turned out that because of a shooting, Lan Jieying, who was the same drama with her, was late on the filming, because her lateness affected the shooting progress of the crew, Di Ying thought that this was all Lan Jieying’s fault.

So when Lan Jieying arrived on the set, Di Ying rushed directly to Lan Jieying. She made Lan Jieying fly directly for 10 meters. Everyone present was aggressive.

Everyone knows that Di Ying has a bad temper, but she did not expect that she was so spicy. Afterwards, Di Ying was asked about this in the interview.In the rectification of entertainment circles.

Everyone knows that being late is indeed a bad behavior, but Di Ying is a bit abnormal.

Some people also revealed that when Di Ying just entered the entertainment industry, he and her props with her filming were caught in love.

However, because her boyfriend always had a mistake in the crew, she was repeatedly reprimanded by the director. Di Ying was disregarding her boyfriend because she was not used to scolding her boyfriend, and she picked up the prop and hit the director.

That’s right, Di Ying is such a short -career. In her eyes, her people are always right. Since then, Di Ying’s arrogance is quite unreasonable and spread throughout the circle.So that after the son’s accident, everyone was not surprising.

Di Ying met Sun Peng in 1996 with his lover Sun Peng. Both of them were in the "My Dad My Son" crew at the time. The two fell in love with each other at first sight and romantic.

Coincidentally, the two were also a brokerage company, and slowly walked into the palace of marriage, and the life after marriage was also very sweet.

The two did not want children a few years after getting married, but when Di Ying was 35 years old, they decided to ask a child, but now Di Ying is not young. It is very dangerous for her to have children.They choose to conduct test tubes after careful consideration,

However, after creating people, the two finally became pregnant when she was 38 years old after three artificial conception failed. Di Ying finally got his wish because the child was not easy, so after the child gave birth, Di Ying would beI want to give my son the best thing in the world.

It also spent a lot of money for this. As a father, Sun Peng had an opinion at this time. Because of the birth of his son, Di Ying resigned to take care of his son at hand, so the family’s expenditure was responsible for Sun Peng.

Di Ying, who has always spent money like flowing water, did not save one or two, coupled with the money used by raising his son, Sun Peng soon couldn’t hold it. The two quarreled, and finally made a noise to divorce.

But later, in order to retaliate against Sun Peng to not let Sun Peng see his son. After the two thought thoughtfully, they also remarried in 2004 for the sake of his son who did not leave Di Ying’s lack of father’s love.

Since the two of them divorced, Di Ying has been more energetic to take care of her son. Everyone knows that Di Ying’s son is not easy, so he can also understand that Di Ying regards his son as a treasure.

From the birth of the son, knowing that breastfeeding is good for the child, Di Ying will feed the breasts at the age of 12 at a breath.

Not only that, she also said in the interview that she stared at her son for seven hours every day, and every meal she had eaten by Di Ying should be fed in his son’s mouth by himself.

Even before the son was 15 years old, the two were bathing and sleeping together every day, and they also limited their son before they could not go out before the age of 18.

Di Ying didn’t care about the male shelter. He even took his son to participate in a couple kissing contest. The couple participated in the competition.

In the contest, he hugged his son on his thigh and kissed him for a few hours. His son fell asleep, and Di Ying was still kissing.Her love for her son is no longer a normal motherly love, and she has become malformed, because her doting has become "intestinal poison", which has made her son embarked on a wayless path.

Although Sun Anzuo, who had entered the prison, returned to China after the release of his sentence, was still not honest.

With some opportunities, he became an Internet celebrity. As the second generation of the star, he was a bit of a look. He met some net red friends on the Internet. He also talked about a few and broke up.

Until he met Aya, who was nine years older than himself, the two were in love, and they talked about love. I have to say that A Nai and the young Di Ying are similar.

The relationship between the two is also very supportive. She also likes A Nai, a girl, but Sun Anzuo is not an honest person. During his love with Amo, he derailed another female net red rice sand and asked herpregnant,

But the woman did not want this child, so she broke it. Sun Anzuo also knew it was wrong. He quickly returned to Aya’s embrace. The two returned to good, but the relationship between the two still had a crack.He broke up with him because he didn’t want to be a mother in love.

The reason why Sun Anzuo turned into what is now, inseparable from Di Ying’s malformed love. After learning about Di Ying’s experience, I finally knew why Di Ying looked like this. Di Ying was missing.Love doubled his son, and the real motherly love should not be like this. Di Ying’s mistaken love destroys her son’s life.

As the saying goes: the flowers in the greenhouse will never grow. Sun Anzuo is like the flowers in the greenhouse. Once you leave the greenhouse, you will wither immediately.For children, a person’s life is complex and long, and it will definitely experience the wind and rain to bloom beautiful flowers., Learn to let the children’s hands and let them fly by themselves.

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