1979 Tips: When can the taboo of wine be eaten?

Rice wine, wine is also known as ghost, the ancients were called "醴".It is a common traditional local flavor snack in the south.The main raw materials are Jiangmi, so it is also called Jiangmi wine.Wine is generally called "rice wine" or "sweet wine" in the north.

Wine is the food fermented by glutinous rice mixed wine. Many people love to eat, especially in summer. Although it is not suitable for drinking ice and white wine in summer, it is a good choice for a bowl of ice.the taste of.

Wine is one of the representative foods.Glutinous rice can nourish deficiency and blood and spleen.After making rice wine, it adds alcoholism, is good at tampering, and can pass the liver, lungs, and kidney meridians.It can cure stomach cold and neurasthenia, and can also promote blood circulation and pain, but children and drivers cannot eat.Before the wine is eaten, you must not only understand its efficacy and role, but also pay attention to taboos. When you ca n’t eat, who ca n’t eat, these should be paid attention to.

1. wine brewed to nourish the stomach

Wine can nourish the stomach. The biggest effect is to treat stomach cold.The stomach cold is because I ate too much cold food, causing gastrointestinal discomfort, spleen and stomach discomfort, and the tongue coating of the stomach cold is white, and often feels cold.The yeast in wine can warm the stomach, treat nausea and vomiting, but pay attention to heat the wine before eating wine, and not eat more cold wine.

Second, wine brewing can soothe nervous weakness

Patients with neurasthenia often feel dizzy, insomnia at night, poor memory, and unforgettable. After drinking wine, you can wake up your brain and increase brain cell activity.When eating wine, you can add a egg and enter an egg, which can not only increase nutrition, but also enhance the taste.Eating a bowl of wine after dinner has the effect of promoting sleep.

Third, the taboo of wine brewing

1. Children cannot eat

Although wine is sweet, after all, it contains alcohol. It is recommended that children not eat. Alcohol can damage the brain nerves and delay development.Alcohol is not easy to metabolize. Children’s body organs are weak. Take wine brewing will increase the metabolic burden and damage liver function.Therefore, parents must restrict children’s alcohol.

2, liver patients should not eat

Patients with severe liver disease belong to the taboo crowds of alcohol. For example, patients with liver cirrhosis and liver ascites must avoid drinking and brewing. In addition, patients with gout should also drink less. There is also the acute period of urticaria and eczema, and they cannot be consumed.

3. The driver cannot eat

Drivers driving are very serious. Edating wine is equivalent to eating alcohol. Afterwards, driving is driving. It is also very serious for being caught by the traffic police.Alcohol can also disturb the brain nerves and reduce the sensitivity and brain response ability of the limbs. If you accidentally encounter an emergency and cannot avoid danger in time, it will seriously endanger the safety of yourself and others.

So, although the wine is good, sweet but not greasy, it is lacking to quench thirst, but Xiao Qiji still has to remind friends that eating wine and brewing should ensure an appropriate amount and a suitable population.Drive to travel

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