200 pounds of girls have giving birth, and they don’t know how terrible their sexual knowledge is.

From the perspective of parents, the material conditions are improved, and the child will be happier.In fact, the richness of material only satisfies the vanity of parents. For children, they do not need a meal, but to go to the luxury playground. More, they need parents to accompany and teach.

A few days ago, in a hospital in Henan, a special patient came. This is a girl under 20 years old, with a weight of 200 pounds.Child.

The girl is not sure if she is going to produce, and she has never done any inspections throughout pregnancy.After the doctor checked for it, the little girl had high blood pressure and was about to produce.

The girl came to the hospital alone and told the doctor that there was not much money on her body, and the doctor must save herself.In this way, the hospital’s nurse donated money to help her perform surgery and gave birth to a baby smoothly.

Afterwards, the doctor asked the child’s father many times, but the girl never said.Later, she contacted the girl’s mother and took the girl’s mother and son home to take care of it.

Regarding the topic of sex, many parents can avoid it and never actively speak for their children’s popularity. Even if the children have raised questions, some parents will support them and do not know how to answer.The lack of sexual knowledge has a lot to do with the lack of parental knowledge.

Serious scarce

It will not start sex education at all, as if there is no such thing.Even if the child was curious, he asked about sex, and parents did not know how to answer. They used the ambiguous attitude to pass the level, and they would never take the initiative to find answers for the child.

When encountering such parents, children often look for answers by themselves. In the process of children’s growth, parents can give it limited. Such children are also the most vulnerable children to the external environment and the most problems with problems.

Half -knowledge

As the blind date is reported, parents will understand how much such incidents, but they do not know enough. They do not analyze this matter from the perspective of children. They are lacking in sexual knowledge. They often have no systematic understanding and do not fundamentally pay attention to sexual education.

Rich sexual knowledge

Such parents pay attention to children’s growth, especially in sex education. Even if they encounter problems that cannot be solved, they will find answers with their children, and they will never avoid the problem.Communicate frankly with children, and children are willing to tell their parents about their own affairs.

Parents have improved their sexual knowledge level to better pass the knowledge to their children.Parents can learn from videos or text, so how should they usually start sex education?

Tell your children, don’t take off your clothes in front of anyone

The vests and pants are wrapped in the privacy of a person, and they cannot let others watch at will.You cannot undress in front of others at will, unless the doctor checks your body or your parents help you change clothes, otherwise you cannot undress in front of others.

Giving a generous telling children’s genital names, and telling the child where they came from in a scientific and image. In the process of explaining the whole, adults should be natural enough.For children, sex is just one thing. There is no color, but the weird attitude of adults may affect the child’s view of sex.

When someone does something you don’t like, shout loudly

Parents should respect the child and the child’s body boundary. When you want to hug your child, and the child disagrees, please stop and take this opportunity to educate your child and tell your child that if you don’t like to be touched by others, you don’t like to be touched by others.It should be clearly expressed.

From a young age to have a physical boundary, children will respect others and respect their wishes when they grow up.If parents always force their children, even if the child does not let it hold, then in the long run, the child will think that even if I refuse, it will not help, and it will be in a helplessness.

Don’t let your children help others keep secrets

Dr. Keroig once said that once sexual assault people know that the child will say this matter, the possibility of sexual assault will be reduced.By summarizing a large number of sexual assault incidents, more than 80%of the crimes of sexual assault children are acquaintances, and they will tell children after the crime. This is the secret between us. Don’t tell others.

If the child is conservative for the criminal, more children will be infringed.Therefore, parents must make their children understand that not all secrets are worthy of conservatives, especially after they are infringed, they must tell their parents in time to be rescued.

No matter what the child encounters, we must give the child unconditional help and let the child understand that no matter what happens, the parents will love him, protect him unconditionally, let the child dare to say no, and dare to fight against the crime.

Is there a similar event around you? How do you deal with it later?Do you have better suggestions?Welcome everyone to leave a message below.

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