26 years old, I have lumbar surgery

On April 27, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, Luoyang Central Elementary School students practiced the Hu La circle during the large class.Visual China Picture (Information Picture)

On the last day of the 25th, I got the report from the lumbar magnetic resonance inspection report from the hospital.The doctor said to me seriously, "If you want to surgery, you may have to nail." Looking at the middle -aged and elderly people with a cane in the clinic, I felt like I had experienced the fate of 50 years later.

"25 -year -old body 75 -year -old waist." After spending a few days to digest this cruel fact, I experienced my lumbar clinic and experienced social platforms. I accidentally received many young people who have received empathy.The group chat called "waist -free team".

In the group, pain is the common feeling of everyone.Some people have back pain for several years, and the old godmother’s lid will hurt "like countless needles into the body"; some people have a pain on the outside of the lower legs, walking dozens of meters in the morning, spontaneous feet, "Stepping on the wind wheel,""; There are also people who can’t stand on the bed for two months, and wait for two months in bed. When they can go in the third month, mild current fluctuated with the soles of the feet.

In addition to pain, there are numbness.Some people described in the group that feet numbness suddenly stood up like a squatting to the toilet for a long time; some people described the calf "Mu Mu", as if frozen.

There were less than 400 people when I entered the group, and it was almost full of staff.New people are constantly joining and anxiously asked in the group: "What to do with back pain legs?" "Please help me see my nuclear film" "Should be conservative or surgery?"Hospital hospital massage effect is the best? "

There are many young people in the group, the youngest is only 18 years old."I’m so young that I have lost the ability to run jumping, it is too painful."

"Lumbar disc herniation" (hereinafter referred to as "lumbarism"), the "middle -aged and elderly disease" often seen in advertisements this time, now appears to more young people.According to several media reports, data from the National Health and Health Commission shows that in 2015, Chinese lumbar spondylosis patients had exceeded 200 million, and patients with lumbar disc herniation accounted for 15.2 % of the total number of nationwide, and the incidence rate was second only to cold.A epidemic survey also found that among young people between the ages of 25-39, the "lumbar" detection rate is as high as 13.93%, which is equivalent to one of each of 7 people suffering from lumbar disc herniation and lives in all ages and lives in all ages.Paragraph first.

"Some young people’s careers have not been prominent, and their waist is prominent." Unfortunately, I am 26 -year -old. I became one of them.

Gymnastics of gymnastics in patients with lumbarism


Back pain suddenly arrived.

One morning in December last year, a carp sat up and sat up from the bed, and heard a bombing from somewhere in my body.After that, the pain in the waist and hip stuck to me like a snot, and couldn’t get rid of it.When I took a bath, I bent down and leaned over, squatted down and threw dirty clothes into the washing machine. I couldn’t help but call out "Ouch", and then endured the pain in the state of pain.

At first, I didn’t take this matter in my heart, thinking that like the past, it would be fine in a few days.Until a month, the pain moved from the waist and hip to the leg.

My right leg began to be in dramatic pain.Once, I answered a job call by the river and wandered in the cold wind for half an hour.When I ended the call to make an appointment with my friends, the pain of my right leg started to worsen.It takes only 10 minutes to the journey, but it seems like a century.I dragged my right leg and took a few seconds to rest for a while. When I walked to the intersection of the red and green lights of 100 meters from the hotel, the pain reached the peak, and my feet touched the ground with needle pain.At that moment, I even felt that I couldn’t leave this intersection.

I went to the hospital.If a person’s body is a machine, the spine is the most important supporting bone of this machine.It consists of five parts: cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, and tailbone. Among them, there are 5 knots of the lumbar spine, which bear the largest body weight.

The doctor told me that the lumbar disc is like a filling tire, the outer ring is a solid fiber ring, and it contains the nucleus myelone in the jelly texture.There is a "tire" between the lumbar spine every two sections, which supports all the twisted movements of the body while shock absorption.If the "tire" is worn too much in the outer ring, the filling in the middle will be squeezed and deformation.The "tire" slightly drum bag is called "swelling" or "protruding", and "tires" break the filling logistics, which is called "off".

My lumbar disc herniation occurred in the 5-骶 1 section of the lower waist 5-骶 1 segment, which was also a more serious "decapyling type, ponytail nerve pressure".The ocean nucleus invaded out of the spinal canal space that originally belonged to the spinal nerve and compressed to the nerve root of the limbs, which can cause severe pain.The ponytail nerve is the more important nerve in the human body. After being compressed or damaged, in severe cases, the lower limb function is abnormal or even incontinence.

The doctor sighed helplessly: "If it wasn’t for your spinal canal, it was relatively wide, and you might have been painful to be so painful, and even the urination was abnormal. How can you make your waist like this?"

In May this year, the author did rehabilitation training based on the doctor’s command in the rehabilitation department of the North Medical Hospital.Photo of the author


I have not practiced dance and injuries since I was a child. During that time, I did the most thing about the new crown epidemic.

"You have been sitting for too long." The doctor shook my head at me.

The "Board of Diagnosis and Treatment of Chinese Pain Experts" published by the Spinal Diseases of the Chinese Medical Association’s Pain Scholars’ Pain Scholarship in 2020 shows that in addition to special circumstances such as lumbosacral congenital abnormalities and genetics, physical labor, sedentary squatting, driving for a long time, drivingCumulative damage caused by sports, etc. is an important factor in lumbar disc herniation.

Lumbarism is not formed in one day.In a flat state, the spine bearer is about 25%, and the pressure is 100%when standing. When sitting, the pressure can reach 150%. If the sitting position is not correct, the spine pressure will reach 250%.When the lumbar spine is in a state of excessive load for a long time, such as keeping or squatting posture, sitting and sleeping positions for a long time, the "tire" has been squeezed, and the degenerative changes of the intervertebral disc will accelerate, and eventually develop into lumbar disc herniation.

In June of this year, the research team of Yigui analyzed the research of global diseases, damage and risk factors (GBD) from more than 204 countries and regions from 1990 to 2020 from 1990 to 2020. The data shows that in 2020, about 619 millionCase back pain cases increased by 60.4%compared with 1990.Among them, the highest rate of standardization per 100,000 people is developed countries such as Central Europe and Eastern Europe, and Asian countries are relatively low.Nearly a quarter of the "year of disabled losses" caused by low back pain (yearlivedwithdisabilityyld) is attributed to professional pain, including sitting or standing for a long time.

"Other people have been sitting for a long time, why are you so prominent?" I seemed to only attribute the reason to "self -contribution": I do n’t like sports on weekdays, sitting in front of the table is a few hours, and I often like cigma and Qiao Erlang’s legs, from time to time to stay up late ——This is the lumbar spine taboo.

In the past, I never felt that sitting for a long time would have such a great impact.In the high school era, sitting from 7 am to 10 pm was my daily normal. The biggest activity daily was the 20 -minute running of the school.

The patient Feng Xue told me that she suddenly couldn’t get up one day after a nap on the first year of high school, so she couldn’t walk at all.But that afternoon, she also had a math test. She moved to the classroom at a little bit of help from her roommate."That’s the first time I felt the terrible lumbarism. I was paralyzed, I couldn’t walk at all, and I was so painful."

The amount of exercise after work is even more pitiful.Once the contemporary "fighting workers" are busy, few people can insist on moving their ass every 40 minutes.More people’s nesting on the station is a whole day, and the exercise depends on commuting and work to get fish.After get off work, I just wanted to "Ge You Paralysis" on the sofa, and the gym could not go once a week.

According to the "China Pain Medical Development Report 2020", in 2017, the prevalence of low -age lumbar pain in different provinces in China, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Macau occupy the top three.The "2022 China Interest Report" shows that people 25-45 years old will work for 5.3 days a week, and the average work is 8.6 hours a day.The long working hours are determined to be the scope of people’s activities.Sitting has become an important reason for lumbar disc herniation.

Before diagnosis, I forgot how long I did not exercise. When I got the pain to come to the door, many exercise could not be done.


"Can you not do surgery?" I asked the doctor, and my emotions collapsed.

"Your situation is too serious. If there is no effect for 3 weeks, it is recommended to surgery as soon as possible." The doctor said.

After leaving the hospital, my first thing was to go to a nearby medical device store to buy a waist care.When the waist is wrapped in, the fear and helplessness of my heart seem to be less.I started searching for "essential items for lumbarism" on Taobao: accumulated a total of 10,000+ bed pads, monthly ergonomic chairs of 6000+, moxibustion necessary for lumbarism, and various soothing physiotherapy massage instruments.I squatted and grabbed the expert account of the Three Hospital, and hung the massage physiotherapy and acupuncture department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Lying on the bed of the acupuncture department, I counted that there were 6 beds in this treatment room, 3 of which were lying on the young people similar to me.

I heard a little brother complaining to the doctor in the curtain next door. He returned to get off work at night and had a bad waistache. He felt that he couldn’t do anything except lying.But the work cannot stop. He can only hang the hospital’s acupuncture expert number every week. It can be easy for a few days after each time it is tied, and it won’t last long.He has been here for 3 months, "for another month, go to surgery without effect."

There is also a 16 -year -old girl who led her, and the two lay on the bed.Dad said to the doctor, "Doctor, help me see my daughter, she has a uncomfortable back pain recently, and menstruation is irregular."

In addition to the "waist -free team", I also added different "sudden friends" groups.A 17 -year -old girl "hurt her legs" after playing badminton, and went to the hospital for examination and found that there were many vertical expansion.The doctor suggested that you can sit and jump for a long time, but high school students have to take the college entrance examination. "How can it be sitting soon?"

Feng Xue, who was similar to me, was accompanied by her for 10 years. During the acute period, she had occurred twice. The most recently occurred in the second graduation job search season.During that time, she was soaked in the library every day, writing graduation thesis with the thermal insulation cup and computer, and preparing autumn tricks. It was a whole day.One day came out of the library to see a cute puppy, she squatted down happily, her waist flashed, and the familiar pain hit her again."I can only lie flat, and I can hurry up while anxious. Everyone has found a job, but I don’t have an offer in my hand."

Luo Wei, 28, lives in Canada. She has a waist of 5-骶 1 huge, and the ponytail nerves are pressured.The first episode of the lumbar process was in 2021.At that time, she mistakenly thought that she had only twisted her waist, and still worked in the waiter every day. It was painful from 11 am to 10 pm."Back pain before I couldn’t turn around or bend, but I had to go to work, I could only go hard."

Later, back pain became leg pain, and the pain would worsen during rain and snow and physiological period.After returning to China, Luo Wei hoped that his family would take himself to see his legs. "But they felt that I was deceiving and made me exercise more, saying that I did not hurt because of the lack of exercise."

Worried and anxiety became the norm in Luo Wei’s life, and she dared not even sneeze."I’m always worried that the lower limbs will be paralyzed on the next day, and I feel that I have become glass people." The bed was relatively soft and uncomfortable with her waist. Luo Wei would choose to sleep on the ground.After sitting for a long time, I will walk around at home, "like animals with stereotypes in the zoo."

In addition to physical pain, there is no understanding of others."I think you are fine, why can’t you stand it for a while?" "Many people have waist, why are you so evil?" "Your grandma has a back pain for decades, she can do anything, why can’t you do it?"24 -year -old patients Kiki and I said that her mother did not recommend her surgery and was afraid of taking care of a" paralysis "that could not take care of herself after surgery."Everyone is a child to accompany her mother to see a doctor, and my mother is so old to take care of me. I think I am useless."


I ran three or four hospitals, and the first suggestion was surgery.

I am unwilling to ask if a traditional Chinese medicine orthopedic doctor needs to surgery in this case. The doctor joked: "I sell eggplant, you should ask for potatoes."It’s a lottery ticket. "

China Rehabilitation Medicine Magazine pointed out in the "Rehabilitation Treatment of Lumbar Discard Moisturizing" in 2020 Chinese Experts Consensus that the prognosis of lumbar disc herniation is better.Improve, but may recur.Only 10%-20%of patients need surgery.

What I am scared is the ponytail syndrome that may occur after my ponytail nerve is compressed, the lower limbs and the perineum pain, and even the dysfunction of the urine.

What really made me decide was the advent of numb symptoms.After lying flat for two weeks, my right foot suddenly lost consciousness, and it could no longer feel the pain.At the same time, my ability to move is also declining. I could only walk for 1 hour in the past. I went to a bakery of 700 meters away.

I chose the minimally invasive surgery of the intervertebral pores. The doctor reached the vertebral protrusion position through the 7mm surgical incision. With the assistance of the pipeline and the pores, the disc herniation was performed to achieve the purpose of the nerve root pressure.I was informed before surgery that the recurrence rate was as high as 7%, and it was not low during the operation.But compared to the fear of nerve injury, minimally invasive surgery can make me feel at ease.

The surgery is a general anesthesia. The patient who has experienced the hemp told me that it was a more "scaled" experience.The process of opening the channel is like a nerve being beaten. When removing the nucleus of the medullars, the nerve accidentally touches the nerves, and the tingling sensation is like an electric shock.

In the orthopedic inpatient ward, I am almost the youngest.During the procedure, a 68 -year -old grandma next to him pulled me: "Girl, your mother just seems to be twisting, do you want to see it." I was still doubting and turned to look at the aunt who just chatted with me.Come here.My grandma and I brightened the hospital ring, "I am also a patient who is here."

A global study shows that the prevalence of low back pain increases with age, and the peak value is observed at the age of 85.Back pain will seriously affect the daily life of the elderly, and it will have a small impact on adults who are still working.However, the rehabilitation doctor told me that the young people he came into contact with were gradually increasing.

A 24 -year -old "sudden friend" told me that she had been conservatively treated for 7 months and witnessed 5 patients with 5 lumbar projection successfully achieved asymptomatic."But they are all in their 40s and have sufficient time to recover. After the 95s around me, everyone has not been successful, but it is even more serious." She also wanted to perform surgery.

When I was lying on the operating room for the first time, the family members of other patients waiting outside looked at me. I heard them discuss, "I have a surgery at such a young age."

When I restored my consciousness completely from anesthesia, my throat seemed to be stuffed with two cotton, which was the symptom of the tracheal tube residue.The doctor said that the surgery was very successful and cleaned very clean.I have no impression on the operation. I just remember that when I was waiting outside the operating room, there were medical staff around to come and go, like the scenes in the TV series.Two male doctors walked over with their shoulders, and a nurse shouted from me: "Ah! The weather is so good today, so transparent, suitable for climbing the mountain at night."

Looking out from the large glass window on the second floor, the sky is very clean blue, and several tall pine trees are shaken by the wind. I also want to climb the mountain.


After the operation, I did not have the sense of relaxation of "liberating, Changshu’s breath" that I imagined, and worried that it would be transferred from "Will I paralyze in my lower limbs" to "Will this action recur."

I continue to share progress after surgery on social media.Many people reply to me in the comment area. There are similar girls who have graduated from college and I have a similar symptoms. They are entangled whether they have to surgery.It is more young people who have completed the operation like me. Everyone shares their postoperative symptoms of "blinding boxes". Suddenly cooling or significant movements can easily make the soles of the feet like an ant crawling.The waist acupuncture is faintly painful.These symptoms are always scary: Is the recent rehabilitation training overdoor, whether the sneezing was broken, and finally returned to a concern that always existed: Am I going to relapse?

Symptoms after surgery, I dare not tell my family, afraid they are worried.When the symptoms are severe, I will also doubt the role of surgery. Is it better not to do surgery?But no one knows what another option will happen.

Accepting "I can never return to the state of health again" may be a topic that I will always face in the future.

The doctor at the Third Hospital of Beiyi said to me that the recommended break after minimally invasive lumbar spine was 3 months.In the first month, you need to stay in bed as much as possible. After 6 weeks, the fiber ring wounds began to heal. Rehabilitation training can be performed. After 3 months, you can gradually restore daily conditions.

But society’s patience to lumbar spine patients is limited, and many patients can only get a month of leave.A girl who worked in the "big factory" took a break after surgery for 20 days to work. As a result, after two weeks of resumption, she was more severe than a sneezing.She collapsed: "I knew that I shouldn’t go to work so early, but I really can’t get a longer vacation."

After resumption, every hour of sitting, the numbness of the soles of the feet will be obviously that you cannot ignore it. After get off work, the waist and legs will have obvious acidity.It was a blessing that the severe pain after surgery did not come to the door again.

I seem to be a "semi -disabled patient" on the surface.Walking freely, it is difficult to squat for the time being. When you go to the mall, you must find a barrier to the toilet.

Bending down becomes a difficult thing. For example, when I took the clothes in the washing machine, I had to kneel down the legs first. To this end, I bought a 80 cm long garbage clip.Let me pick up things that fall on the ground without bending down.

But when the garbage is not around, things become difficult, making people change from "social fear" to "social cattle".When I went to the hospital alone to get medicine, my mobile phone accidentally fell to the ground. After trying the failure, I had to stop a girl. "I just finished the operation and I couldn’t bend over. Can you please help me pick up my phone?"

Once I was in McDonald’s, because I took the meal for a long time, I looked around with the sore waist, but I didn’t have a benched chair. I had to ask if the boy sitting around me could move., I finally lay down.

Heavy objects are also unable to complete.A friend who chose to treat conservative treatment and me joked, saying that we have "wealthy disease"."You can’t carry your hands and can’t mention it, we don’t know how delicate we are."

For women, it will face more tests in the future.Pregnancy is a risk factor that induce lumbar disc herniation. Pregnancy will put a lot of pressure on the lumbar spine, and childcare is a great challenge.A friend with a minimally invasive surgery at the age of 22 asked me: "I haven’t talked about love yet. What can I do if I get married and pregnant in the future?"

Compared with the health of the lumbar spine, many things are forced to lean back.I have never been to the cinema and theater for nearly 5 months.Long -distance travel is temporarily a luxury.Go out to play with friends. All the projects that include sedentary, drilling, and climbing have missed me. I will get up for a while when I take a hot pot for an hour.

I put all the shoes with heels, and wearing only flat -bottomed shoes and sneakers that are convenient to wear and take off every day.I found a "tomato clock" timer that can be flipped on the Internet. It comes with a sedentary reminder function. It has a criticism of 10,000+, but the price is 190 yuan.It’s too expensive, I still chose the mobile phone timer silently.

I started to be a "talk" about the topic of lumbar spine, and I couldn’t help but use myself as a negative textbook for example: Do not sit for a long time, you can’t sit on your legs, you can’t sit on your legs. Pay attention to the sleeping position.Pay attention to exercise.

I am about to be 5 months after the operation, and I have not been able to achieve the wish of mountain climbing on the day of the operation.I paid attention to many bloggers who did surgery earlier than me. Everyone returned to daily life and coexisted with lumbarism.One of the 19 -year -old sisters performed surgery a year ago and insisted on updating daily.I watched her from pain, to restoring daily life, and finally went to watch her favorite singer’s concert in more than 300 days.

"I hope that I can do it a year later." I made another new wish.

Responsible editor: from Yuhua, Chen Zhuo, Li Peiran

Source: China Youth Daily

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