30 weeks of pregnancy | What do you do at home? #Share daily life

Welcome to watch: What do pregnant women do not do at home in 1999?Good morning, the weight suddenly increased, I really want to unload the goods until September.I want to wear hot girls before I thin, eat a low GI toast soothe my heart, with the Chia seed peanut butter with the same 0 sugar, the peanut sauce ingredients are only peanuts and Chia seeds, and the whole wheat toast tastes fragrant fragrance.It is not sweet.After pregnancy, you still have to control the intake of sugar as much as possible, after all, most of the meat still grows on yourself.

· I love the crispy all -wheeled toast that I love to bake a strong grain fragrance. In particular, this toast adds black and quinoa, which can increase the taste and can effectively control sugar.Finally dazzled a pigeon egg to finish breakfast.

· Eat fried rice noodles at noon, stir -fry the egg first, then stir -fry the pork to golden, put onion, shiitake mushrooms, sausages and radish shreds, and stir fry into the rice noodles soaked in water.I soaked in cold water for 5 minutes and added a little soy sauce.After the rice noodles are fried, pour in sedth vegetables, bean sprouts and fried eggs, sprinkle a little salt and stir -fry until cooked, and finally add a circle of cooking wine to fishy and fragrant.

start!I want to go back to Taizhou on this noodles. Mom Bao Nu is uncomfortable without going home for a month.I used to go home from college. I also kept this frequency. Now I keep staying. I ca n’t stay out of the house in the afternoon. I buy a anti -peep screen for my husband and buy a bracket for myself.I went to the home hall again.

· Boil the catfish and cauliflower bought in the afternoon in the evening, and fry the sturgeon to the golden yellow. Put garlic, pepper, a little sugar and vinegar to fish, and then put more cooking wine for a while, then put two spoons of bean sauce and boiling waterStew for 15 minutes, and finally get the juice in the high heat.After frying the pork until golden, pour in the cauliflower and stir -fry.I did n’t hear who said that I ca n’t add cooking wine when I was pregnant. The high temperature was so volatilized that it had been volatile, and the cauliflower was stewed.

Open meals!Chicken Liu was bought by me in the afternoon. Now I cook the main food for a lazy, anyway, no one dares to pick me.Dried rice, see you tomorrow.

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