35 days seems to be a twin, why is it another one in 4 months?

Xiao Hong was very annoyed that when he was 35 days of pregnancy, he heard the doctor saying that he seemed to be pregnant with twins, but it was just a single child when he was checked in 4 months. Want to know when to check the twins is more accurate?

Generally, the twins of pregnancy can be detected in the early stages of pregnancy. When the twins of the heterogeneity are discontinued around 40 days, the B -ultrasound can be checked, because the twins of the heterogeneity have two pregnancy sacs, which is very obvious.The twins of the same egg will be later, because the two babies are in the same gestational sac, and only when the baby has a fetal bud, the fetal heart can see if the twins are twins.

The gestational sac is the primitive placenta tissue and is a small embryo wrapped in amniotic and blood vessels.The pregnancy sac is also the first form of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus did not form. It is not until the appearance of the fetal buds.Six weeks of pregnancy pass the ultrasound examination is possible to find whether to be twins.If the ultrasonic examination shows that there are two gestational sacs, it must be twins, and it is still the twin.

If it is a gestational sac, seeing two germ and fetal heart tube beating, it also shows twins.Generally, the twins of the same ovary. If only one gestational sac is displayed and did not see that the yolk sac, germ and fetal heart tube beating may be related to the short pregnancy time, it cannot be determined whether it is twins.

For more than 30 days, if the fetal buds and fetal hearts are not seen, this time is judged whether the twins are generally not very reliable. If there are some examinations later, the pregnancy sac is slightly larger, and the fetal buds and fetal hearts have appeared.of.Whether a single or twin, or a polyphony, when it can really be seen clearly, the doctor will say in detail the results of the B -ultrasound.

Generally, you can clearly see whether it is a single or twin in 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, you can clearly see the two fetal head halo, and you can see the spine, trunk, limbs, etc. of the fetus.Even if the B -ultrasound examination was not performed before, the twin pregnancy was also found to be significantly increased by the uterus compared to the single pregnancy of the same month during the prenatal examination.Hearing two fetal heart sounds with different frequencies.

Do you have twin genes in your family?

Under normal circumstances, the probability of twins with twin genes is higher. Or women who promote ovulation treatment have a greater possibility of twins.After diagnosis of twins, it is necessary to go to the hospital for delivery on a regular basis, and it is more diligent than a single birth check.

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