4 months pregnant, 35 -year -old Hangzhou mother diagnosed breast cancer!Doctor: This signal should be vigilant …

Since the opening of the two -child policy, many families have joined the ranks of the "two children".

Among them, many mothers believe that things like breast cancer during pregnancy are just a case and cannot happen to themselves.However, research on breast cancer in recent years has pointed out that with the postponement of female fertility and the opening of the two -child policy, the chance of discovering breast cancer during pregnancy is increasing year by year …

4 months pregnant,

She is diagnosed with breast cancer …

At the end of last year, the 35 -year -old Xiao Zhang (pseudonym) and her husband decided to take advantage of the stable work to add new members to the family.A few months later, they got good news.In the joy and expectations of the family, the baby in the belly grows healthy.

However, just 4 months after pregnancy, Xiao Zhang suddenly felt uncomfortable with the breast after a bath.She was surprised to find that her breast lump was much larger than the previous medical examination.

Anxious Xiao Zhang quickly rolled out the medical examination report half a year ago.At that time, the doctor mentioned that there was a nodule on her breasts, and it was recommended to perform further examination or surgery, but at that time, she forgot because of busy work.The next day, the family quickly took Xiao Zhang to the director of the Department of Breast Xu Haibin, the Department of Breast Department of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After careful understanding of Xiao Zhang’s situation and conducting breasts, Xu Haibin believed that Xiao Zhang’s condition was not optimistic.Especially she has been pregnant for more than 4 months, which has brought a lot of challenges to treatment.In the end, the pathological results of the biopsy of the breast mask showed that Xiao Zhang was diagnosed with left milk infiltrated breast cancer, and there was already metastasis of armpit lymph nodes!

As a result, it is tantamount to the thunderbolt for the younger husband and his family!After finally getting pregnant, I did not meet the baby but got the bad news first.Will continuing pregnancy accelerate the progress of the tumor?Will the treatment of chemotherapy affect the development of the fetus … The sudden problems, confusion, contradictions, and hesitation are coming like the storm at sea, lingering in the hearts of Xiao Zhang and his family.

Xu Haibin and the couple repeatedly communicated the risks of various plans. Considering that the disorder had the risk of the fetal lymph nodes and the treatment of the fetus in various aspects, Xiao Zhang reluctantly chose to terminate the pregnancy and then the newly -assisted chemotherapy.At present, Xiao Zhang has carried out the third cycle of chemotherapy. The breast mass has been significantly reduced, and the recovery in all aspects is good.

Although the incidence is not high,

But the patient is on the rise,

Two cases have been diagnosed in the past 2 months!

According to literature reports, China is currently diagnosed with about 22.26%of the total population at the age of 45.Xu Haibin introduced that the onset of patients with breast cancer in China has "three modernizations", that is, younger age, age age, age, and diverse patients.

Breast lactation breast cancer

It refers to primary breast cancer confirmed during pregnancy or one year of delivery.Its incidence is about 0.2%to 3.8%of the incidence of all breast cancer.

There are many incentives for lactating breast cancer: breast cancer is a hormone -dependent tumor. When women are in pregnancy, the female and progesterone in the body are at a high level, which will cause the tumor to increase rapidly.Some mothers will also increase the chance of breast cancer due to severe emotional fluctuations after the second child.

In comparison, the incidence of pregnancy -mammal breast cancer is not high, but more and more patients have been visited in outpatient clinics in recent years.In the past two months, Xu Haibin has been diagnosed with two young patients with breast cancer during pregnancy. Another patient was found that menstruation was delayed after surgery, and pregnancy was confirmed after examination.

Xu Haibin believes that, in addition to the increase in older women after the policy liberalized (the risk of breast cancer increases with age) and the risk of pregnancy -in breast cancer is increased, the increase in breasts during breastfeeding causes pre -pregnancy or early pregnancy.Easy to be misdiagnosed or delayed is a more important reason for this phenomenon.

Before preparing for pregnancy, you should pay attention to breast examination,

Especially such people!

"Now young people know that they need to eat folic acid and ovulation measurement, but many people do not know that they want to come to the breast specialty to evaluate the breast conditions, especially for women with a family history of breast disease or family history of breast diseases.Dangerous factors before pregnancy. "Xu Haibin said," In addition, from a medical perspective, we advocate age fertility and breastfeeding. Because the breast is a target organs with multiple endocrine hormones, the current research has been clear: Early age of menstruation (55The age of infertility and first childbirth (> 35 years old), short lactation time, and estrogen replacement therapy after menopause will increase or extend the exposure of estrogen in the body, which is a high -risk factor for breast cancer. "

Of course, as long as the evaluation is done before pregnancy, young women with breast nodules conduct puncture, surgery or close follow -up according to the suggestions of specialists, and regularly check during pregnancy and postpartum.Some people talk about inspection because they are worried about radiation.Regarding this doubt, Director Xu once again emphasized that the breast ultrasound examination before and during pregnancy had no effect on the human body and embryo.

For mothers who have unfortunately suffered from breast cancer during pregnancy, not everyone needs to stop pregnancy immediately, but often requires multi -disciplinary doctors to comprehensively evaluate the weeks of pregnancy according to different tumor special, staging, and diagnosis.At present, some research evidence supports chemotherapy with approved cytotoxic drugs after 14 weeks of pregnancy.For young women with fertility needs, it is recommended to communicate with the doctor before the treatment of anti -tumor and start pregnancy under the entire management management of the doctor after the treatment is over.

Source: Healthy Hangzhou, Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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