42 -year -old Cecilia Cheung was burst into a small belly and was pregnant and pregnant. I clarified that I actually had supper every day.

42 -year -old Hong Kong Star Cecilia Cheung previously participated in the variety show "Sister 2", and her popularity was innovative again. She had 3 children. At that time, she was photographed in a small belly, letting fans guess whether Cecilia Cheung was pregnant again.During the limited time, leaking her "daughter" identity made fans very surprised.

In the past, Cecilia Cheung had a picture of buying food in the vegetable market. She was rumored on the Internet. I saw Cecilia Cheung, who was wearing a co -in -law, had obvious bulges in the lower abdomen. In addition, Cecilia Cheung did not dare to be too big when she was on the show on the show.Therefore, many netizens speculated that Cecilia Cheung may be pregnant again, and they shouted "She really wants to have a daughter" and "These eight or nine are not left."

But then Cecilia Cheung himself clarified that she actually loved to eat "snail powder". Since eating snail powder, she has deeply fell in love. After that, whether she is applying a mask or a supper, she will eat a bowl, actress, actress star, actress star, actress star, actress star, actress star, actress star, actress star, actress star, actress starJike Yiyi broke the news more. Cecilia Cheung did not take a babies at night. At one time, he could penetrate 2 large bowls of snail powder and 2 eggs. During the training, he ate supper almost every day, and often stole snacks.Little belly, this breaks the rumors of Cecilia Cheung’s pregnancy.

However, Cecilia Cheung recently announced in IG that there are new members in the family to join. It turned out to be a cute "daughter" Chihuahua. I saw Cecilia Cheung’s mother’s love erupted.The dog’s nest is like taking care of the biological daughter. In the process, the dog accidentally bit Cecilia Cheung’s feet. She was not angry at all. She just called the dog as a "silly pig" and showed the image of the kind mother.

In fact, Cecilia Cheung has always loved children very much. In the past, she participated in the video of "Kangxi is Coming". She was asked if she would get married in the future. Cecilia Cheung answered "I will get married".what to do?Cecilia Cheung said that he didn’t care, "I can just be my child", and it means that no matter what happens, I have to be with the child.

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