44 -year -old "Chang’e" Yan Danchen has children!Shunbai eight pounds of fat boy, her husband’s head is handsome for the first time

On April 6, actor Yan Danchen gave everyone on his social platform, saying that the "elderly mother" successfully gave birth to a 8 -pound fat boy.She sent a post to thank her husband for being accompanied by production, and also thanked everyone for their care and support.She also said that the newborn baby said that he hopes to grow up happily, and he will do his best as a mother to grow up with you.

Yan Danchen’s husband also appeared in the camera for the first time. He was holding a very cute little guy in his arms, and his big eyes looked at his father.The face value of the little guy must not be low, and the father’s face with the child’s face is also a happy face.

The couple of the Yan Danchen also left the footprints of the children as a memorial. This little foot witnessed the arrival of a new life. Congratulations to the couple to welcome a super cute fat boy.

In December 2021, Yan Danchen’s studio official Xuan Yan Danchen became a prospective mother, and fans sent blessings.At that time, Yan Danchen stepped on the red carpet with a pregnant belly, and was very eye -catching wearing a tight dress.But in addition to the big belly, Yan Danchen’s limbs are still slender and the skin condition is also very good.

During the pregnancy, Yan Danchen shared his many exercise processes, saying that he had to scientifically nourish the fetus as a healthy pregnant mother.Yan Danchen showed a photo of herself when she went swimming. She did warm -up exercise under the guidance of the teacher. She Yan’s skin was very fair and she looked very happy to do exercise.

In addition to swimming, Yan Danchen also performed aerobic rhythm training on the speed ball. In order to improve his strength, it seems that Yan Danchen did implement scientific baby to the end.These movements are carried out under guidance, and pregnant mothers must pay attention to moderate.

It is not easy to be a mother, and no one can experience the hard work in October, but at the same time, the happiness that the child brings to the mother has nothing else to replace.Yan Danchen was among them after pregnancy. Presumably in his forties, he had his first child and was very excited. Now the child is born and hopes that he can grow up healthily.

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