48 -year -old Xu Jinglei settled in the United States and was suspected of getting pregnant!The loose clothes are protruding from the abdomen, and the plain oil is bright

On October 19, Xu Jinglei, the actress of the "first talented daughter", showed a set of photos on social accounts to share her life abroad. I did not expect her belly to cause heated discussion among netizens.

It turned out that Xu Jinglei took her parents to Simi Valley in California, USA, and encountered a wheel burst on the way. Fortunately, there was no major event. After the family arrived at the destination, they played while playing, while playing, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, and beauty.The ground ate a big meal.In the end, Xu Jinglei personally drove home.

In the exposed photos, Xu Jinglei was dressed very simple and appeared in her face, but her skin was smooth, white in white, and her state looked quite good, making it difficult for people to believe that she was 48 years old.

It can be seen that Xu Jinglei was very happy that day, and she picked a large basket of red pomegranates with her friends, and her face was always filled with bright smiles.However, it is eye -catching that her figure seems to be a lot more round than before.

In the group photo with her mother, although Xu Jinglei was wearing loose clothing, her abdomen was still very prominent, and her bright skin looked particularly real. The whole person looked full of pregnancy, so many netizens wondered if Xu Jinglei was pregnant.

In another photo, Xu Jinglei squatted on the ground, carefully stroking the dog, and the family stood aside staring at her.However, her boyfriend Huang Lixing did not show up. I don’t know if she didn’t travel together, or was a photographer outside the camera.

Speaking of which, Xu Jinglei has been in his debut for 28 years.Later, she also filmed hit film and television dramas such as "The Metro of Spring" and "Durara Promotions".

But her personality seems to be as light as chrysanthemums, and her career is not particularly strong. After filming the movie "Low Voltage" in 2018, she gradually faded out of the entertainment industry.

It is worth mentioning that compared with the smooth career, Xu Jinglei’s emotional life has gone through a lot of bumps. The objects of gossip include Wang Shuo, Huang Jue and Zhang Yadong.

She did not admit with Huang Lixing’s relationship at the beginning, and it was not until later.Today, the two have been dating for 13 years, and they have planned to be "Dink couples". They have not got married and have children.

However, Xu Jinglei, who has settled in the United States in recent years, has repeatedly reported the news of pregnancy.

In August of this year, Xu Jinglei came from Los Angeles to Vancouver and had a party with Miao Qiaowei.In the group photo, her round figure, as well as the abdomen that was always blocked, caused everyone’s suspicion.

Not long ago, Xu Jinglei reunited with her parents after three years. She was so happy that she was cooking in person. She also took her parents out to play. The costumes on her body were still very loose, so the rumors of pregnancy became more and more intense.

In any case, it is not surprising that Xu Jinglei’s current age wants to settle down and pregnant children, I just hope she can always be healthy and happy!


Author: Maoqiuzi

Editor: Cherry

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