57 -year -old aunt’s belly is as big as "pregnancy" surgery to take out huge tumors

Recently, a special patient came from the gynecological clinic affiliated to the Southwest Medical University, a special patient. The abdomen was bulging, just like a pregnant woman in October, but she was "pregnant" that she was not a child, but a tumor.

Aunt Liu, 57, found that her stomach started to bulge a year ago, and began to have no discomfort.

Half a year ago, Aunt Liu gradually started to panic, because the belly became bigger and bigger, and the neighbors who did not know that she thought she was pregnant.As the abdomen gradually raised, Aunt Liu began to have symptoms of exhaustion and difficulty in urination, and became increasingly serious.

On November 2, 2021, Aunt Liu came to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Southwest Medical University to find Associate Professor Zhong Lijun, Deputy Director of Gynecology.After the color ultrasound examination, the abdomen and pelvic cavity 25*15cm are huge place, and surgical resection is required as soon as possible.

When Zhong Lijun and Aunt Liu communicated the treatment, Aunt Liu was very resistant to surgery.Combined with the analysis of medical history and further communication, it turned out that Aunt Liu had a lot of life and death in many places of lymph nodes all over the body of Hodgkin lymphoma 6 years ago, so she was very worried about whether she could surgery.

According to Aunt Liu’s medical history and various inspection indicators, Associate Professor Zhong Lijun launched the cooperation of MDT -gynecological tumor multidisciplinary team collaboration, synergistic oncology, hematology, generals, hernia and abdominal wall surgery, anesthesia, image department, ICU and other departmentsExperts, comprehensive discussion and cooperation with Aunt Liu’s basic medical history and the correlation of gynecological tumor disease, the selection of treatment plans, the assessment of perioperative risk, and how to avoid the risks of the perioperative period.The treatment plan is also selected for section.

After further communication with Aunt Liu and her family members, Aunt Liu finally removed the psychological burden and actively cooperated with surgical treatment.

On November 8, after Aunt Liu’s physical indicators met the surgery requirements, Associate Professor Zhong Lijun and her surgery team performed surgery for Aunt Liu.The operation was very smooth, and the huge tumors in the abdominal cavity were completely cut off during the operation, and the postoperative pathological results were prompted as a benign tumor for gynecology.The postoperative recovery is good, and it is now discharged. It only needs to be regular in gynecological and related departments.

News link: What is MDT?

In fact, MDT refers to the multi -disciplinary diagnosis and treatment mode (Multi Disciplinary Team MDT). It is a working group consisting of experts from surgery, oncology, radiotherapy, imaging, pathology, and other departments.The best treatment plan suitable for patients is proposed, and then the treatment plan is jointly implemented by related disciplines or multi -disciplinary disciplines, especially for diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases.

Through the construction of the MDT consultation platform, the gynecological tumor MDT team affiliated to the Southwest Medical University MDT team can carry out postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and targeted gene therapy for patients with a gynecological malignant tumor.The systemic conditions of tumor patients and postoperative surgery perform the dialectical treatment and individualized, integrated, and standardized treatment and conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the effect of improving efficiency and detoxification. While striving for the best treatment effect, the maximum is to reduce the pain of patients to reduce pain.Reduce risk, reduce costs, and improve the survival rate and quality of survival of patients with tumor.

Text: Ma Yanping Pu Fan

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