6 common home appliance radiation, the first place is it, pregnant mothers should not be underestimated!

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will worry that electromagnetic radiation will endanger the health of the baby, and when they hear the word "radiation", they are afraid to avoid it.In daily life, there are indeed many radiations that exist around us. Below is a common electrical radiation ranking that helps mothers summarize for everyone. After the pregnant mother understands, it can be targeted:

Sixth place: copy machine, printer

Coper and printers are common items in the office. Their radiation is not large, and they are generally within the allowable range of the state.Pregnant women occasionally use it, but they must pay attention to keeping a distance of 30 cm when they are often used. It is best to wear radiation protection uniforms.

Fifth place: TV

The TV is almost a must -have item in the family. When watching TV, the pregnant mother should keep a distance of more than 2 meters. Do not watch TV for more than 2 hours. It is best to wash your face after watching the TV.

Fourth place: mobile phone

Although the radiation of mobile phones is not high, mobile phones are common equipment for pregnant mothers to not leave their hands. Long -term or improper use will also have a adverse effect on the baby.Help Mom suggested that pregnant women should use special headphones and microphones to call when using mobile phones to minimize the time of calling and surfing the Internet.

Third place: computer display and host

The specific impact of computer radiation on the baby cannot be clearly used by numbers, but there are cases that cause dysplasia for fetal development due to long -term use of computers in life. This should cause adequate attention of pregnant mothers.EssenceKeep a safe distance from the computer in daily life. When using, we should wear radiation protection uniforms and control the time of use at the same time.

Second place: microwave oven

The microwave oven has a greater impact on the body of the pregnant woman in the home appliance. It is best not to contact the microwave oven during pregnancy. Do not stand next to the microwave oven when the microwave oven is turned on.

First place: electric blanket

The harm of electric blankets to pregnant mothers is huge. If the electric blanket is used for a long time, it will easily lead to the baby’s brain.Important organs and tissues such as nerves, bones and hearts are adversely affected.It is strongly recommended that pregnant mothers do not use electric blankets while sleeping.

It should be noted that the dust in the air is an important carrier of electromagnetic radiation. If the appliances are not wiped frequently, even if the home appliances are turned off, the electromagnetic radiation will still remain in the dust, which threatens the health of the pregnant mother.Therefore, the appliances at home should be wiped frequently.

There are many common radiation electrical appliances in daily life. Except for the above 6 types, is there any high -radiation appliances in your home?

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