618 is coming. Remember to stock up these 5 snacks. Nutrition will not get fat. Don’t feel bad about money.

The life is so fast. In the blink of an eye, it has passed for half a year. I believe everyone, especially the girls, was still crazy last year.And the 618 major promotion is already on the road. I don’t know what the girls’ shopping carts are added?

Not only do you buy things and dress themselves, many girls will have to stock up a batch of snacks in the second half of the year.There is also a particular attention to picking snacks. Not only must you have your appetite, but you also have to make people grow meat.Let’s take a look at these snacks suitable for girls!

1. Blackson Luzi Sesame Tablets

It is very important to have a black and beautiful hair for girls who love beauty. I always see that some people on the Internet say that they should insist on a few spoons of black sesame to raise hair every day.But in fact, the sesame shell is harder and it is difficult to digest. It is better to try this black loose sesame tablet.

The black sesame in it has been "nine steaming and nine sun", which is easier to digest. The real material is real, and the sesame grains are clearly visible. It does not contain any rice noodles. The calories are very low.Seasoning, honey flavor neutralize the scorching smell of sesame.

The sesame slices are crispy, and they taste "click", like eating potato chips, but naturally more nutritious than potato chips. It is worth mentioning that it also uses a small bag of independent packaging, which can be placed in bags and pockets, which is convenient for convenienceGirls can replenish energy and nutrition at any time, and they will not stain their hands when eating.

2. Coconut water

These days, the weather is so hot that many girls will want to eat ice cream and ice cream to get rid of summer heat, but there are no less cream, additives, and sugar in such snacks.You can try coconut water.

Coconut is a very seasonal fruit in summer. Unlike high -calorie coconut meat, coconut water has a very low heat.Coconut water retains the original flavor of coconut water, does not add sugar, will not make people fat.And it is easier to save than fresh coconut.

Coconut water is like water, colorless but smell, with the taste of coconut, light but delicious.And the price is much cheaper than the price of coconuts. Girls who like cold drinks can also put it in the refrigerator for a while.

3. Sanchuan Gui Black soy milk powder

There are many girls who have a special spot for milk tea. Even if they do n’t have appetite, they have to have a cup of small ingredients with rich milk tea.Rather than drinking milk tea without nutritional sugar, it is better to store more nutritious and delicious soy milk powder.

Sanchuan Gui Bean Powder powder is grinded with nutritious black beans and black rice into powder. The powder is delicate, and the low -calorie maltose is added to make the rushing soy milk taste sweeter.Not only can bes of drinks and afternoon tea, it can also be used as breakfast when it comes in the morning.

The "Be careful" design of the subcontracting packaging makes the girls who are usually not puzzled do not have to tangle. A small package of soybean paste is kept down, add some warm water, stir evenly to prevent the mass of the mass, and you can drink it after tens of seconds. You can drink it after tens of seconds.The entrance is smooth and delicate, the bean is mellow, and the greasy is also greasy.

4. Konjac wool belly

In addition to the sweet snacks, the snacks that are spicy and not oily and enjoyable are also prepared.Konjac’s belly is very suitable, very versatile.

It is a plain hairy belly made of konjac powder. Konjac is low -calorie and low -fat. It is a "good friend" when many girls lose weight.After making the appearance of the hairy belly, add some ingredients to fusion, so that the konjac’s hairy belly is very flavorful.

The hair belly has the taste of the konjac’s smooth Q bomb. It is hot and sour, but it is very soft. It can not only be used as a small snack and meal, but also can be used as a common cool dish.

5, seven degrees Fang Yiyan cake

Many girls around me like to eat sweets, such as some pastry, bread. If you are also interested in sweet pastry, you must not miss the seven -degree Fang Yiyan cake.

It has a variety of ingredients and contains a variety of nutrients. After processing red dates, peanuts, red beans and other natural foods, grind the powder into cakes, which is much better than the taste of a single ingredient, and it is easier to digest. These ingredients can also replenish qi.Blood, girls often eat can nourish the body and have good looks.

And you don’t have to worry about sugar and calories. It uses beever alcohol, which is very friendly to girls who lose weight.Take out a pink pastry and bite a bite. The taste is soft and glutinous, making people chew more fragrant.

The middle of the year is coming. Girls do n’t have old -fashioned money, do n’t treat their stomachs, prepare for them early, and add your favorite snacks to the shopping cart!

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