64. Tragedy caused by pregnancy vomiting

Pregnancy should be a wonderful thing.Whenever the mothers have nausea and vomiting in the morning, two magical pink bars appear on the pregnancy test paper. Hehe, there are little angels to come to this family. This is a gift given to us from heaven.Gift.A woman has a lot of good times in her life, and the process of breeding baby must be beautiful.

Today, the expectant mother we are going to talk about, but because of vomiting during pregnancy, and too late to enjoy the joy of becoming a mother, we leave quietly with regret.

It was the spring of 2008. The expectant mother was a special pregnant woman. She used to suffer from benign tumors because she had a benign tumor because she had an ovarian resection. She also had a pregnancy and miscarriage.The woman who was extremely eager to become a mother learned that when she was pregnant again, her excitement was unbearable, and her family was immersed in her hard -to -come happiness.Unlike other pregnant women, she has always hoped that she had a strong early pregnancy reaction. She felt that only severe vomiting could make her convinced that all this was true.It was hoped that until 3 months of pregnancy, mild nausea and vomiting finally appeared. This seemed to be declared: everything was true, and the angel was about to come.

Three days later, her response became more and more obvious, and it was almost impossible to eat in the end.The prospective mother was worried about affecting the development of the fetus and ran to the Maternal and Children’s Hospital for examination. No abnormalities were found. It was normal to check the previous prenatal examination records.Naturally, the pregnancy reaction is still considered to give the corresponding drug treatment.Everyone knows that nausea and vomiting in pregnancy are too normal, but individual differences, each pregnant woman reacts time, degree of weight, and duration of duration.

After medication, the symptoms were not relieved, but it became more and more obvious.The next day, I went to the hospital to go to the clinic. The expert of the maternal and children’s hospital was very cautious. She suggested that she go to a comprehensive hospital for treatment to check other issues such as digestive system diseases.

The examination of the Department of Gastrointestinals in our hospital was also very cautious. I carefully asked the performance and situation in recent days, and carefully checked the prenatal records and medical records. No other problems were found.At present, the possibility of pregnancy vomiting is still large. Of course, it is also difficult to completely remove digestive diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that she uses some medicines first, and gastroscopy is performed if necessary.Because gastroscopy is not the best choice in early pregnancy, let alone a pregnant woman with a history of abortion.

At more than 5 pm, the liquid lost more than half, and the patient’s symptoms were more obvious.The family couldn’t hold back, and sent the pregnant woman directly to the emergency department.The emergency doctor also asked the situation again and again, and there was no new discovery. The temperature of the pregnant woman’s body temperature breathing heart rate and blood pressure had no abnormalities.The emergency doctor wanted to test her blood glucose, because I just checked it a week ago, and was rejected by her family. It was normal to check that blood sugar recorded blood glucose.For the sake of cautious, ask the Department of Gastroenterology to consult again. The diagnosis is still pregnancy vomiting, and it is given vomiting drugs, and liquids such as glucose are used to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

There is no improvement in the situation.After 1 hour, pregnant women not only had nausea and vomiting, but also had chest tightness and discomfort. In order to carefully earn her income to the obstetric ward.The obstetrician who took the consultation found that the vomit of pregnant women had a little blood. Please ask the digestive experts to consult overnight. The conclusion: Continue to treat it in accordance with the original plan, stop vomiting, replenishment, and monitor the signs of life.However, the situation of pregnant women continues to turn sharply, and chest tightness is more obvious. Internal medicine second -line consultation, emergency review of ECG and myocardial enzyme spectrum: In addition to the slight increase in heart rate, there is still no abnormalities.At about eleven o’clock in the evening, the condition worsened and obvious breathing difficulties. In the urgency, the intensive care unit and anesthesiology department were invited: discuss whether the trachea was integrated with a severe care monitoring ward.

When I received the phone call, I rushed out of the house, got into the car, and ran to the obstetric department on the fifth floor. The ward was already full of doctors and family members.The atmosphere is quite tense, which makes people can’t get angry.Dispel away the crowd, seeing the extremely irritable of pregnant women, a dark face, sweating on his forehead, extremely painful expression.As soon as the heart rate, about 160 times/minute, the breathing is extremely difficult, the breathing is particularly deep, and it will feel dangerous at any time.I immediately jumped out of a diagnosis in my mind: diabetic ketoic acid poisoning!When the family heard it, it was very excited, and immediately refuted it. How could it be diabetes? One was that there was no history of diabetes, and the other was that the blood glucose had just checked the blood glucose before a week before the birth of the birth.

With my persistence, my family barely agreed to measure blood sugar. The results of the test surprised everyone, and a large "Hi" jumped out of the blood glucose meter.Immediately add urine conventional: urine sugar ++++, and strong positive urine ketone body.This is an extremely rare outbreak diabetes. Severe complications such as ketoic acid poisoning and hyperthyte disease occur. The latter two mortality rates are very high. Besides, it is a pregnant woman who has finally conceived the child!

After the diagnosis was clear, the doubt was broken.Adjusting the treatment plan immediately, I was not separated from the side of it, while observing the changes in the condition closely, and repeatedly comforting the pregnant woman.After a few hours of rescue, when the Orient began to be slightly white, the patient’s various indicators also improved significantly. The pregnant woman who had gone through life and died slowly opened her eyes and gently said "a lot" …

However, it is regrettable that the fetus in pregnant women’s abdomen has died because of high blood sugar. This news is a fatal blow to women who desire their children.Later, I have been holding my heartache to comfort her with a smile, making her think that the child is good, and encouraged her to cooperate with treatment and strive for an early recovery.Until discharge, we did not tell the truth.Medical personnel often need to talk about similar false words, and also test our psychological tolerance again and again, which is also a special requirement for our profession.

Do you want to measure blood sugar routinely during pregnancy?It is normal to test blood sugar a week ago. Should I review blood sugar?If it is still normal, is the doctor who should carry the "crime" of over -examination?Vomiting in pregnancy, especially after conventional treatment, will you think of outbreak diabetes?Worth pondering!

This case is the first time I have met for more than 30 years. I don’t know if this pregnant woman has an outbreak diabetes and can I get pregnant again. The reality is very cruel.

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