7 kinds of birthmarks common in newborn babies, these 4 birthmarks are worth noting. Parents understand

After the child is born, the parents will find that they will have birthmarks, and the shape of each birthmark is various.There are many types of birthmarks. Some birthmarks will slowly disappear with the age of the child. Of course, some birthmarks will not disappear, but they will slowly become significant.

The cause of the birthmark: As the name suggests, the birthmark is a mark formed by the baby in the growth stage. This mark is caused by the pigment or capillaries on the surface of the skin.

The birthmark is very clear, but there are still a lot of parents very superstitious. They think that this kind of birthmark is the cause of the last life. Only when these birthmarks have dissipated, the child will not be affected.There is no basis.

Another situation is that the child did not have birthmarks after birth, but as the child grew to one or two months, some birthmarks would gradually become significant.

Normal birthmarks will slowly disappear over time. If the parents find that the birthmark of the child has increased slowly over time and becomes more and more obvious, then you must pay attention. These birthmarks may affect the impactChildren’s healthy growth.

Here we will take you to understand that the 7 preferred notes that your baby will appear, including 4 preferred notes, it is worth noting that as parents should understand in advance.

Seven kinds of birthmarks common in new babies

Mongolian spots: This kind of birthmark often disappears automatically when the child is one year old, and usually appears in the child’s hips and waist. Therefore, if you find that your baby has this birthmark, you don’t need to interfere.

Orange -red spots: As the name suggests, the color of this birthmark is orange -red, and it usually appears on the child’s hips and necks. It also has no negative effects. It will automatically disappear after a few months of birth.

Strawberry -like hemangioma: Because the shape looks like a strawberry, this hemangioma is called strawberry hemangioma. This kind of birthmark will disappear automatically over time, but it will leave a scar.Can be eliminated.

These 4 birthmarks are worth noting

Dark red spots: Dark red spots will gradually disappear with age, and generally appear above the child’s neck, nose, eyes.But if this birthmark does not disappear, then parents should pay attention.

Milk coffee spots: Just like the name of this birthmark, it is like a coffee sprinkled on the body in milk, usually discover on the back of the child, and it will gradually disappear with age.There are more than 6 milk coffee on the child’s body, so you should do a medical examination.

Congenital pigment mole: This birthmark is also our commonly known mole. It can be found on our body and face. Some moles are very small.This is gradually becoming larger, which may develop into a pigment tumor.

Sponge -like hemangioma: Although the name is believed, the cause is different. This hemangioma will not gradually grow over time. If parents find this situation of hemangioma, they should seek medical treatment in time.

Causes of the formation of birthmarks: There are various factors for formation of birthmarks. The most critical of them is genetic factors. This is also a common statement for the formation of the birthmark. Parents’ genetic genetic will allow their children to have various fetal notes.

Of course, the diet and habits of pregnant women during pregnancy are equally important. Even now the statement of birthmarks has become more and more. If pregnant women often play electronic devices such as mobile phones during pregnancy, these radiation may affect children.

The common birthmark of newborn babies has been finished. I wonder if your child has a birthmark on your child?At the same time, four of them should be noticed. Over time, if these birthmarks change, parents should pay attention to it.

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