99%of people misunderstood this organ!So will this abdominal pain be terrible?

Acute abdominal pain-

Seems to be everyone in life

I have experienced experience

But don’t underestimate it

Hidden disease behind abdominal pain

It’s really small or small

Light to the appendix inflammation, weighing to colorectal cancer

They are all ringing our healthy alarm!


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Dr. Yu Yanhao wants to bring you everyone

Know different acute abdominal pain

To avoid painful

The best time to delay the treatment

There is no strenuous exercise after the meal

Why are you still acute?

Dr. Yu introduced that cecumitis is a common saying in the public, and actual cases should be more appendicitis.

The reason why it is called "cecum inflammation" is that the cecum is a blind end of the intestine, and the appendix is attached to the cecum. The two are close to each other.

Dr. Yu said that after normal people eat, the food will reach the appendix for several hours, so the post -meal exercise generally does not cause appendix inflammation.

Dr. Yu also reminded that although the post -meal exercise does not cause appendicitis, the severe exercise will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and cause symptoms such as vomiting.

What causes appendicitis?

Dr. Yu introduced that the possible induction factors and intestines of appendicitis were not smooth.

The post -meal sports will promote intestinal peristalsis, so it will not cause appendicitis; instead, it will be eaten, or usually less exercise or constipation, and may get appendicitis.

Dr. Yu’s suggestion

After dinner, you can go out and walk around

Moderate exercise

It is conducive to promoting gastrointestinal motility

Reduce the risk of appendix inflammation

Except abdominal pain

What other symptoms are there in appendicitis?

Dr. Yu introduced that the initial symptoms of appendicitis were not abdominal pain, but would make patients feel uncomfortable with the stomach, including bloating and nausea, which are usually called "internal organs pain".

At this time, it is the initial period of inflammation, and timely, you should go to the Department of Internal Medicine or Gastroenterology.

If you do not seek medical treatment in time, but take your own drugs that relieve stomach discomfort. After a few hours, the inflammation of the appendix will be before the control will not be controlled, and edema will occur. At this timeThe abdominal wall causes metastatic right lower abdominal pain.

The seizure of appendicitis

That is, from the beginning of the middle and upper abdomen discomfort

Move to the right lower abdomen


Which department should I hang on the doctor?

Dr. Yu’s suggestion:

Disadvantage of the middle and upper abdomen, look at the Department of Internal Medicine;

Right upper abdomen discomfort, look at the Department of liver and gallbladder;

Right lower abdomen discomfort, look at gastrointestinal surgery.

The treatment of appendicitis

Dr. Yu introduced that first of all, I can first understand whether the appendix is inflamed through an ultrasonic examination, and whether there is edema; through the CT examination, you can also see the environment around the appendix and the entire abdomen., It may also be pain caused by cecumitis or intestinal tumors.

Subsequently, the doctor will make a comprehensive judgment based on the patient’s pain and the results of the examination, and give a better and better treatment method:

The mildness of appendic inflammation can be treated conservatively, taking antibiotics anti -inflammatory;

The appendicitis is more serious, and surgery is required.

Remove the appendix before inflammation

Is it possible?

Dr. Yu said that the existence of the appendix is definitely useful. Although it is very inconspicuous, it is also an immune organs, and it is a place for the intestinal flora to accommodate.

Dr. Yu introduced that when children or teenagers are in children, the appendix’s immune effect is relatively good. With the age of age, its physiological function will degenerate. If the appendix is inflamed, it can be removed.

Source: Famous Medical Dialect Health

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