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When you say you, you are pregnant: Why don’t you wait for the timing when you are pregnant?

If you wait for "perfect timing" to get pregnant, the possibility of pregnancy will be reduced.According to the results of reproductive science and their own experience, waiting for the following risks:

· According to the report of the American Academy of Appreciation: Infertility increases with the increase of age, women in their twenties are less than 10%, while women in their thirties reach almost 20%, and women in their forties are 30%.

· Compared with the twenties, the probability of abortion is almost doubled compared to twenty.

· Women who use chemical contraception at the oldest age of fertility have greater possibility of conception because these methods interfere with the normal secretion of cloud technology.

· The longer the waiting time, the more difficult it is to get pregnant, the more complicated the situation.

· The longer the waiting time, the greater the possibility of a baby’s genetic abnormalities.

Dr. Walter Willett, a well -known medical professor at the Department of Nutrition of Harvard Public Health Institute, emphasized in the book "The Frtility Guide" emphasized: For couples, the more time to wait for childrenLong, the more likely they are better than the problem.

——In "Hills Pregnancy Encyclopedia" (new upgraded version)

Plan for pregnancy and improve the chance of conception

The latest research in children’s growth confirms whether the mother’s health when she conceives is healthy, and determines whether the baby’s fetus, infantile stage, or even growing up are healthy.

Medical research has also confirmed that pregnancy ability is closely related to the health status before conception.

1. Pre -pregnancy examination (Physical Examination)

If your body is suitable for pregnancy, your chance of conception will be higher.So it is best to do a pre -pregnancy examination to see if you are suitable for pregnancy. You must ensure that the biochemical indicators of the body before pregnancy are stable and hormones are in the best balance; if you have any health problems, do it early and treat it early, treat you for you, and treat you for you.Future pregnancy will be very helpful.

A complete set of pre -pregnancy examination plans should not only include general examinations, but also include oral examination. Before pregnancy, ensure that gums and teeth are healthy, because if you do not cure tooth or gum disease, hormone changes after pregnancy will cause the situation to make the situation situation.It’s worse, not only the toothache is unbearable, but it may also endanger the fetus.

PS: Both of the couples before pregnancy, not only women do it!

2. Diet Nutrition (Nutrition)

Many husbands and wives understand that they should raise their bodies during pregnancy, so many expectant mothers will "make up for special supplements" from the head.It is a little supplemented during the birth of October.

Want to lose weight but tangled with breastfeeding, and want to lose weight, but you can always find N multiple excuses to comfort yourself, and then … and then go further and further on the road of fat people.

Therefore, it is important for scientific understanding to prepare for pregnancy. "Scientific pregnancy" only needs to face the usual mind. Do not take himself as a "queen" at this moment, and avoid great supplements.

A reasonable diet should not only be diversified to ensure the balanced nutrition, but also need to eat more iron -rich foods (animal blood, animal liver and red meat) and iodine -rich foods (such as kelpLaver, mussels), began to supplement folic acid (400 mg per day), which will help prevent fetal nervous deformities, and both husband and wife need to supplement.

Dietary tips:

· At the same time, it should also consume vegetables and fruits with more vitamin C while ingested with iron -rich animal meat to improve the absorption and utilization of food iron.Such as pork liver fried persimmon pepper, duck blood stir -fried leek, boiled lamb slices (add bean seedlings, rapeseed, pepper cooked, etc.).

· The demand for iodine during pregnancy increases, and the intake of iodine intake due to early pregnancy reactions is affected during the early pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that women prepare for pregnancy. In addition to regular consumption of iodized salt, they consume foods rich in iodine once a week for reserves.Iodine recipes such as kelp stewed tofu, laver egg soup, mussels fried onions, etc.

The average daily food recommended quantity: 250 grams of valley (50 grams of whole valley and miscellaneous beans), 50 grams of potato, 400 grams of vegetables, 40 grams of fruits, 50 grams of fish and shrimp, 50 grams of meat, 50 grams of meat300 ml of milk, 15 grams of soybeans, 10 grams of nuts, 25 grams of cooking oil, no more than 6 grams of salt, and 1500 ml of drinking water.

It is indicated that this diet standard is suitable for women who are suitable for normal weight and work lightly (1800 kcal energy).The obese people should reduce the amount of feeding on this basis; weight loss or engaging in medium and heavy physical workers should increase the amount of eating on this basis.

3. Adhere to exercise (Exercise)

Adhering to exercise not only helps control weight within the range of health, but also helps you release stress and make the whole person easier.

If there is too much body fat during pregnancy, it will not only reduce the possibility of conception, but also increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Therefore, controlling weight and healthy growth must be done from preparation.

For you, the best exercise plan is the plan that you can adhere to, so you can choose some exercise you are interested in to persist during pregnancy, such as walking, jogging, playing badminton or gymnastic yoga.

4. Lifestyle

If you want to prepare for pregnancy, all your bad living habits need to be changed. You need to quit alcohol, detoxify, and smoke, because these things will interfere with your fertility ability and harm the fetus more.Crossing, more than one or two cups of coffee daily will reduce your chances of conception.

In addition, you need to try to ensure sufficient sleep, quit the habit of staying up late, and strive to go to bed at about 10 o’clock to start preparing to sleep; it is also best to work overtime in terms of work.Methods to regularly release and release pressure.

5. Sunshine mentality (ATTITUDE)

You need to make a relaxed mentality as possible to prepare for pregnancy, do not put too much pressure on both parties, and do not be disturbed by the outside world. It is too much pressure to have a lot of pressure. Many studies have found that the pressure is high or emotional.Mom and baby have the consequences, so if you are in this state, it is unfair to the baby.

Therefore, you must first learn to control your emotions, learn to let go and relax, you can listen to soothing music, you can also exercise, you can also try to take a deep breath or meditation, and laugh more. Laughing is the best drug during pregnancy.

One of the most powerful ways to decompress is to change your mood.When the idea of stress, frustration, or anxiety enters your mind, let yourself start "Don’t go there!" Mode, so that most of the cells in the body must be in a positive and optimistic state at any time.

How long do you need to go to a doctor if you are not pregnant?

If you intend to conceive naturally, you are likely to get pregnant 3 months in the first three months of pregnancy, and 60%of couples can get pregnant within this time.

If you exceed this time, how long do you have to wait for the reproductive expert to check, it depends to a large extent on your age, because your fertility will decline with age.

If you are over 40 years old, go to the hospital immediately;

If you are between 35 and 40 years old, you need to see a doctor after you have no success in 6 months of pregnancy;

If you are not 35 years old, you can continue to try to go to the hospital for examination until one year.

Of course, if you suspect that you or your husband have fertility, then you should go to the hospital to check it immediately. Do not delay waiting.

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